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Theme: Breakthrough

August 26, 2022
5:00pm - 10:30pm CDT
(UTC -5hrs)
McKinney, Texas
United States
This event is open to the public.
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Our theme for TEDx McKinney 2022 comes at a time when we as a collective generation have gone through a transformation. One that we did not ask for but one we sure got.
This year, we’re bringing stories of individuals who have managed to break through shackles and emerged victoriously.

Christ Fellowship McKinney
2801 Orchid Dr, McKinney, TX 75070
McKinney, Texas, 75070
United States
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Ada Crenshaw

Ada Crenshaw is the founder/CEO of Nfinite Legacy Mobile Notary. She started Nfinite Legacy with a heart to support and serve clients in the fastest, most convenient, and most effective way possible. She is also a Mary Kay Beauty Consultant. Through Mary Kay, she teaches workshops on healthy skin care routines and self-esteem to teens, young adults, and adults. In addition to running two businesses, she is the primary caregiver of her mom.

Arianne Thomas

Arianne is an established Emergency Manager with over 17 years of experience at the local, state, and federal level. She is a native of New Orleans, LA; her personal experiences with hurricane evacuations molded her passion for meteorology and emergency management at a young age. She currently serves as a Regional Hurricane Program Manager for FEMA and is responsible for delivering support to state and local officials to prepare for and respond to tropical cyclones. Arianne holds a Master of Science degree in Applied Meteorology from Mississippi State University and a Bachelor of Science degree in Physical Geography/Disaster Science Management from Louisiana State University

Arsalan Ishaque

I am Arsalan Ishaque, moved to USA five years ago from Pakistan. A raw youngster in 20’s having standing no where professionally, made to believe since childhood that I cannot reach anywhere professionally because I was never good in studies, lacked personal development. But I always knew, I will reach where I want to because I have the right attitude and self belief ! As soon as I landed in USA, I worked day and night on myself, my personal development, supplemented by enrolling into formal Masters Degree. Today I work as data scientist in country’s one of biggest corporate that is Verizon!

Dr Lizette Warner

Dr Lizette helps folks lean into their power, poise, and presence by using my background in Healthcare. She use a healthcare concept of “biomarkers” to help people find their own Leadership Presence and help people discover their own biomarkers so that they can make power, poise and presence appear, like magic. Dr. Lizette Warner is the CEO and Founder of Optimum Vobis, a Boutique Leadership Development organization and the author of Power, Poise, and Presence.

Dr Lusia Fomuso

Dr. Lusia Fomuso is a pharmacist and public health expert with years of experience in pharmacy and leadership capacities. Dr. Lusia has a burden for medication safety and collaborating with physicians to provide excellent care to her patients. She now serves our community as an expert in precision medicine at a virtual consultancy practice called RxKnowledge PLLC. Her passion for public health and safe medication practices has her excited to share about breaking through barriers and eliminating trial and error when it comes to medication therapy. Dr. Lusia has graced the TEDx stage before and is also a children book author to a book titled “Thank you, Essential Heroes”.efficacy, reducing side effects for patients, and saving money overall.

Elizabeth Mahusay

Speaker & Stage Emcee
Elizabeth is dynamic, high energy, and positively focused on helping others realize their full potential. She graduated with a chemistry degree and master's degree and is an expert in thought transformation. With over 21 years sales and leadership experience, she's trained thousands of people to overcome negative thinking while implementing proven systems that create a growth environment. As a sales and leadership coach with Southwestern Coaching, Elizabeth helps her clients transform their habits while multiplying their time and income. Author of two books, Elizabeth enjoys speaking and training both in person and online. She is married to her high school sweetheart, and together, they have two grown sons.

