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Theme: Vicissitudes

This event occurred on
August 27, 2022
Adelaide, South Australia

TEDxUniSA 2022 has been designed to be intriguing and thought-provoking. In this view, our theme this year is ‘Vicissitudes’, which encapsulates alternation between opposite or contrasting occurrences that influence our emotions, thoughts and behaviours. The past years have perfectly resonated with the theme as we have witnessed the world take numerous turns in a short period of time. We want to converge our focus on what mattered the most in getting through the recent and ongoing pandemic. In this view, we believe that there is no better time for us to reflect on the positives and revitalise our thought process.

Hartley Playhouse, University of South Australia Magill Campus
St Bernards Rd, Magill SA 5072
Adelaide, South Australia, 5072
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University (What is this?)
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Alison Do

Business Improvement Specialist at SA Water
Alison Do is from Vietnam and started her journey in Australia around 6 years ago as an international student. She is now a proud Chinese, Vietnamese, Australian. In her free time, Alison loves gardening, volunteering and spending time with a close circle of friends and family. She also spends a good portion of her day daydreaming.

Amanda Goodfellow

Director of Agile Mind
Amanda is a meditation and mindfulness teacher and the founder of Agile Mind. She has post-graduate qualifications in Management and a Certificate in Meditation Teaching from the Australian Centre for Meditation and Mindfulness (ACMM). Amanda's programs, mentorships and retreats draw upon her 25 years of experience in corporate roles across sectors including local government, associations and professional services. Amanda is an accredited Kiloby Inquiries (KI) facilitator, a mindfulness based therapy that helps people find freedom from their negative self beliefs - an approach she credits with ending her 30 year battle with mental illness.

Harry Gaffney

Published Author and Graduating Medical Doctor
Harry Gaffney is a published author and 2022 graduating medical doctor. He is a pathology and rural health advocate with both a countrywide and international media presence campaigning for improving the rural health workforce and patient health outcomes. He has faced many vicissitudes in life and wants to share how, despite these vicissitudes, community has helped him ultimately achieve his medical career goals.

Ivan Vantagiato

Founder of Banq Media
Ivan is the Founder of Banq Media, with over 12 years’ experience in customer relations and digital marketing. A competitive individual, Ivan ran a successful local Web2 marketing agency before selling his shares and venturing into the Web3 world. In the last 15 months, he has become one of Australia’s top thought leaders with over 100,000 followers across TikTok and YouTube under the name Crypto Serpent.

Jordan Box

Biology and Psychology teacher
Jordan is a secondary school biology and psychology teacher with a background in behavioural neuroscience. Recognising the lack of identification and support for gifted students, Jordan is now studying methods to teach and support intellectually gifted students to reach their potential and gain fulfilment in their education. Jordan spends much of his time volunteering with youth development and is Mensa Australia’s gifted children coordinator for South Australia.

Kristine Hewett

Program Delivery Office Manager at DCCEEW
Kristine has worked in the Information Technology industry for 30+ years with multi-national and national organisations in various sales, project management and delivery, and leadership roles. Kristine is a strong advocate for the support and empowerment of women and using her skills and experience to help others. She is passionate about helping women be the best they can be through peer support, resources and community.

Laurence Hugo

Suicide Counsellor
Laurence is a professional negotiator for 30 years, working with businesses and individuals in financial crisis. Additionally, Laurence was a key member of the Sydney Lifeline training team, training new counsellors and worked on the phones as a counsellor himself for 15 years.

Lucas Day

Lucas’ unbridled passion, charisma, and energy led to him working as a cruise ship musician, spending thousands of hours performing throughout North America and the Caribbean. After five years at sea, Lucas launched his solo career via 2019’s Knots EP. Almost immediately, Lucas found his corner, with his work attracting thousands of listeners, and his live shows becoming must-see events. Even as COVID halted progress, Lucas continued to share some of his best work to date, with singles arriving against the backdrop of a global pandemic, and winning over legions of fans.

Michael Macolino

Entepreneur and Business Advisor
Michael is a serial entrepreneur and business advisor. He launched his first company at 21 which started a 15-year journey to launch four other businesses across a range of industries. Michael's curiosity for solving problems using technology led him to Agriculture and the food system, where he now leverages his skills, experience and network to help AgriFood Tech start-ups commercialise and scale their innovations to redesign the food system.

Pete Barter

Founder of SAAS Fintech
Pete is an Author, Speaker, Musician, Mentor, Entrepreneur and Founder of A Saas Fintech platform enabling music educators to be better at business. With over 25 years of active and progressive music education and performance experience, and even longer in business, Pete has successfully and seamlessly synergised elements of creativity and business. Pete has taught music across Australia and Overseas and sits on the council for the Music teachers association of South Australia.

Rosslyn Cox

Professional Facilitator, Executive Performance Coach
Rosslyn has qualifications in commerce, psychology, public administration, counselling and coaching. She is a professional certified coach (International Coaching Federation) and is certified in several personality and behavioural profiling tools. Rosslyn is passionate about helping individuals, teams, and organisations achieve their full potential, by seeking to understand their current state, and by being curious to know how to support them to be the best versions of themselves.

Sanja Hendrick

Founder & Director of Talent Academy
Sanja is a speaker, coach, entertainer and educator. With over 18 years of stage experience as a ballet dancer, musical theatre performer and keynote speaker, Sanja's passion for presentation skills lead her to become the Founder and Co-Director of Talent Academy. She has built a multi-award winning coaching business which focuses on developing public speaking skills for individuals and corporate clients. She also has a vision to establish a charity to work with a marginalised people group, the Roma Gypsies, in Balkan Europe - her goal is to support them through education, medical services and social integration.

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