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Theme: DING

This event occurred on
December 3, 2022
Suzhou, Jiangsu


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Brian Schwartz

Founder of CareerDNA CareerDNA
He graduated from the City University of New York with a bachelor's degree in chemistry. However, he luckily found that what he was interested in was not chemical reaction on the periodic table but interpersonal reaction. As a result, he completed his psychology study at the University of New York and received his doctorate. In his long-term theoretical research and case consultation, Professor Brian founded the School of Clinical Career Counseling by combining psychoanalysis with career development, and has provided individual planning services for 1,700 persons and consultation for more than 100 organizations. In addition, he worked with the world’s top five psychological experts to participate in the career exploration and job analysis project of O*NET by the U.S. Department of Labor. He provided consultation services to more than 100 world-renowned enterprises including IBM, Philip, PepsiCo, American Express, JetBlue, PricewaterhouseCoopers, etc.

Haibo Li

Founder of Suzhou “YES YOU CAN” Comedy
In 2017, Mr. Hai Bo founded a talk show club in Suzhou to actively promote the development of local talk shows and cultivate local actors in Suzhou. Laisai comedians have won championship and runner-up for many times in various national comedy competitions, and held a national original comedy competition in Suzhou. He led Laisai comedian team to participate in the 3rd Jiangnan Youth Drama Festival and won the popular drama award. He was invited to participate in the 4th China Suzhou Jiangnan Culture and Art International Tourism Festival, and Laisai comedy team won favorable receptions by Jiangsu Satellite TV, Jiangsu Public News Channel, Suzhou Daily and Modern Suzhou Magazine.

Huiqing Wen

Executive Dean of XJTLU-JITRI Academy, XJTLU
In 2002 and 2006, Dr. Wen received his bachelor's degree and master's degree from the School of Electrical Engineering, Zhejiang University, and his Ph.D. from the Institute of Electrical Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences in 2009. After receiving his doctorate, he mainly carried out R&D of 5M+ high-power electric drive system products, high-power wind power generation system products, renewable energy power converters and microgrid control. He joined XJTLU in January 2013 and was rated as professor in July 2022. At present, the main research fields of his team include renewable energy technology, high-efficiency bidirectional DC/DC converter, application of power electronics in power system, electric vehicle, high-power three-level converter, green zero-carbon building, research on third-generation power semiconductor devices and modules, etc.

Massimo Imparato

Head, Department of Industrial Design, Design School, XJTLU
A highly experienced designer and educator, Massimo has got over twenty years of professional practice in the creative industries and of academic leadership in Europe, Middle East and China. He is currently based in Suzhou where he is serving as Head of the Department of Industrial Design and Chair of the School International Committee at Xi’an Jaotong – Liverpool University. Trained in architecture with Giancarlo De Carlo, he founded the award-winning design practice StudioBau. A top performing creative director, he supports companies in their growth with tailored design strategies at the intersection of art, visual communication, and product design. Massimo leads industry funded research projects in the framework of Sustainability and the transition to the Circular Economy, and he is actively contributing to spread awareness and to establish best practices for the fulfillment of the UN de-carbonization agenda.

Renren Hu

Curator, Han Shan Art Museum
Mr. Hu graduated from the École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales and École pratique des hautes études. Since 2016, he has presided over the planning, preparation, management, operation and curation of Hanshan Art Museum, and has acted as curator of the museum so far. For many years, he has been committed to exploring the management and operation mechanism of cultural and artistic institutions, and the practices and researches of curatorial form, exhibition culture and educational communication of art museums as main bodies of producing intelligence and community construction. At the same time, he pays close attention to the interaction, development and change of the relationship between art ecology and politics, economy and culture under the background of globalization and information age.

Xiaoying Pang

Associate Professor, Department of Physics, School pf Mathematics and Physics, XJTLU
Dr. Pang graduated from Heidelberg University, Germany. Now she is a teacher at the Physics Department of the School of Mathematics and Physics, and teaches university physics and probability statistics. Her research interest is astronomy. By taking star clusters of the Milky Way galaxy as the research object, she combines the observation data of space telescope and numerical simulation to explore the formation, evolution and disintegration of star clusters. She is keen on creative teaching and won the Creative Teaching Practice Award of XTLU by applying superheroes to university physics teaching in 2020. She was the first to apply educational dramas in science teaching, and self-directed sitcoms of physics experiment to help students learn laboratory rules in a relaxing story. In order to popularize astronomic knowledge, she created stage plays and organized performances in Shanghai and Suzhou, which achieved good effect in astronomic education and publicity.

Yayu Liu

Director, Curator, Young Scholar
Dr. Liu received her master degree from China Film Art Research Center and worked as a postdoctoral fellow in film at Suzhou University and doctoral student in Shanghai University, respectively. She directed a documentary titled Looking for National No.1 Middle School 1938, which was broadcast on CCTV documentary channel, micro-movies such as Hey, How Are You and composed a drama script titled Beautiful Girls in Beautiful Dress, which was rated as a key project of Suzhou. She published monographs such as Their Viewpoint-Research on Female Directors of Taiwan 1957-2000 and served as directors of evening party and art festivals for many times. Now she acts as head of the Teaching and Research Section of the Digital Media Department of Suzhou Institute of Trade & Commerce, deputy director of the Film and Television Research Center of Suzhou Motion Picture Association, vice president of Suzhou Park Film Association and deputy secretary general of Suzhou Literary Critics Association.

Youchao Xu

Principal, Suzhou New Education School
Mr. Xu is president of Suzhou New Education School, part-time associate professor of subject teaching at Shaanxi Normal University, special tutor of "National Training Program" of the Ministry of Education, provincial outstanding teacher, provincial outstanding class teacher, and urgently needed talent of Suzhou education field, and was selected into Suzhou Talent Program. In 2013 and 2011, he was selected as the cover figure of Chinese Language Teaching Newsletter, a core journal of Chinese language teaching for high schools in China and Class Teacher.

Yuqing Liu

Postgraduate Student, majoring in Global Education, XJTLU
Liu is full of passion in figure skating, learning and life. She pursues simplicity and freedom. After graduating from Tsinghua High School, Liu entered XJTLU in 2017 through the National Matriculation Entrance Test. She majored in applied English as an undergraduate student and in international education as a graduate student, respectively. At the age of six, she started to learn figure skating. Since then, she never ceases dancing on ice and has gained rich experience in competitions and performances during her athlete life. In 2022, as a domestic technical official of figure skating, she participated in and contributed to the Beijing Winter Olympics. At present, she is a national figure skating technical expert, a first-class referee and an uploader of figure skating works for the sports section of Bilibili. During her university life, she successfully set up an optional course of appreciating figure skating and founded KISCA at XJTLU, which enriches the life of many skaters.

Zhenjiang Bai

Chief Physician of ICU, Children’s Hospital of Soochow University
Professor Bai is Chief Physician of the Department of Critical Care Medicine of the Children's Hospital affiliated to Suzhou University, Professor of Suzhou University, Deputy Director of the Institute of Critical Care Medicine of Suzhou University, one of the third-level trainees of the sixth 333 high-level talent training project of Jiangsu Province. He was a visitor scholar at the children’s hospitals in Cincinnati and Philadelphia, respectively. He acts as a young member of the Pediatric First Aid Group of Chinese Medical Association, and presided over several projects supported by the National and Jiangsu Natural Science Foundations. He won the honor of "Jiangsu Advanced Individual in Containing COVID-19 Epidemic" for supporting Huangshi of Hubei Province and Yangzhou during fighting against COVID-19 epidemic.

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