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Theme: Innovation beyond Imagination

This event occurred on
February 10, 2023
Jaipur, Rajasthan

Innovation is a driving force that has propelled the human race forward, it has led us to new discoveries , new ways of thinking and new technologies that have changed the way of the world . today we are living in a world where innovation is happening faster than ever , this tedx event is about celebrating the spirit of innovation ‘ especially innovation beyond imagination

Neerja Modi School
Jaipur, Rajasthan, 302020
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Youth (What is this?)
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Akshay Makar

CEO of Climatenza
Akshay Makar is a driven and passionate Entrepreneur who is determined to make a difference in the world. As the CEO of Climatenza Solar, a mission-focused company that is working to decarbonize the industrial sector, Akshay is leading the charge towards a more sustainable and environment friendly future. With a strong focus on innovation and a deep commitment to helping its clients achieve net-zero targets, Climatenza Solar is at the forefront of the fight against climate change. Under Akshay's leadership, the company is working tirelessly to develop and implement cutting-edge Concentrated Solar thermal solutions that are helping to decarbonize the industrial sector and reduce the global carbon footprint. With his unwavering dedication and determination, Akshay is helping to pave the way towards a cleaner and more sustainable future for all.

Anamika Pathak

Chairperson, Textiles and Clothing Research Centre, New Delhi
A former custodian at the National Museum in New Delhi, Mrs. Anamika oversaw the Decorative Arts and Textiles division. She holds a robust background, including a Master’s degree in Buddhist Studies and ancient Indian history and culture, and a PhD in Mughal Costumes. Her insights in mythology prove to be valuable for impressionable audiences such as ours. She has also completed a course in museum management from the esteemed Art Institute of Chicago.She has a deep appreciation for indian artisans who have created impressive and admirable works of art. She has a myriad of books to her credit showcasing her passion in Buddhism, Hinduism and their internal mechanism.

Arav Dhoot

Someone who has achieved the perfect balance between his academic pursuits and extracurricular endeavours, the living embodiment of versatility, Neerja Modi’s very own Arav Dhoot will be providing us with insights on the functioning of his device: Comforce. Being a computer science enthusiast, Arav is proficient at coding and has designed the first device that can perform the quality and maturity analysis of compost at the same time. His dedication accompanied by his dexterity resulted in the honour that is 10 A*s in his IGCSE board examinations. Everything from his exceptional debating skills that place him amongst the top debaters in India to his remarkable football abilities, are worthy of admiration and recognition.

Neeraj Kumar

Neeraj Kumar is a researcher, an engineer and now an assistant professor at the school of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence, in the Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati. His life’s purpose has been to lead the world into a new era through his creations. His name is synonymous with our theme ‘innovation beyond imagination’. He is always eager to use his experience and skills that he has accrued through the years to create a significant impact especially in the realm of imaginative problem solving and analytical reasoning. His progress is the blueprint for aspiring researchers to build on as they pursue their dreams.

Saurabh Mehta

Owner, Gingko Ventures
If there's one person whose judgement we can rely on for “innovation beyond imagination”, it is an entrepreneur. And who better than Saurabh Mehta, owner of gingko ventures, to grace us with his views. The intricacies of navigating through economic uncertainties are only understood over elongated periods of experience. Saurabh’s investments in 10 budding start-ups have been a reflection of the aforementioned experience and the knowledge he possesses. A Duke graduate, Mr Mehta is passionate about creating value for shareholders and start-ups. Apart from a keen interest in entrepreneurship and ecosystems, he has a background in technology, which encourages him to prioritise technology in his work.

Shobit Tiwari

Mr Shobit Tiwari possesses a Guinness world record for his exceptional photography, which merely remains a bucket list item for the lot of us. “The Light Master” specialises in the field of Long exposure Photography. His numerous photography workshops, that offer revolutionary insights on the techniques he has mastered, are popular amongst multiple age groups of budding photographers. He is associated with Rajasthan Tourism, Dainik Bhaskar, One plus and has been sponsored by the very instrument that brings his creativity to light; Canon. However, he believes that Skill is of the utmost importance in photography irrespective of equipment, which proves to be an asset for audiences nationwide. We are grateful to have a pioneer in the field of light painting to enlighten us with his knowledge.

Suvigya Sharma

An artist by family lineage and by heart, Suvigya Sharma has transformed traditional art methods by the inclusion of gold in his miniature paintings. The extent of his creativity knows no bounds, for his paintings range from coin sized to life sized adaptations of India's culture, industrialists and celebrities. Mr. Sharma has reconstituted the art world. Repeatedly, Mr. Sharma has pioneered uncharted territories by drawing inspiration from the past and infusing it with modernity, rendering it relevant and current. His masterpieces evoke a sense of curiosity and captivate even the most discerning art aficionados. From our country’s prime minister Shri Narendra Modi, to the western pop sensation Justin Bieber, countless honourable people have enjoyed his refined artwork. His art exemplifies important aspects of our theme “innovation”: rarity and uniqueness.

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Jaipur, India
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