Jamal French

Jamal French also known professionally as “J French” I’m an artist, producer, author in the works, Grammy Voter, Speaker, Podcast Host (Fireside With French) and Mental Health advocate. I’ve overcome a lot in my life and have had to climb out of dark holes from learning to speak fluently as a teenager with a bad stutter through the art of writing and reciting. To leveling up my mentality enough to pursue my dreams and make achievements independently in an industry that only wants one to be unionized with the companies that run it unfairly. I only live to inspire others. I have a wide spread of interviews I’ve done with Radio shows all across the United States. My music has reached more than 50 million streams and views. Most recent album is “Good Karma” which is on Buzz feeds top 5 clean hip hop albums. My objective is to inspire people to believe in themselves and inspire peace, love, and joy.

Justin Rogers

Born in Dallas and raised in McKinney, Justin has been witness to much of the city's new growth. He has since been on a journey of personal and professional growth. He has spent over 10 years professionally educating and developing people, namely in the areas of Performance Management, Learning & Development, and Coaching. He has led small and medium teams on three continents and has lived on four. He enjoys triathlons and is passionate about human potential. Justin has earned a Bachelor's degree in Business Management and a Master's degree in Talent Development and Human Resources.

Keyla Kirton

Keyla Kirton is a tech consultant with a focus on enterprise resource planning implementations. She has been married to Alex Kirton for 20 years, and lives in Plano with their two children. Keyla also lends her expertise in leadership, team building, and talent acquisitions by training non-profit executive boards. She is a frequent guest on the podcast, Ally’s Digital Diary, a platform for teens focused on mental health, dating, spirituality, and managing the pressures of school. Her personal statement is: God’s daughter, wife, mother.

Kimia Penton

Kimia Penton is an International recording artist, and Director of PMO for a fortune 10 company, based in Dallas, Texas. Combining her love for the performing arts, organizational psychology, and project management, Kimia believes we should develop the whole self to build a holistically fulfilling career. Founder of independent label and production company KimiaQProductions, and the Dallas Coalition for Live Music, Kimia writes and produces for artists she believes in, hosts events to facilitate community for creatives, and promotes education.

Kristen Cano

Kristen Cano is an inspirational speaker, a channeler, an intuitive, a professional fire dancer, a magical energetic being, and, in their core authentic self, part human. They believe in the abundance of life, and that to get there, we must cultivate personal well being. One pathway Kristen offers for cultivating that wellbeing is Fire Moon Gatherings and Ceremonies. At these ceremonies, they speak on the Law of Attraction, offering enlightening experiences that tune most into alignment with universal source energy. Another pathway to wellbeing that Kristen offers is fire dancing workshops and retreats, where they teach about no-mind flow, the state of non-resistance where life’s abundance vibrates. Kristen is a conduit of light, merely an owl in this physical world carrying a message to all: only love is real, and we will always want more.

Leia Hunt

Leia T. Hunt is a 2x childhood cancer survivor, founder of the nonprofit known as Leia’s Kids, podcast host, inspirational speaker, and author of My Battle Plan Journal. Leia was diagnosed with Retinoblastoma, a rare form of eye cancer when she was two years old. Leia’s battle with childhood cancer resulted in her undergoing 26 surgical procedures, multiple rounds of chemotherapy, and ultimately the insertion of a radioactive plaque in her left eye. The radiation ultimately defeated her cancer but left her blind in the left eye. These circumstances defined Leia’s life. Leia says her cancer battle truly began as she grew up with side effects from treatment, being half-blind and navigating her youth knowing she was different. Leia has turned the devastation of her childhood cancer into a testimony of hope and faith. Leia is passionate about sharing her story and has embraced the opportunity to speak at various events.

Lisa Hammett

Lisa Hammett is a Success Coach, helping stressed and burned out business owners and executives develop mental fitness, manage stress and anxiety, and get healthy. She spent 26 years in the corporate retailing industry. She was the stressed, burned out, unhealthy individual she now serves. After leaving the corporate world in 2005, she started her wellness journey, losing 65 pounds. For the past 10.5 years, she has been a health and wellness coach for a global wellness company, helping thousands of members create sustainable healthy habits, lose weight, and maintain their weight loss. She launched her Success Coaching practice in May of 2020, to help individuals struggling with stress, mindset and weight gain. She is currently working on her Positive Intelligence certification. Her first book, From Burnout to Best Life. How to take charge of your health and happiness, will be published in August 2022.

