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Theme: Refresh.

This event occurred on
May 14, 2022
Guildford, Surrey
United Kingdom

As the world is coming back to full speed, thousands of new ideas emerge daily with a new and fresh beginning.

Many of us are also desperately trying to rebuild bonds with other people, our work, nature, technology, or simply ourselves. We are all redefining, remaking, and re-achieving the new normal.

So stop.
Take a deep breath.
And refresh with TEDxSurreyUniversity

Enjoy a full day of TEDx talks from the University's lecturers, students, and industry professionals.
Find new friends and connections, immerse in art performances, and grab a bite.

TEDxSurreyUniversity Refresh.

May 14th, 2022 | University Hall

University Hall
University Hall, Stag Hill, University Campus
Guildford, Surrey, GU2 7XH
United Kingdom
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University (What is this?)
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Cel Amade

Best-selling author, speaker and personal development trainer for young adults
In the blink of an eye everything changed. Internships, plans, events and life as we once knew went out the window. These cancellations, changes and postponements left many feeling overwhelmed, rejected and confused. Well, now is the time to press refresh. Time to rethink, re-strategise and redesign our lives. It’s time for us to work on ourselves. On the 14th May, Cel will share how she set herself free of shame, blame, guilt and regret. How she freed up space in her mind to create the life she desired and how we can all do the same - if we dare to press refresh! Cel Amade is a best-selling author, speaker and personal development trainer. She helps young adults build their confidence, improve their communication skills, leverage their strengths and achieve graduate employability.

Darren Tunstall

Award-winning acting teacher at Guildford School of Acting, University of Surrey
Before he became a teacher, Darren Tunstall was an actor for over twenty years. And during that time he discovered a simple truth about acting that changed his career. ‘When an actor walks on a stage,’ he says, ‘the first thing they must do is get the audience to trust them.’ In this talk, he reveals the secret of how they do it, and explains what his collaboration with a psychologist and a human movement scientist tells us about the deep significance of the actor’s secret.

Emily Corrigan-Kavanagh

Principal design researcher leading strategic design research in technology innovation through industry partnerships and end-user engagement
Emily is passionate about exploring and delivering new technologies that support societal wellbeing with a specialism in designing AI for wellbeing. She is currently on a mission to establish “Designing AI for Wellbeing” as a new field to truly put people at the heart of new AI technologies. Designing AI for Wellbeing has the potential to radically change the way we think about and use AI by first exploring and focusing on people’s needs before developing AI technology to create AI experiences that actively support wellbeing. TEDx offered Emily the perfect platform to engage with and raise awareness of this new field with a diverse and international audience, bringing “Designing AI for Wellbeing” closer to reality.

Gregory Schwartz

Environmental geography professor, author, and former professional athlete
Gregory is a professor, author, and former professional athlete. His extensive global travels & research combined with his lifetime in athletics and alternative health have led him to a surprising realization – Healing our bodies and healing the planet require the exact same steps

Ian Pitchford

Curator of Elegant Conversations
Ancient wisdom is often used to create a sense of mysticism about the world. Ian Pitchford was inspired by the Tao Te Ching, a book written over 2500 years ago in central China. This piece of ancient wisdom which when lived rather read, created a profound and lasting impact in his life. Passionate about what Ian had discovered in his journey with the Tao te Ching, TEDx is just such an incredible platform to share what this piece of ancient wisdom had to teach him about happiness and fulfilment.

James Frater

Final Year Medical Student
James Frater FRSA is a multiple award-winning Caribbean medical student, board member and founder who believes that everything is possible - we just need to think creatively about it. After experiencing great loss, inspiration and encouragement - all at once - he decided to live his life as intentionally (or audaciously) as possible. This includes working relentlessly to make access to resources and opportunities more equitable for underserved communities.

