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Theme: Open Canvas

This event occurred on
October 7, 2022
Houston, Texas
United States

The world is an open canvas for everyone to express ideas that shift our perspective, influence our decisions and impact our communities

Coble Studios
1000 West Oaks Mall
Suite 112
Houston, Texas, 77082
United States
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Andrew Schlag

Real Estate Entrepreneur
Andrew Schlag is a business owner, and best-selling author, and has been an entrepreneur since a very early age and a real estate entrepreneur since 2014. Due to his fortitude, success, and love for helping others succeed, He was chosen as Top 100 real estate professionals by “The Top 100 Magazine” Having bought 50 houses in 52 weeks at 22 years old, became a millionaire in single-family and small commercial real estate at 23 and went on to build a multimillion-dollar portfolio by age 25.

Chauncey Pham

Real Estate Investor, Coach, Internet Marketer
Attract, don’t chase. Chauncey has mastered the subtle art of Attraction Based Marketing by building multiple brands and businesses — all while unapologetically being herself and becoming her own HERO... Cultivating an environment of attraction-based actions, that in turn elicit counter-action(s) from the end consumer, is her jam. With a background heavy in agency marketing and sales, this serial entrepreneur knows how to attract the consumer and close the deal. Formerly a boutique brokerage owner, Chauncey is well versed in coaching, mentoring, training, compliance, marketing, and strategic planning. National Real Estate Team Lead (over 300 agents in 31 states) and Investment Company co-owner, she’s able to teach agents and clients alike how to leverage Real Estate in many different facets. Ready to hear what you NEED instead of what you WANT? Need someone to help unlock your strengths and help you realize your superpowers? Chauncey just might be the kick in the ass you need...

Dr Edward Bassingthwaighte

Passionate student of life, of human potential, of growth, and spiritual connection and practice.
Dr. Edward is known globally as The Healing Vet. Through his own recovery from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/Lyme, he explored holistic medicine and energy healing. He is the founder of a profoundly healing bodywork modality for pets, people, and horses - the Whole Energy Body Balance™ Method. Dr. Edward practices integrative medicine in Vet hospitals while empowering pet parents and professionals to find and heal silent pain, anxiety, and trauma for their pets and themselves. Dr. Edward is a perpetual student of life, an explorer of human potential in all dimensions of being. He makes music as a singer/songwriter, creates visionary abstract art, loves to dance, grows food, loves walking in nature, and has a deep, devoted spiritual practice of movement (chi gong), meditation, and service to life.

Dr Ndidiamaka Obadan

Physician + Entrepreneur + Educator
Dr. Ndidiamaka Obadan is board certified in internal medicine, nephrology, and hypertension. She is a Fellow of the American Society of Nephrology. She obtained a master's degree in international health and management from the Heller School, Brandeis University, Massachusetts. She graduated from the University of Benin, and completed an internal medicine residency at Harlem Hospital and Columbia University in New York. Nephrology fellowship from the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC). Dr. Ndidiamaka is an adjunct assistant Professor with MUSC and Morehouse school of medicine. Some special interests include gender and racial equity. Dr. Obadan is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Younger Self MD, which specializes in preventing and treating chronic conditions like hypertension, diabetes, obesity, and chronic kidney disease. She is a health coach. Her practice is in Kennesaw, Georgia.

Dr. Katinka van der Merwe

Dr. Katinka van der Merwe was raised by a successful chiropractor outside of Johannesburg, South Africa. She immigrated to Dallas, Texas, at age 20 and received her Doctor of Chiropractic degree. Upon graduation, she set out to study postgraduate techniques that would allow her to treat chronically and acutely ill patients without any hope. Dr. Katinka has lectured extensively around the world and has been recognized by her profession for her outstanding contributions to chiropractic. In 2019, she received The Global Chiropractor of the Year award in Atlanta, Georgia. She is the author of “Taming the Beast: A Guide to Conquering Fibromyalgia”, “Putting Out the Fire: New Hope for CRPS” and co-author of the NYT best-selling book “Wakeup: Miracles of Healing from Around the World”. Dr. Katinka is the founder and CEO of The Spero Clinic in Arkansas. She has gained a worldwide reputation for her significant success in treating chronic and non-retractable pain syndromes.

