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Theme: Fear Less

This event occurred on
October 23, 2022
Frankfurt am Main, Hessen

What are you afraid of?

At some point in our lives, we all have experienced fear. Fear of failure, loss, change, uncertainty and rejection. Fear is a human instinct, but embracing fear is a super human ability. Too many of us are not living our dreams because we are living our fears.

Imagine how the world would look if we all took a step back from the captivating fear nets and wandered with courage.

In order to fear less, we need to trust ourselves and dare to step out of our comfort zone. Do you want it to hold you back from the things you want and pursue in life or do you want it to motivate you to reevaluate your fears and overcome them? You decide!

What are you actually afraid of? What do you want to have more of in your life?

Frankfurt Airport Marriott Hotel
Terminal 1, Airport, Hugo-Eckener-Ring 15
Frankfurt am Main, Hessen, 60549
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Brigitta Hoeferle

CEO Center of NLP & Founder of The Success Patterns Show
Brigitta is an accomplished corporate trainer, keynote speaker, and business leader. She is proficient in questioning the status quo and teaching effective communication skills. In 2004, she made the bold move of relocating her family to a small town in the United States in order to start a Montessori school. Despite the challenges of being a young mother at the time, Brigitta was successfully growing her businesses rapidly and expand continuously. Her passion for speaking & coaching and her dedication to excellence earned her a spot on the board of directors of the International Coaching Federation (ICF), while continuing to grow her Communication Training Firm. In addition to all her knowledge, strategies and processes Brigitta is know for her creativity, compassion and passion.

Erica Burett

Consultant and Founder of The Career Lounge
Erica Burett came to Germany 10 years ago to work as an Au Pair. A country she didn't know anybody and barely spoke the language. She financed her studies with cleaning jobs, and the first time she heard the word "Werkstudent" was from fellow students at the university. Without any connections, she worked her way up, bit by bit. Her first career breakthrough was at an investment bank, and today she works as a consultant at one of the world's largest consulting firms. Driven by the hardships she went through finding a job after university, she founded the first mentoring platform that helps international students and graduates in Germany successfully transition into the workplace, which has seen tremendous growth. Her story has been featured in podcasts and newspapers, and she attributes her professional success to a single mindset: Fearlessness.

Eva Klein

Mental & Success Coach
Eva started her self discovering journey when she found herself in an unhappy relationship. She was exhausted from the artificial complexity her issue was turned into in therapy. Since then, her mission has been to make coaching as effective, rapid & supportive as possible. She invented her very own Intentional Revolution Technique & is specialized in exclusive coachings where inner belief saboteurs & habitual blocks are sustainably released. After 13 years as a family consultant, leadership coach & hypnotherapy specialist, Eva today is focused on coaching women in their business & private lives. Women who want it all & are ready to make big moves. She is a published book author, the owner of patented coaching tools and works as a university lecturer & keynote speaker. Her international clientele ranges from politicians to high performers & entrepreneurs. As a former leader in a Dax Company, she has traveled the world & feels most at home in LA & NYC after her beloved city of Berlin.

Jako Bär

BÄR is an adventurer from head to toe. Growing up in Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Thailand, he moves to his home country of Germany to pursue studies and a career as an independent artist. His story is as layered and colorful as his music. For BÄR, every album is a chance for a new adventure. His latest one is titled 'MAGIC TEA', combining 8 timeless artpop tunes with a color-changing herbal tea for a one-of-a-kind multi-sensory experience. Written in the midst of a global pandemic and recorded on cassette tape, BÄR’s music is felt deeply and delivered with artistic integrity. In an age of music defined by algorithms, BÄR gifts his audience with something refreshingly human and heartfelt. He is a songwriter, performer, producer and entrepreneur, educator, caregiver and father of two.

Louisa Laos

Louisa Laos is making her debut on the TEDx stage! Louisa is a German singer/songwriter with Laotian roots who’s been writing and performing songs since the age of 10. With a repertoire from old school RnB and soul to modern RnB, pop music, neo-soul, Louisa is passionate about combining the art of music with the art of cinematography. She has starred in, directed and edited her own music videos to fully bring her stories to life.

Lunia Hara

Director Project Management
Lunia Hara is an expert in empathic leadership and an important source of inspiration for the topics of modern Leadership, Diversity and Culture Change With the appeal to reflect on one's own experiences, values and views, she inspires leaders to be more open and more compassionate on the job to achieve holistic business success. As Director of Project Management at diconium, she leads a diverse team herself. Lunia Hara writes regularly - including as a columnist for Der Spiegel - and also shares practical experience as a speaker on various panels and events. In 2022, she was awarded as LinkedIn TopVoice.

Mathieu Renard

PhD Student in Behavioral Neuroscience
Mathieu is a pluricultural researcher, artist and content creator from planet Earth. During his free time, Mathieu creates educational content on his Youtube channel, as Dr. NEMO. In this virtual lab, he mixes his love for science with animation and music, all together for an explosive cocktail of fun. His favourite topic are cephalopods, a group which includes octopuses, cuttlefish and squids. Interestingly, these animals do not only possess what might be the most alien-like intelligence known on Earth, they are also masters of camouflage. Both those characteristics go hand in hand and are at the core of Mathieu's current PhD project at the Max Planck Institute for Brain Research: the development of the camouflage control system of cephalopods. Videos: Keishu Asada and Sylvia Medeiros

Pamela Spitz

Photo Journalist/ Photo Editor
She was born in 1975, made her first trip across the Atlantic when she was two months old and left Munich shortly afterwards to live with her mother and sister in Ecuador traveling all around the country for five years. She spent her youth with her family on the smallest of the four Balearic islands called Formentera with no running water nor electricity in a well-functioning community of hippies and drop-outs until 1990. In 2016, she was diagnosed with the incurable and degenerative disease Morbus Parkinson. Soon after, she founded the blog "Wanderlust with P", which was initially intended only for friends and family, but soon found favour with a wider audience. The blog reports on her travels and her dealings with Parkinson's disease and has become the cornerstone of the book released in 2021 about her travels with Mr P, her so called boyfriend who will never ever leave her.

Sabela García Cuesta

Full time artist
Sabela believes in magic and wants to help you believe in it too! She's a multidisciplinary artist who uses art as a tool to bring people together to unlock their inner child and connect with their own creative potential. With her very diverse art projects she invites us all to co-create, connect and sharpen up our intuition. Sabela loves to work in the intersection of art, impact, entrepreneurship, and community and she's passionate about promoting mental health through her art . Each piece of Sabela's artwork is meant to be unique because it is inspired by the process and not the final outcome. She believes that the world around us is so much more than what we can perceive with our five basic senses. Sabela is a spiritual explorer and a dreamer who lives life under her motto: feel more, think less.

Ted Harrington

Executive Partner at Independent Security Evaluators
Ted Harrington is the #1 best selling author of HACKABLE: How to Do Application Security Right, and the Executive Partner at Independent Security Evaluators (ISE), the company of ethical hackers famous for hacking cars, medical devices, web applications, and password managers. He’s helped hundreds of companies fix tens of thousands of security vulnerabilities, including Google, Amazon, and Netflix. Ted has been featured in more than 100 media outlets, including The Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, and Forbes. His team founded and organizes IoT Village, an event whose hacking contest is a four-time DEF CON Black Badge winner. He hosts the Tech Done Different podcast.

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Frankfurt am Main, Germany


Frankfurt am Main, Germany