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Theme: The Achilles’ Heel

This event occurred on
January 23, 2022
Tokyo, Tôkyô

Taken from Homer’s Iliad, Achilles, a demigod and the greatest warrior of the Achaeans was famed for his power in battle. Yet he had one fatal flaw: his heel. Despite his combat prowess, the bravest of the Achaeans was killed by the most cowardly Trojan. His heel was pierced by a poison arrow, from Prince Paris. Today Achilles’ Heel is understood as a glaring weakness or a fatal flaw to be shunned. However, what if that flaw could be changed for the better?

Every individual possesses weaknesses that can be overcome. On a larger scale, there are societal issues that can not only be remedied, but utilized as an opportunity for growth. This year, speakers will share ways to overcome problems through both of these “micro” and “macro” viewpoints. Stay tuned for the sharing of unique experiences and unique perspectives, and as per the TED motto: ideas worth sharing.

WeWork Nogizaka
1-24-3, Minami Aoyama Minato-ku
Tokyo, Tôkyô, 107-0062
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Youth (What is this?)
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Brenna James

High School Student
Changing the Tear of Regret to Happy Tears 悔し涙を嬉し涙に変え、気づいた事: Experiencing a tough start in her High School life, Brenna talks about the struggles she dealt with through sports. Along with that, she realizes the importance of mental health and the connections between them. 高校生活で厳しいスタートを切ったブレナは、スポーツを通して様々な苦労を乗り越えた。それとともに、メンタルヘルスとスポーツとのつながりを認識し、その重要性を訴える。

Esther Chong

High School Student
How Reading is More Than a Flip of a Page: Have you ever struggled at keeping up with your reading goals? From her journey of overcoming Japanese books, Esther Chong shares the purpose of reading, and how you can become a habitual reader.

Hans Amemiya

High School Student
An Uncreative Outlook on Creativity: Hans Amemiya wishes to change people’s outlook on creativity by encouraging them to take inspiration from others' works.

Kanak Arjunwadka

High School Student
Narcissism: a Tool for Growth: Narcissism is conventionally thought of as a fatal flaw. Kanak Arjunwadkar challenges this idea, and discusses narcissism as a tool for growth.

Ryne Hisada

High School Student
How to Save the World (Using Perspective): Perspective defines our relationships to ourselves, others, and the communities around us. But how could we use perspective to learn from others? Ryne Hisada poses two principles to bridge disparate divides.

Salma Bhar

High School Student
What a Rubik's Cube can Teach us About Global Issues: Salma, a Tunisian international student in Japan uses her experience with solving the Rubik's Cube and relates it to solving global issues.

Tyler Hashimoto

High School Student
How Theater Changed my Life: From an introverted boy to someone who lives to stand up on the stage, Tyler Hashimoto, a highschool student, tells his story of how he overcame his fear of talking to people.

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