Monique Walker

Monique Walker is the founder of PURE U, a self-inquiry and self-discovery coaching and consulting practice, based in Houston, Texas. After many years of providing creative strategy, conducting interviews, writing scripts, and producing segments in the media and marketing industries, Monique decided to switch gears and offer her clients a more holistic approach to achieving their goals through the employment of more personable, relational tactics. She has since added the practices of introspection, meditation and body-movement to her toolbox, as a Perception and Image Coach. Having shared her creative know-how as a brand strategist, television producer/announcer, and writer in a career spanning more than three decades. Monique’s future plans include pursuing a masters in Sociology, to further satisfy her curiosity about people and the environments where life happens.

Nicole Blackwell

Nicole Blackwell, your quintessential multi-hyphenate! I wear many hats and have many diverse interests, but above all, I am a writer and storyteller at heart! Originally from the San Francisco Bay Area, the DFW Metroplex is my second home and where I currently reside. I have a background in media production and have worked as a content creator, producer, copywriter, project manager, and creative director for various media-related projects. It is at the creatively intertwined intersection of all of these hats that I wear that you will find my love for storytelling! I am passionate about using my God-given talents and gifts to inspire and empower other women, one story at a time!

Rachel Kite

I have a strong testimony that I have finally dared to share and help others! The power of our minds without the need for drugs to mask our pain is mighty. I have a calling in life to stand on stage and speak. I have endured so much while still becoming a successful business owner. I know this intro will not WOW you, but if I began opening up, it would become a novel!

Ram Katamaraja

Ram Dhan Yadav Katamaraja is a tech entrepreneur passionate about leveraging technology in building a diverse and inclusive workforce of the future. In 2012, Ram founded Colaberry while on a mission to help U.S. veterans transition into rewarding civilian careers and pass on the American Dream. Ram was recognized as a MIT SOLVER in 2018 and his work received numerous awards including ‘Artificial Intelligence for the Betterment of Humanity Prize’' by McGovern Foundation. Ram regularly presents at work of the future events, and has spoken at the United Nations, World Bank, Harvard Business School and MIT. Ram is a Harvard Business School OPM60 fellow, holds a Master of Liberal Arts in Management from Harvard University and a Bachelors of Technology from Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, India.

Rayquotez Butler

Rayquotez Butler, a small town Mississippi Delta boy who transformed himself from Poor struggling resident and college student to the youngest and only black senior HR leader of a Global Parts distributor at the age of 26. Not only that, I own a Motivational speaking company where breakthrough is a constant result for all that listen. Through my career and my work as a speaker I exude passion through stories of struggle that yield evidence of triumph. From emotional and financial struggles, to academics and sense of belonging struggles, I walk those who listen through a Journey of stories and creative methods that exemplify how I overcame and give others the blueprint to their breakthrough to overcome as well.

Tatiana Vilarea

Tatiana Vilarea is a hypnotherapist, best-selling author and speaker, obsessed with helping entrepreneurs and leaders overcome emotional wounds and trauma that show up as business fears and blocks. Helping them fully step into their visibility, confidence and impact. As a result of her personal journey and over 10 years of experience working with emotional healing, she developed a modality that releases negative emotions and traumatic memories stored in the body’s neurological patterning, that she combines with subconscious work. Tatiana is passionate about guiding business owners to the emotional and mental freedom they need in order to achieve their goals, while building success on the foundation of deep self-trust, emotional well-being and rock-solid confidence. When she is not helping change-makers conquer fears and live their purpose, Tatiana is busy pursuing her passion for spirituality, while traveling around the world for the last 5 years.

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