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Theme: Radical Reframe

This event occurred on
January 21, 2023
Kathmandu, Bagmati

To thrive in today's fast-paced world, you must adopt a learner's mindset, which means accepting the natural discomfort of letting go of the old and mastering the new habits. With the theme "Radical Reframe" for this year, we seek to reframe our old beliefs and see the world from a new perspective. The Radical Reframe teaches us to Unlearn, Learn and Relearn in this ever-changing environment that we are in.

Through TEDx Maitighar, we are committed to organizing an event in which participants may not only relate to the experiences but also form important bonds along the road. The format of TEDx Maitighar will allow speakers and attendees to digest, associate, and encourage the exchange of ideas and information amongst all participants.

Loyola Block, St. Xavier's College
Maitighar, Kathmandu
Kathmandu, Bagmati, 4190
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Dr. Arnico K. Panday

Atmospheric scientist
Atmospheric Scientist, Policy Advisor, Science Communicator, Educator, Global Citizen, Dreamer, Planner, Leader

Dr. Sameer Maskey

Founder and CEO of Fuse Machines
Founder and CEO of Fuse Machines, Dr. Sameer Maskey talked about the ways of democratizing AI and the need for AI in countries like Nepal.

Dr. Smriti Shrestha

CEO of Anova Hair and Skin Clinic
Dr. Smriti Shrestha, CEO of Anova Hair and Skin Clinic spoke about her journey toward becoming a successful dermatologist and hair-transplant surgeon. Having a passion for aesthetic research and new inventions in skin care helped Mrs. Shrestha to embark on her journey in this emerging market. Despite getting married at the early age of 21, Mrs. Shrestha single-handedly ventured into her career. The unceasing support from her family and her unwavering determination and passion for aesthetics motivated her to explore and enhance herself throughout her life journey.

Er. Mahesh Mahato

Managing Director of Cosmic Electrical Limited
Er. Mahesh Mahato, the Managing Director of Cosmic Electrical Limited, emphasized the importance of planning in his talk about his journey as a successful entrepreneur in Nepal.

Mr. Dayahang Rai

Mr. Dayahang Rai ~ A Veteran actor, director and playwright. Mr. Dayahang was born in a remote village in Bhojpur district in Eastern Nepal. Dil Prathamik Vidyalaya, Pashupati Mavi and then in Annapurna higher secondary school saw the educational journey of the actor. After SLC, he completed his intermediate-level studies at Bhojpur Multiple College, with geography as the major subject and then entered Kathmandu and studied at R. R. Campus in journalism. Dayahang Rai is a well-known television personality and philanthropist. From being a veteran theatrical actor to acting in Nepali cinemas, he is known for his uniqueness. One of the most popular and acclaimed actors of Nepal, he has starred in over 40 films and is one of the leading contemporary actors of Nepal. He has received various awards throughout his acting career including three National Awards.

Mr. Kiran Timsina

Co- Founder of Urban Girl
Arousing the crowd with the mantra, “Start Innovating, Stop Replicating” the co-founder of UG cakes and Urban Girl, Mr. Kiran Timsina, portrayed the need to stop imitation and initiate innovation through the use of AI and other various technologies. Going down the history lane from the invention of the telephone to the development of Facebook, Instagram, and Chat GPT, Mr. Timsina emphasized the significance of technologies in society and how they contribute to the progress of mankind.

Mr. Suraj Singh Thakuri

Director/Producer and Media Personality
One of the versatile celebrities of Nepal, Mr. Suraj Singh Thakuri who is also a director and producer and currently working as a media presenter emphasized the theme of the day by talking about his unplanned life and ordeal of different turns and twists throughout this ongoing journey. Being an occupant of this existing patriarchal and male-dominated conservative society, Mr. Thakuri never thought that someday he himself will be in that state where he would be needing to adhere to the beauty standards and involve in make-up and grooming. Being called out by his own children that my father wears make-up, became a daily schedule for him even though that was the demand of his profession of being on screen. In today's world where people run after and try to become like their role models and idols, Mr. Thakuri defied this concept and encouraged the audiences to involve in creating a better of themselves rather than focusing on being another Suraj Singh Thakuri.

Mr. Umesh Lal Shrestha

Co-founder of Quest Pharmaceuticals
Mr. Umesh Lal Shrestha, co-founder of Quest Pharmaceuticals instantly hit it off with the audience with his humorous remarks. He discussed the concept of radical change, emphasizing that change is a natural part of life. Through his own personal experience in the pharmaceutical industry, including successes and challenges in his relationships, he talked about the importance of persistence and constructive, innovative thinking to drive change. He used analogies such as the invention of the wheel and the discovery of fire to illustrate the transformative impact that radical thinking can have. He encouraged the audience to embrace change and seek out opportunities for growth and improvement in their lives.

Ms. Aanchal Kunwar

Managing Director at Daraz
Ms. Aanchal was born in Nepal and had spent the first 19 years of her life in Nepal. Throughout her childhood, she lived across Nepal and moved to the United States after completing her ISc. from St. Xavier’s Campus in 2003. During her time in the US, she completed her Bachelor’s degree in Math and Economics as well as MBA. She worked in the corporate sector for almost 15 years, where she first worked for Carlson Wagonlit,Travel (CWT) while doing her MBA, building the experience in consulting, program management, corporate strategy, and product management. She then joined Amazon in 2016 and worked there for 5 years in various capacities including managing a business, building abuse prevention programs and products, and establishing Amazon retail in new markets like Sweden, Poland, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt. She is now Managing Director at Daraz Nepal, country’s leading e-commerce platform.

Ms. Neelima Basnet

Chief Architect and Social Worker
Ms. Neelima was born and raised in Kathmandu whereas her parents are from east (Ilam) and west (Jumla) of Nepal. Besides cultural and social diversity the one thing that has really made her think is the status of women all over Nepal. No matter where women are from, the discrimination done against women on the basis of gender influenced her to be who 7she is today. She did her schooling from one of the prestigious schools of Nepal St Mary's high school and +2 from Xavier academy and bachelors in Architecture from Nepal Engineering College and Masters in Construction Management from Nepal engineering college. From sophisticated convent school where she felt she could be whoever she want to be to a coed college where she had to think twice before speaking or taking any step was a drastic transformation and this made her realize why women are still fighting for gender equality.

Nritya Troops

The dynamic girl dance group of Nepal, Nritya Troops, cladded in beautiful Anarkali kurtas and embracing intricate hand movements, gave us a memorable dance performance. Established in 2020 named “Nritya Troops Nepal” with a passion for performing and entertaining audiences, by showcasing their skills and art, this girl dance group is quickly making a name for themselves in the online world.

Salil Maharjan

Salil Maharjan and Bibek Shrestha put on a captivating performance that enchanted the whole crowd.

Sushant Ghimire

Singer/ Composer
The heartwarming musical performance of Sushant Ghimire along with his band drew the audience into the performance and immersed them in the experience of great music.

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Kathmandu , Nepal