Joaquin Prada

Infectious disease modeler
While you might have heard recently about mathematical models used to inform the COVID19 response, there is a long history to these models. But how do they work? Joaquin Prada has been developing mathematical models to inform public health policy for 12 years. He teaches epidemiology at the University of Surrey and leads a research group creating mathematical tools to tackle neglected tropical diseases, particularly those where animals play a key role in transmission. In this through provoking talk, he aims to briefly explain how models work and bring light to these neglected diseases, which affect vulnerable communities worldwide.

Karan Kakkar

Master’s degree Student in Environmental Strategy at the University of Surrey
Karan is a former Medical Device Scientist who decided to leave his profession to focus on helping our planet become more sustainable. Karan is a huge fan of technology and is typically his family and friends first point of contact for any tech-based queries. However, he noticed our consumption of technology combined with a throwaway culture was putting an increasing amount of pressure on our planets fragile climate by causing increased greenhouse gas emissions and by producing more waste across the world. So, he decided to focus his efforts on changing this and help the world combat climate change by supporting and advocating the right to repair movement. Karan has always dreamt of being on the Ted stage; to share his ideas and he looks forward to sharing his vision in how we can make the world a more sustainable place for us and future generations.

Mike Buonaiuto

Founder of a social impact comms agency Shape History in 2015. He's a philanthropic business leader, senior advisor, and investor.
Quitting has reached a 20-year high. Wave after wave of crisis has meant it's never been harder for young people to reach financial, physical, and emotional security. The result is a generation voting with their feet - leaving companies that contribute to these issues and joining new companies that solve them. Mike's TEDx Talk asks us to beat the resignation crisis by redefining quitting, setting out a clear route for businesses to take a more human approach, and encouraging founders to lean into their responsibility to fix our era's most crucial issues.

Nina Concepcion

CEO, Coach, Mentor, Trainer, Author & Speaker at the Institute of Conscious Sales
Nina Concepcion, is a Sales Coach, Trainer, Speaker, Author & CEO at the Institute of Conscious Sales, where she has supported coaches and entrepreneurs in 12 different countries in building their business from 0 to multi 6 figures. She has over a decade of experience in sales including 2 successful years in real estate at the age of 23 and building her own business to its first 6 figures by the age of 31. By combining the topic of vulnerability and also what she calls “Conscious Sales”, Nina brings to light her perspective of how to make sales meaningfully. It truly is an honour for her to share her life long message and story in such a concise way, to such a global audience, to people who also care about making the world a better place.

Sabine Benoit

Professor of Marketing at the University of Surrey, the Australian National University and a pioneer in sharing economy research
Born and educated in Germany, Sabine Benoit is now a Professor of Marketing at the University of Surrey, UK and Australian National University, (ANU), Australia. She is a highly regarded and cited pioneer in the field of the sharing economy. She started researching consumer behaviour in the sharing economy before Airbnb and Uber were founded and later disrupted various sectors. In this TEDx talk she shares her expertise, gives us an idea of which sectors might be the next to be disrupted, what is currently wrong with the sharing economy and what we need to do going forward so that it can contribute to saving the world.

Sarah Chapman

Technical Manager and STEM Enthusiast
Sarah initially trained in ballet until injury and an inspirational chemistry teacher resulted in a total change of direction towards a rewarding career in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths). In her talk, Sarah shares three ways that everyone can inspire the next generation of scientists and engineers; she hopes more people will see STEM as something they can personally relate to.

Tracy Xu

Senior Lecturer at University of Surrey
Tracy Xu is a mom, wife, researcher and educator. Her research focuses on employees’ emotions, motivation, and relationships at work, and she is especially passionate about supporting working mothers. She is delivering a TEDx talk to discuss her own positive motherhood experiences, and her research on the bright side of motherhood.

William Laven

Senior Operations Executive at Publicis Media & Founder of Stammer Stories - The Podcast
William Laven, 23, has devoted his life to campaigning and educating on the topic of stammering. Having a stammer from a young age equipped Will with a deep eagerness to encourage others not to let the condition hold them back. He is mobilised and impassioned to raise awareness about the impediment across the globe. In partnership with Action for Stammering Children, Will is a Stambassador who will not be put in a

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