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Theme: TEDxPlattsburgh Salon 2.0 - How to Become An Inclusive Confident and Resilient Female Leader?

This event occurred on
July 21, 2022
Plattsburgh, New York
United States

TEDx Plattsburgh Salon 2.0 Virtual Event
Your Mindset as a Lighthouse to Become a Confident and Resilient Female Leader!

With 2 amazing Guest Speakers,
- Shiran Mlamdovsky Somech, VP, Impact @D-ID | Social Tech Entrepreneur | Founder, "Listen to my voice" campaign הקשיבי בקולי | EMBA @Kellogg-Recanati
- Anya Singh, Innovation Developer at RBC, Founder and Director at CNXN, Co-Founder Mamita Health and Blockchain Developer
and co-hosted by:
- Dr Ayse Basak Cinar, Award Winner Coach 4 Leadership and Wellbeing/ Speaker/Sustainability
- Stephane Bilodeau, Eng., PhD, FEC, Chairman of Smart Phases Inc.
Co-Founders of Women Entrepreneurs & Leaders Forum for Equitable and Inclusive Sustainability

When you read about the successful stories of women leaders, you will notice how they unlocked one common strength: Resilient and Confident Mindset. That enabled them to step out of the `shadows` and to thrive, even at businesses you may not think of…
It may not be a surprise to hear that the number of women in the tech industry is low. Only 25% of all IT jobs are held by women whereas only 5% of tech leaders are women.

The reasons vary from how girls have been brought up, societal expectations, to having not enough female mentors. However, at the very heart of all these challenges it lays down the mindset: Fear of failure, not feeling confident enough, feeling obliged to choose (family vs business), fixing the problems not solving.

So how about if we introduce you a female leader and entrepreneur with distinguished success at Tech Industry? She has not only become one of the most successful experts in Tech but also become a pioneer at creating a live-changing l impact in the lives of many women by using her technology skills? She in a way aims to empower women to become fear-less and more confident so that they can have life with their beautiful essence. She creates self-awareness that women have a choice: To control and decide for their lives (Victor) or to be controlled by their life circumstances (Victim).

That is Shiran Mlamdovsky Somech a Social Tech Entrepreneur and the Founder, "Listen to my voice" campaign. "Listen to my voice”, initiated by Shiran Malmadovsky-Somekh, is based on D-ID's artificial intelligence technology, promotes taking resilient mindset-based actions to women who are suffering from abusive relations, in other words advocating to stand up and step forward for what they want in life.

We can guarantee that you will be surprised and highly motivated not only when you hear Shiran`s story as a successful tech entrepreneur but also when you learn about her signature-mark social impact by her campaign where she uses her tech skills.
Is it all what we have planned for an amazing event for you? No!

We have another amazing guest speaker. She is a young female talent in the Tech industry. She utilizes technologies to build the proof of concept and prototype. She will tell us how the crypto world can be used for sustainable peace and besides that how we can build a peaceful future through collaboration outside the crypto world. Whom are we talking about? That is Anya Singh
We also have a surprise for you. We will introduce you a unique mental fitness programme, developed by a well-known Stanford University Lecturer and New York Times Best Seller.

Many of you may know him but we will introduce his programme during this event because many women have changed their mindset, thereby changed their lives through amazing journeys of success, happiness, and healthy relations. This will be our `gift/bonus` to introduce you the programme, its founder, and the stories. However, we need to warn you there are no sale pitches or marketing of any programmes. This is just to show and inspire you that there is a Lighthouse to guide you a better life that you can have with your beloved ones. We all have a choice in our lives: To Be a Victor or To Be Victim; To Wait on the Shore or To Walk to Your Lighthouse with Courage

Let`s explore together!

(The first event of the series, held on June 23, can be seen here:
Come and join us for these great exchanges!

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