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Theme: Re-building

This event occurred on
March 17, 2023
Zurich, Zürich (de)

The last few years presented us with a lot of challenges. As a global community we face many ethical, social, economic, political, and environmental dilemmas. How will we re-build peace in the world and, equally important, in our inner world? The time has come to dust ourselves off, look to the future and think about what to do next. Our "house" needs to be re-built. From scratch? A smooth change? A radical change?

As we set out to re-build better, we need to think about how to lay the grounds for a new sustainable, inclusive and resilient society. In what direction should we go? How can we re-build close relationships as well as global relations to leave a better world behind? The situation calls for all of us to become architects to co-create this future. We can all take our own tool of talent, a brick of hope, and contribute to re-building. Joining TEDxZurich 2023 might be an excellent foundation.

Elias-Canetti-Strasse 146
Zurich, Zürich (de), 8050
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Alexander Ilic

PD Dr. Alexander Ilic is a Swiss-German deep tech entrepreneur, researcher, and investor. He co-founded the ETH AI Center and was an Assistant Professor at the University of St.Gallen (HSG). Alex is experienced in bringing AI research from first demo to products for millions of consumers. He has two exits under his belts and was named twice “Entrepreneur of the Year”.

Beatriz Villarroel

Dr. Beatriz Villarroel is an astronomer at the Nordic Institute for Theoretical Physics (Nordita) in Stockholm. She is the project leader of the Vanishing & Appearing Sources during a Century of Observations (VASCO) project (www.vascoproject.org) and the newly founded EXOPROBE project, aiming to find an extraterrestrial probe in the Solar System.

Chris Luebkeman

Chris Luebkeman is a builder of bridges between disciplines, cultures and time. He is a seasoned host, facilitator, and moderator who can handle just about any subject: from artificial intelligence to innovation to smart cities to regeneration. Educated as a geologist, structural engineer, and architect, he spent thirty years traveling the globe sharing his observations, inspiration and insights on foresight, corporate intrapreneurship, and innovation, He created driversofchange.com, co-founded [y]our2040.com, a growing network of networks focused on accelerating the transition to a regenerative society living within the planetary boundaries, and is now at ETH in Zurich in the Office of the President.

Guy Katz

Guy Katz first served in the Israeli Defense Forces as an Intelligence Officer. Guy has worked for governments, tiny companies and corporate giants to somehow become a Management Professor in Germany. Always on the lookout for the right blend of science and practicality, he juggles his roles as husband and father of two amazing boys, a leadership & negotiation scholar, the owner of a small business, and teaching people to fly airplanes.

Jamie Gloor

Jamie Gloor bridges decades of research and experience across 4 continents to find the bright side of dark topics in business and psychology. American-born and a hobby stand-up comic since she could stand up, Dr. Gloor currently crafts insight and impact on humor, DEI, and leadership as a professor in Switzerland.

Markus Schaefer

Markus Schaefer is a founding partner of Hosoya Schaefer Architects, a Zurich-based office for architecture, urban design and research. The office works on neighborhoods, campuses, infrastructure, or industrial sites, on train stations, housing projects, schools, or an airport. Markus has a MArch from Harvard and a MSc in biology from UZH. He was co-founder and director of AMO / Rem Koolhaas, published “The Industrious City – Rethinking Industry in the Urban Age” (Lars Müller) and “Switzerland” (Strelka); he co-founded Cividi GmbH– Civic Data Intelligence, and the Future Society Association.

NOLA Music

Nola is 21 years old and lives in Basel. Besides her passion for music creation, she is currently in her third year of studying medicine. She began playing cello at a young age and taught herself various other instruments, such as the guitar, piano, drums, saxophone, and more. She started producing music in her home studio at the age of 14. Due to her multilingualism, she loves to write songs in various languages. Her debut album, “Ocean des Emotions,” was released in October 2019, and her second album, “Facettes,” was released in 2021.

Olga Boczar

Olga Boczar – vocalist, songwriter, band leader, was born in Poland. PhD lecturer at the Chopin University of Music in Warsaw. In 2012, she established her own band, with whom she recorded three CD albums – “Little Inspirations”, “Teskno mi, teskno” and “Oddycham”. Olga’s third album which will be released in June 2023 (available on Spotify, YouTube etc.) For her first album, she was nominated for the prestigious award - Fryderyki in “Phonographic Debut of the Year” category. www.olgaboczarmusic.com

Patrycja Pielaszek

Patrycja Pielaszek is a forward-thinking innovation leader and founder of WeCoCo, a catalyst for change to co-create a more inclusive future by connecting disruptors, action takers and game changers. After developing and implementing digitalization strategies for international market players, she has been driven to re-shape the collaboration of teams to effectively drive a culture of innovation. Together with industry and academic partners, she’s helping organizations to get better at 21st century transformation using her broad background in human-centric business development and collaborative ecosystems. Besides public speaking and lecturing, she’s also designing programs at Universities to foster innovation and entrepreneurship.

Sarah Ebling

Sarah Ebling holds a professorship in Accessibility Studies at Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW) and is a senior researcher at the University of Zurich. Her research focuses on natural language processing in the context of disabilities, specifically, sign language technology and automatic text simplification. Her work involves artificial intelligence techniques with a strong emphasis on the users. She is leading a large-scale Swiss innovation initiative entitled “Inclusive Information and Communication Technologies”.

Tomas de Wouters

In our age of self-optimization, the promise of health-promoting nutrition is everywhere. But do we know how to leverage nutrition to support health? A bacterial link sheds light on the role fibers play in bridging nutrition to health.

Yanya Viskovich

Yanya Viskovich is a cyber resilience specialist. Through her own burnout, she gained a unique insight into how burnout culture increases organizations’ cyber risk, and how human-centered cultures are key to organizational and individual resilience. She consults, publishes and speaks globally on human factors in cyber.

Zurich School of Samba

Zürich School of Samba (ZSS) was founded on 22nd April 2013 as a cultural association. It's centered around Brazilian musical culture, and in particular all aspects of Samba Carioca (Samba from Rio de Janeiro).

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