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Theme: Unveiled

This event occurred on
November 4, 2022
Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu

A veil in this context is a metaphor used to cover, conceal or disguise reality. Our biases act like a veil that taints our perception of the world and the people we meet. They cause us to harbor misconceptions and judge situations and people without proper context.
Our theme “Unveiled” discusses the importance of confronting our prejudices to truly understand the unbiased world and look at it
with an untainted view. We hope to bring in a wide array of speakers with experience in reforming society and impacting people positively.
A defining instance of this would be the constant buzz around doctors and the illusion of the life they lead. However, the unfiltered truth is the grueling hours and the constant fight to save lives. Our objective through this theme is to highlight such stories and bring forward the untold versions.

Chinmaya International Residential School
Nallur Vayal Post
Siruvani Road
Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, 641114
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Youth (What is this?)
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Dr. Varun Kapoor

Additional Director General of Police
Cyber-security. The need of the hour in this growing digital world. We need to do something about it, shouldn't we? So, we present to you the best. TEDxYouth@CIRS is truly proud to welcome the sole Asian police officer to be offered 2 doctorates in cybersecurity, Dr. Varun Kapoor, IPS. Beginning with an early career switch, he went on to become an internationally recognized officer trainer working closely with the UN. Alongside this, his resolve to fight narcotics is remarkable, initiating multiple award-winning awareness and training campaigns lauded internationally. Holding three world records in cyber security and cold cases of murder solved, his accolades have been set in stone.

Mr. Rohit Chaudhary

Founder, Vidya Daan
At the age of 20, when he was commissioned into the Indian Army, he was sent to the Kargil conflict area. His main responsibility was to make sure the guns didn't stop shooting. He understood that if the guns stopped blazing, his soldiers would die. But if they continued to fire, someone else would die. After a job change in 2004, he worked for a number of IT services firms before deciding in 2021 to take a carefully thought-out career hiatus and devote himself entirely to philanthropic activity. Rohit Chaudhary has shown many trials of life via the turns in his life, and as a former soldier who changed his career, the countless experiences he has had made him a speaker of quality.

Mr. Vinay Nair

co-founder, 'raising a mathematician' foundation
Mathematics is one of the most contentious disciplines, inspiring both passion and dread in many students. Vinay Nair, the co-founder of the 'Raising a Mathematician Foundation', has had the pleasure of coaching both bright kids and pupils who despise maths. Vinay Nair, an engaged educator, trainer, and motivational speaker, has ignited an interest in mathematics with an Indian twist by exposing his students to Vedic Maths. We are honoured to welcome him onto our platform, where he is certain to instill a love of mathematics in our audience, even those who are intimidated by the subject.

Mrs. Priya Senthil

motivational speaker
Priya Senthil, who devoted her career to inspiring youth to achieve their true potential and tap into their strengths, is a dynamic personality with vast expertise in her field. An accomplished entrepreneur with extensive experience in creating learning environments, she has worked with learners of all ages to inspire skill development in them. She is also a recipient of several accolades such as "The Most Inspirational Women Award 2018" and Fantastic Women Award 2022 for her work in empowering and strengthening women’s self-confidence & personality development.

Mrs. Vaishali Gandhi Shah

Social Entrepreneur and life coach
Mrs. Vaishali Gandhi Shah, an amazing Social Entrepreneur who believes that "a life of purpose helps one release their full potential," to our platform. Vaishali, the founder of 'Your Purpose Company' and the co-founder of 'Srujna Charitable Trust', has given countless women a new sense of purpose and has been honoured with renowned accolades such as the Inspire Parivartan Award and the Modh Tejasvi Nari Shakti Award for her service. Her spiritual connection and volunteerism assist her mentees in reconnecting with their personal faith, ultimately assisting them in a creative manner.

Ms. Snehal Tambulwadikar

Freelance art writer, Art critic and Art historian
Snehal Tambulwadikar-Khedkar, a free-lance art historian, critic, and writer, is now employed as a program coordinator at the Prafulla Dahanukar Art Foundation in Mumbai and as a visiting faculty member of art history and aesthetics at the J. J. School of Arts in Mumbai. She discusses concepts that are considered modern but have been part of our culture for a very long time. Snehal aspires to change the standards we've established for art that is significantly impacted by western culture by bringing to light the beauty that is frequently concealed in Indian art and revealing the treasures of Indian arts and culture through her Heritage Tours project.

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Coimbatore, India


Coimbatore, India
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