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Theme: Keep High Point Wild

This event occurred on
August 4, 2022
High Point, North Carolina
United States

High Point, NC is growing! Our event is challenging attendees to imagine how to grow economically, artistically, and socially WITHOUT losing those things that make High point unique! We will explore how to connect with others, celebrate art, and to think outside of the box when it comes to our own health and well being.

High Point Theater
220 E Commerce Drive
High Point, North Carolina, 27260
United States
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Amy Armstrong

Parent Coach
Amy has 25-years of experience as an educator and parent coach. Amy received her coach training through The Parent Coaching Institute and the George Mason Leadership Coaching Program for Organizational Well-Being. Along with her coach credentials, she received a Masters in Social Work degree from The Ohio State University. Amy founded The Center for Family Resolution in 2015 to provide mediation, co-parent coaching and parenting coordination for court-ordered families, offered virtually or in person. Through her work, Amy empowers moms and dads everywhere to navigate big emotions, and to create healthy habits that support healing from conflict. Amy launched an accredited coach training program, the Center for Coach Development, in 2020. Amy published her first book, Real-Time Parenting, in 2021 and is scheduled to launch her second book, Lead with Yes, in the fall of 2022. When Amy is not working with families or writing, you can find her on adventures with her four grandchildren.

Brittany Williams

Qualitative Research Artist, Storyteller
Brittany Williams is a research artist, talk radio host and the Executive Director of iAlign Dance Company, where she combines philanthropy and artistry. iAlign empowers generational healing and connection by community storytelling within a diverse and inclusive learning environment through the alignment of dance/artistic expression, education, and community outreach. Brittany is a proud graduate of Winston Salem State University where she received her Bachelors of Science in Biology. With 30 years of dance experience and over a decade of teaching her technique infused with qualitative research, she has changed the traditional lens of dance instruction and community building. iAlign Radio is a peek into the community building curriculum through positive self-talk, affirmations and storytelling. This is a guide to finding the position of agreement between the mind, body and spirit, which is alignment. She lives in Raleigh, NC with her husband.

Constance Reynolds

TEDxHighPoint Host
Born and raised in High Point NC, Constance is a creator in every sense of the word. As a classically trained theatre practitioner, Constance quickly discovered that the ability to “make things happen” is as valuable an asset in show business as it is in the community. She is passionate about empowering the next generation of business owners and artists. She is the co-founder of Be Your Own Boss Events, which holds community-building workshops for new entrepreneurs, and co-founder of Black Nexus Media LLC which provides affordable interactive advertising solutions to small businesses. She co-hosts “Plan Your Work Work Your Plan”, a podcast that delivers relevant wisdom to young entrepreneurs from an old-school entrepreneur’s perspective. She uses her experience to help guide individuals who want to pursue acting professionally. Constance is a proud mother of two, auntie of eleven, and above all else, loves spending time with her family.

Cyril Jefferson

Husband | Father | Social Innovator
For more than a decade, he has dedicated his civic and professional work to socially responsible causes and creating purposeful opportunities for community betterment. As Principal Consultant at Change Often LLC, he leads a team of Change Agents in leveraging collaborative & innovative solutions to build capacity in communities through effective project delivery and strategic development. While serving in public office, Cyril has led community revitalizing efforts that has led to millions of dollars being raised for efforts related to minority entrepreneurship development and eradicating homelessness. He has received numerous community-based awards and honors, the greatest to date came when the residents of Ward One made him the youngest African-American to ever sit on the High Point City Council. Living the words of Winston Churchill, he and his wife Raven teach their two sons that “To improve is to change. To perfect is to change often”.

Dr. Alan Mueller

Consultant, Educator, and Improv Comedian
Dr. Alan Mueller is a consultant with Adaptive Challenge Consulting where he works to inspire inclusive excellence and cultural humility through education, humor and authenticity.

