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Theme: Fight or Flight

This event occurred on
April 15, 2023
Middelburg, Zeeland

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De Oostkerk
Oostkerkplein 1
Middelburg, Zeeland, 4331TL
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University (What is this?)
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Anton Nootenboom

Anton Nootenboom, also known as the barefoot Dutchman, was born and raised in Goes, Zeeland. He served ten years in the Dutch army and went on 3 missions to Afghanistan. After leaving the army and moving to Australia he became the first person ever to walk to the base camp at Mount Everest barefoot. More recently he completed a new Guinness world record by walking 3019 km through Australia barefoot. He did this to raise awareness and funds for men’s mental health after going through his own struggles. After a successful book release and a media tour through the Netherlands he now will share his story at our TEDx.

Emma Flaskgaard Andreasen

My name is Emma, I am from Denmark. Like most other students here, I have broad academic interests, but the core of my studies is always the human being. I love learning about why we behave the way we do, what shapes the way we live, and what we as individuals can do to build the most meaningful lives for ourselves and others.

Farkhunda Ayobi

Student + Activist
Hi, my name is Farkhunda, and I am from Afghanistan. I graduated from high school in the Philippines and currently I am studying in the pre-medical program at UCR. I enjoy reading novels and writing short stories in my free time. Through my TEDx talk, I intend to compare my personal experiences with the current situation of women in Afghanistan. In addition, I wish to highlight the lack of interest, attention, and support from the global community in addressing the gross violation of human rights in my country. Women in Afghanistan continue to face systemic discrimination, violence, and marginalization, and it is crucial that we as a global community take a stand and demand justice for them

Jason Dinse

Law Professor
Prison life is harsh in some societies. In addition to the legitimate limitation of liberty as punishment for a violation of criminal law, inmates often face additional forms of mistreatment that exceed the reasonable and proportionate retribution for their crimes. The denial of a right of self-defense against attacks from other inmates is an example of legal abuse that robs inmates of the choice to fight in the absence of an ability to flee

Liliane Geerling

Researcher + Lecturer
I hope that I can contribute in sharing knowledge on synergy between spatial mitigation and adaptation measures to deal with water (too much or too little as a result of climate change) on the local scale and the impact of understanding and including local cultural dimensions in this process

Nicolas Castellon

Cybersecurity Advisor
Nicolas is responsible for security advisory and managed security services across Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and Finland at Capgemini Group. He has developed a track record for working on complex strategic issues driven by technological and business needs across multiple domains and cultures, positioning cybersecurity as a key accelerator for digital transformation journeys. He has worked in various sectors, including European agencies, Automotive, Manufacturing, Aerospace, Financial Services, and the Energy sector. His previous work experience includes NGOs and think tanks, having worked at United Nations in New York City, The Hague Centre for Strategic Studies, and the Getulio Vargas Foundation in Rio de Janeiro, where he has co-published various reports on Cybersecurity. Nicolas also provides guest lectures at Utrecht University, Leiden University, and the Clingendael Diplomatic Academy where he lectures on Cyber Security Governance and Cyber Conflict.

Paula Marquina Gurrea

Student + Activist
In today's world, we are surrounded by social issues and overwhelming problems. Particularly at universities a major one is Sexual Violence, as it is the perfect environment for it to thrive. The question of how to mitigate and tackle such a problem has been continuously discussed and continues to be a work in progress. I propose a three-pillar approach that can be applied to any social issue to mobilize change in institutions, society, and us as individuals. I discuss sexual violence in universities as an example of its possible application inspiration for everyone to move from a communal 'freeze' stage into a proactive, change-making community.

Philipp Keller

Executive Member of a waterboard in the Netherlands
Philipp was born and raised in Germany, lived, studied and worked in UK, Belgium, France and Afghanistan and now for the most part in the Netherlands. He is an entrepreneur in the Energy markets of several European countries and has 24 years of military experience including ISAF mission in Afghanistan. From 2019 to 2022, Philipp was the first foreign elected executive member of a waterboard in the Netherlands responsible for dikes, dunes, flood risk management and climate adaptation with waterboard Scheldestromen in Zeeland.

Sanja Antonides

Professor of Cognitive Science
In our fast-paced modern-day society, we experience high pressures from work or school, accompanied by constant and addictive stimuli from apps on our mobile phones and other devices. Deadlines, notifications, and being available at any time and everywhere, puts a pressure on us that we are not naturally built to cope with. What are the biological consequences of these constant stressors for our daily functioning, and how can we counteract this in a healthy way?

Sophie Raimondo Schmid

Modern civilization has a growing tendency to live on autopilot, forgetting that that isn't truly living. My name is Sophie Raimondo Schmid, and I was born and raised in Mexico City. I am passionate about using art to convey awareness and social messages and am currently working on building a sustainable permaculture community in Tanzania. I am thrilled to share my passion for creating a life of meaning and making a positive impact on the world. After feeling lost about my true purpose in life at 18, I decided to travel across the world, experiencing and relearning about living meaningfully and finally reexperiencing life back in Mexico. I realized the urgency of relearning to weave relations with each other, mother nature, the food we eat, the water we drink and last but not least our hearts, minds, and bodies. The urgency to resist life on autopilot and to start walking life with the daily practice of relationality and gratitude. The importance of reconnecting back with life.

Organizing team

Al Abdeli