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Theme: Imagination

This event occurred on
December 24, 2022
Kun Ming Shi, Yunnan

TEDxDaGuanRd 2022年度大会的主题为「天马行空Imagination」,讲者需要从主题出发,分享自己在专业领域内的创见与创举。
天马行空,气势豪放,昂扬恣肆,人的精神和创造力也应如同天马一般不受拘束。自由,求新求变,不设限,正是我们选择「天马行空 Imagination」的原因。
The theme of the TEDxDaGuanRd 2022 Conference is "Imagination", where speakers are asked to share their ideas and creations in their fields of expertise from the theme.
Imagination, vigor, spirit, the spirit and creativity of human beings should be as unrestrained as that of a horse. Freedom, innovation, and no limits are the reasons why we chose "Imagination".
We hope to use this conference to focus on the past, present and future of Yunnan, to explore speakers with special experiences or niche research, and to share their unique discoveries with the audience, to show the free and upward spirit of Yunnan!

Da Guan Lu
Kun Ming Shi, Yunnan, 650032
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Chenghao Zhang

Born and raised in Yunnan, he just left campus three years ago, but the last 12 years has seen his photography in nature and wildlife. Out of great passion for wild animals and natural wilderness, he majored in photography during his undergraduate and graduate education, and finally became a professional photographer. He has played an important role in several famous documentaries by some international production teams, such as "Earth from Space" by BBC, “Asia-Secret Lives Hidden Places” by NDR, and "Aerial China", "Unexplored Land", "Nature: Wuyi Mountains Series", " China's Secret Monkey Kingdom" by CCTV.

Hang Zhang

He is a young craftsman/representative inheritor of the intangible cultural heritage project, the Tile Cat, and the founder of the first Yunnan Tile Cat Museum. He studied national folk art design at Yunnan Arts University as an undergraduate. During which he was extensively exposed to various folk handicrafts in Yunnan, and his main research direction was Yunnan Tile Cat. In 2019, he was awarded as a representative inheritor of the intangible cultural heritage of Tile Cat.In 2021, he built the first themed museum of Yunnan Tile Cat,And in 2022, he founded the brand of“Heart Room Tile Cat”. He focuses on recording, displaying and inheriting the real Tile Cat culture, and creating plain, heterogeneous and orthodox Tile Cat works.

Hao Yu

He is a stand-up comedian,also the founder of Kunming Stand-up Comedy Club. He teach the students who want to enter the goverment system ,but he chose to leave there. he accepts the ordinary, but try to create a colorful life. Curiosity and kindness are most important things for his life.

Jia He

PhD of West China Stomatology Sichuan University,member of temporomandibular joint (Beijing) branch of Chinese Stomatological Association. Member of Chinese Gerontology and Gerontology (Food and Nutrition Branch). Fitness trainer, Hip-pop enthusiast, and Internet entrepreneur. He used to be the medical expert host of CCTV’s “The Road to Health", "Home for Dinner” and other programs.

Jie Du

Du Jie is a leading construction expert, a senior engineer, a National Class One Registered Constructor in China. He is a senior advisor of Yunnan Construction Engineering Evaluation Committee. He founded DuQingShui Construction Office & Suzao Architects and co-founded Puform Architecture in Kunming . He was the former chief engineer of Yunnan Guanfang Construction Group and the former director of the Technical Development Center (KUST-GCG). Born and raised in Yunnan, Du Jie has been deeply involved in design, construction solutions as well as developing building materials of boutique architecture and hospitality projects around the country. He specialises building techniques and material innovations of concrete and rammed earth, finding balance among space, structures and materials and developing a unique “Suzao Aesthetics” in texture and atmosphere. He has received multiple professional awards and prizes in China and abroad.

Michael Hermann

Michael Hermann, who has been working in China for 17 years, is the chief representative of the Yunnan/Chongqing Office of the HPP China. He is the co-founder of "Preschool of the Future " project, a brand project of rural early childhood education of China Haogongyi Platform, ,He has helped more than 60,000 rural children to solve the problems of preschool enrollment and education quality. The infectious disease prevention and control project has supported more than 2.4 million farmers to control malaria, and helped 1 million farmers to control AIDS. Since 2020, Michael has promoted climate change advocacy and low-carbon living education among different types of schools in Kunming.

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