Dr. Nibras Sharif

Dr. Nibras Sharif has been a dentist for 22 years and has passion for science and innovation. She has pursued her love for research through studying both childhood dental health as part of her master’s degree and novel antimicrobial therapies as part of her PhD. Dr. Sharif has co-authored several scientific research articles and a book on antimicrobials (2010). She resides in Edmonton, Alberta Canada and practices as a dentist in her private clinic. As of 2020, Dr. Sharif is a self-published author after releasing her book (How to Shape a Perfect Smile). She is also working on her second book that addresses how chewing delivers stimulation to the brain. Outside of her profession, Dr. Sharif loves to spend time with her children, read books, bake and explore nature.

Erika Shepard

Speaker, Nurse, and Heart-Led Consultant
She is focused on elevating emotional well-being by optimizing human connection through her unique approach of addressing mental & emotional health through heart health. She spent her career having a front row seat to human heartbreak through working as a psychiatric, trauma ICU, and forensic nurse, as well as family nurse practitioner and mind body healer. Working with people at their most vulnerable showed her the power of the human heart, and the necessity of deep connection to one another. She now uses all of her experience and expertise around human connection and emotional well-being within her businesses to guide leaders as they develop, and help shift corporate and organizational cultures as they grow.Love and care can’t be known, they need to be experienced. It is Erika’s mission through her Movement, Capable Hearts, to help make it safe for us to open ourselves up to express more love and care so we can better experience the connection we have to one another.

Fatima Blair

“Credit Mama”
Fatima Blair known as "Credit Mama", Founder & CEO of Next Level Credit Solutions LLC has developed a passion & purpose for helping others, especially single mothers, overcome obstacles with their credit, after she went through some hard times with her own credit. She became so intentional that she decided to step out on faith and start her own business, leaving a well paying secure career in logistics and 2 small children at home. She doesn't take the typical approach when it comes to helping you re-establish your credit because its a Mind Set Shift - it's how a person views Credit and their Credit Character. She dives deep in with her clients to reach practical and fundamental solutions to elevate their Credit & Lifestyle. Her reputation for working from a place of Integrity and also becoming Better Business Bureau Accredited she is a major figure in the Credit Education Industry.

Ingram Land-Deans

Speech-Language Pathologist & Transformational Motivational Speaker
As a clinician, Ingram evaluates and treats Communication Disorder varieties in diverse cultural populations. Ingram approaches treatment from a wholistic perspective, involving families in therapy sessions. This enables caregivers to learn intervention approaches to carry-over at home that encourage social interaction in loved ones with ASD. In her role as a university professor, Ingram mentors and imparts her knowledge and clinical skillsets to prepare students to effectively evaluate and treat SCD. Ingram is vested in bridging connection between the ASD culture and Neurotypical cultures. She understands, humans are relational. She believes healthy engagement is a critical influence on psychological, physical, and emotional wellness. Her mission is to utilize national and international public speaking platforms to educate society about the Autistic culture and how to bridge connection for healthy interaction-one individual, family, educator, and employer at a time.

Michael Puck

An animal-focused philanthropist, Michael Puck merged his economics education and career in human insights with his lifelong passions for both dogs and photography. That unlikely combination led to the discovery of how photographs of dogs can solve some of our most pressing human challenges. Images of dogs not only break the ice, but they also foster trusting and productive relationships between people in business, medical and academic settings. Michael is the founder of K9Photo and the Global Dog Art Gallery, where he helps businesses leverage the human-canine bond to build better relationships with clients, customers and patients. Proceeds from his nonprofit's dog-photography sales go toward helping homeless pets, with the goal of saving one million dogs by 2030.

Soteria N. Shepperson

Artivist| Entrepreneur | Equity Consultant
Soteria Shepperson, known as “I AM SOTERIA”, is a first generation college graduate of George Mason University. She is a woman of color who identifies as Espresso. She finds herself paving lanes in concrete, identifying as an artivist (art + activist), a culture shifter and sustainer. She challenges stereotypes of colorism, sexism, racism, and stigmas of criminality that she witnessed in her life. She uses spoken word, visual art, music and printed work to engage audiences using her platform to elevate marginalized voices and perspectives through her events. She and her partner co-own Present Day on Main which is a local coffee shop in Carrboro, NC that infuses social justice, equity and hope. Soteria is also the Co-Founder of Grow Your World which is a nonprofit organization that operates a youth-driven community engagement and development program. GYW is grounded in the belief that equity and access benefit everyone.

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