Emmanuel Kulu, Jr.

African Historian & Author
Emmanuel Kulu, Jr. is an African Historian/Author of Cameroonian descent (Zulu/Bantu Tribe). As an African Historian, Kulu has traveled (Nationally & Internationally) giving lectures, seminars, and conferences on the miseducation of African history at various high schools, colleges, and universities. Based on his thorough research, Kulu created a historical fiction adventure series based on true events; ""I, Black Pharaoh: Rise to Power & ""I, Black Pharaoh: Golden Age of Triumph"". These novels were published and released in 2020 and 2021 respectively, by Pen it! Publications. Both novels restore the true African imagery of Ancient Egypt (Kemet). In 2022, Kulu founded A.A.A.R.I.A (Ancient African Antiquities Research Institute of America), with the mission of creating a Middle & High School curriculum of African studies. This curriculum will provide educational diversity and a new understanding of the inclusion of African studies within World history for educators and students.

Faith Abraham

Dr. Faith Abraham is a serial entrepreneur and Master Life Coach. She is an award-winning coach & founder of Life Mastery School a program created to equip, teach, certify, and amplify the transformation that comes through the power of coaching. Dr. Faith helps businesses and people from all walks of life achieve profitable businesses and personal success by identifying their superpowers. She obtained her Ph.D. in Counseling and has been noted as a Top Ranked Coach + Counselor on Thumbtack and within Sandy Springs, GA. As an author of many books, speaker, and life coach she still makes time to nurture her marriage to the husband of her youth of 17 years and raise 3 beautiful children. Dr. Faith loves to mentor, encourage and help transform the lives of others as well as inspire them to achieve success through self-mastery.

Jennifer Sebasigari

Culinary Chef + Entrepreneur + Philanthropist + Influencer.
Chef, entrepreneur, and influencer, Jennifer Sebasigari is a media darling with a motivational mission. Her popularity on social media has opened many doors- making appearances on local, national, and international TV shows. Although she is of Congolese descent, she was born in the country of Burundi. After one of her dad's friends was murdered in front of him at the beginning of the war, her father decided to relocate the family to Goma, in his home country of the DRC. When the UN decided to grant 1,500 visas to Congolese war victims so they could become refugees in the USA. She and her family relocated to a camp in Cameroon. In 2001 they resettled in Austin TX. In 2014 she enrolled in culinary school so she could become just like De Laurentiis. After graduating from Le Cordon Bleu in Austin TX and interring at Disney, she found her way into Oxheart. And now she's giving back with a new mission and new purpose, as the Founder of the SEBAS Foundation.

Joye S. Jackson

Purpose Coach, Amazon #1 Bestselling Author & Entrepreneur
Joye Jackson is a dynamic, captivating, transformational speaker and coach who is known for her authenticity, timely messages, and ability to take audiences on a journey as they discover the inspiration within themselves to move to action. As an international speaker and Amazon #1 Bestselling Author, she has encouraged and equipped audiences with practical and easily applicable strategies to maximize their full potential. Joye is the owner and founder of Speaking of Joye, a company that encourages women to unleash the power within and walk in their God-Given purpose. Through her coaching and programs, she supports women on their purpose journey, while offering strategic planning and project management to women owned small businesses. Her love for self-discovery and purpose planning has made her a highly sought-after expert in putting “Purpose into Practice.”

Kirsten Rourke

Speaker & Presenting and Speaking Coach
Kirsten Rourke is the founder and CEO of Rourke Training. She is on a mission to create engaging communication in the online presentation and speaking space. She’s spoken, coached, trained, and facilitated for thousands of companies internationally since 2000. She works with business leaders to transform their voice, body language, and content into memorable virtual presentations. She runs a podcast and community, Ongoing Mastery: Presenting and Speaking, to support development and improvement in creating successful, targeted results in pitches, sales presentations, training, and high-stake events. Kirsten speaks on online presenting, creating adaptable teams, public speaking, and productivity at seminars and events across the country. In addition to being a Certified Technical Trainer, she also has a Master’s of Education in Instructional Design.

