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Theme: A road less travelled

This event occurred on
August 20, 2022
Lahore, Punjab

Robert Frost's poem "The Road Not Taken" symbolizes the path towards self discovery and the happiness people have gotten out of the life of nonconformity. Pursuing the unexplored, lonely and risky trails towards making a difference in life, the exceptional speakers invited at tedx will talk about the unconventional roads they had to take up to reach where they are in life. So buckle up for you'll be hearing stories of them being fearless in the most unreal of situations, journeys of people finding themselves, breaking stereotypes, fighting against everything to tread upon something in an uncertain direction and encouraging us to stay true to ourselves, not dwell upon missed chances and intricacies of decisions made and to lend us courage to take upon "the road less travelled".

International School Lahore
Lahore Ring Rd
adj. Sector M, Phase 5
Lahore, Punjab, 54000
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Youth (What is this?)
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Julie Khan

Transgender Rights activist
Julie Khan, a name that is known by many and for good reason. Her story acts as a strength for several marginal communities in not only Pakistan but has also gotten worldwide recognition. Julie has a long history of trans rights activism, and despite the criminal justice of Pakistan being in opposition to her, she didn't give up, rather, she engaged in something different. Her story is one that not only gives hope to the transgender community, but rather every single oppressed minority in this country. She has worked for several initiatives in Pakistan, including the Six Coalitions Gender Equality Forum introduced to accelerate action for gender equality at a global level. We're just as excited as you are to hear from the amazing and legendary Julie Khan.

Khansa Maria and Muhammad Ali

Disability rights activists
Muhummad Ali is a name that echoes in every corner of Pakistan; he’s truly an inspiration, from students to social workers to the vulnerable communities of Pakistan – his story acts as a beacon of hope for them all. Muhummad Ali is a visually impaired individual who has utilized his experience for the benefit of humanity. He has dedicated his life to speaking about treating people with disabilities with fairness and equality. Khansa Maria is a visually impaired activist who has dedicated her life to proving that differently-abled individuals deserve to be more than merely ‘special people who are objectified to no extent. Maria started campaigning from a very young age and spoke at various conferences around the world. She also founded her own organization ‘Hope for Tomorrow’ with her brother, Ali, which raises awareness about people with special needs, but more importantly, provides an equal platform for their voices, their concerns, and their lives.

Laiba Masood

sports activist
Laiba Masood is an upcoming, young, sensational athlete and sports activist. She not only has national but a diverse variety of international achievements. Starting with Badminton on a national level with numerous awards, she has inspired the young generation, especially women, to aim for their dreams. On the international level, her achievements not only include Badminton but also Kabaddi and Australian Rules Football- bringing numerous medals to her home country and making the nation proud. Her determination towards fulfilling her goals, passion and hard work is praiseworthy, greatly inspiring millions.

Mumtaz Akhter

Professor + Author
Being the youngest to 6 sisters in a village, Dr. Mumtraz had to strive for a better future as miraculously managed her studies while being a farm worker alongside her father, Dr. Mumtaz has never been the one to take the conventional road. In Spite of that, she still managed to graduate from a prestigious university like the University of Edinburgh. Standing in the face of all such odds and that too, during the 1960s, Dr. Mumtaz now serves as the Dean of Social Sciences in UMT and has produced around 60+ publications and has supervised around 50+ PhD students. Get ready to hear the very nerve-wrecking yet extremely inspiring story of Dr. Mumtaz

Nabiha Asad

Nabiha Asad stands as an inspiration to many women who are afraid of choosing a very less traveled road, the road of sports. At the age of 14, she was recruited for club-level and was soon launched into being an international football player representing Pakistan. She also provides coaching for young girls who want to excel at the sport and that too, absolutely free of cost. She took a road less travelled, a path many girls refuse to take

Umar Khan Dawar

Sir Umar Khan Dawar, a man with the most interesting yet baffling interactions, is not just a history teacher but also an inspiring businessman. He is the one students look up to, when external invasions threaten the sub-continent, and occasionally try to get free food at his restaurant. His motivation, encouragement to and dedication towards his listeners remain constant and unwavering. Sir Umar, is one individual who always strives toward perfection and this attitude of his, has compelled everyone around him to greatly achieve in life. Providing free education to many who can't afford it showcases his kind-heartedness which is known all over Pakistan. We are proud to have him on board for TEDxISL this year.

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