Lilly Mbinglo

Wholesomeness Coach + CPA + Entrepreneur
Lilly is a fun-loving CPA with a BIG heart for PEOPLE, a MIGHTY desire to SERVE, and a passion for WHOLESOMENESS COACHING. Her life’s purpose is to help people get to a place of wholesomeness founded on God’s perfect love. Lilly Mbinglo is also a Licensed Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and the founder and CEO of The ARK NPS, an accounting firm that offers Startup, Accounting, Bookkeeping, Tax, and Management Consulting to businesses, nonprofits, churches and individuals. The ARK NPS currently has offices in Virginia, Houston, and Chicago. Lilly enjoys using her knowledge and skills to empower organizations with strategies that ensure their financial structures align with their short and long-term goals. She also loves helping businesses and individuals minimize their tax liability, so they can direct their resources towards investments that will build generational wealth. Lilly’s motto reads “God is more than enough”.

Lovella Mogere

Author + Entrepreneur
Lovella believes that no condition is permanent. She knows firsthand how to rise above and begin a new. Lovella tells us our mental state defines reality over every circumstance, she stresses, that it is knowing how the degrees of life blooms its potency on every level and making clear why we should silence these predictions by breaking cycles through a redefinition of self-mastery through transformative thinking. Now, Lovella urges her audience to walk in the reality of their consciousness, mastering life at every level. She empowers them to tap into what’s dormant and manifest the potential of who they are. Lovella holds an Honorary Doctorate in Leadership Studies, and currently, she’s working on her bachelor's in Acquisition Contract Management at Strayer University.

Lum-Awah Atang Arrey

Lum-Awah Atang Arrey is a mother of 3, a Sunday School Teacher, and an Entrepreneur. She earned a Bachelor’s degree from Prairie View A&M University and a Master’s Degree from the University of Texas Health Science Center School of Public Health. Her career in Public Health spans from the Health Department to the hospital where she served as an Epidemiologist & Infection Control Practitioner, respectively. Each role focused on improving health outcomes in the greater community and reducing the risk of infections in the patient population. Although she loved the opportunity she had to make a positive impact, the healthcare space just did not give her the flexibility that she needed. Therefore, she decided to transition into the Real Estate industry. When she is not fulfilling her Basketball/Football/Dance Mom duties, Lum-Awah is the Senior Managing Partner of Legacy Estates International real estate investment company and volunteers with the Houston Food Bank.

Sarah Aviram

Keynote Speaker + Author of Remotivation
Sarah Aviram is a former Fortune 500 Human Resources and Talent Development leader. After working remotely from 12 countries in 12 months in 2019, researching the future of work, she published the best-selling book, "Remotivation: The Remote Worker’s Ultimate Guide to Life-Changing Fulfillment." Sarah is an international keynote speaker and workshop facilitator for organizations globally on the topic of motivation in the new era of work. She has created and delivered leadership development programs and processes to over 50,000 people at companies like Google, Wyndham Hotels & Resorts, and Bank of America, and her alma mater, New York University Stern School of Business.

Seun Arise

Family Medicine Physician Assistant + Author + Speaker
SEUN ARISE is an author and speaker who inspires women to live beyond their suffering from loss and grief so they can ARISE RECOVER & REIGN. Seun is a resilient woman of faith and courage who overcame several major setbacks in life, and despite the hardships, she emerged stronger and is thriving. She instills hope and teaches transformative principles that empower women to get out of the rut and experience their best life. Upon completion of her undergraduate studies at Texas A&M University, she attended Baylor College of Medicine where she completed her graduate studies. She is a board-certified Family Medicine Physician Assistant (PA-C) with over 10 years of experience. Her clinical expertise includes the prevention, screening, and management of chronic conditions. She passionately uses her skills to educate, encourage, and empower her patients. When Seun is not serving her patients, she serves women in her community. She also enjoys spending time with her two beautiful children.

Uyi Abraham

Entrepreneur + Business Coach
Uyi Abraham came to America with only $100 and a suitcase of clothes and now founded the first black-owned all-in-one software for entrepreneurs and creators to easily start and grow their business online. He grew from Zero to 10,000 customers and $25 Million in valuation in under 2 years. He is a highly sought-after speaker, author, and business coach. He has been featured on Forbes, CNBC, Yahoo Finance and ABC.

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