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Theme: What Now?

This event occurred on
June 25, 2022
Dar es Salaam, Dar es Salaam

TedxYouth@SeaViewRd aims to target a younger demographic. A demographic that prepares for change; in technology, mindsets and views to prepare for what is to come. Our goal is to raise questions and plans to accommodate for what the future has in store through the sparking of conversations and connections within ourselves.

Join us on the 25th of June, 2022 from 12.30 pm to 6 pm for a day filled with amazing speakers, talented entertainment and thoughtful discussions. We will have 9 speakers and 2 performers alongside some games and discussion groups. Light lunch will be served alongside refreshments throughout the event.

The question "What Now?" to is special us. It signifies the uncertainty of the future, the vast possibilities we may face and the ways in which we can achieve success; from within ourselves to a global scale. We don't know what lies ahead, but we strive for a promising future. We, the youth, need to sit down, reflect and actively plan the best way forward. Hence, asking ourselves the question . . . "What Now?"

Amverton Office Park
Lugalo St
3rd Floor
Dar es Salaam, Dar es Salaam, 000000
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Youth (What is this?)
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Abbasaley Abbas

Medical Student
Abbasaley is a medical student in his final year. He's is someone who likes to analyse things, particularly everyday life and political events. He always looks to add to his knowledge in order to look for solutions for improving our existing systems & processes. In his TED talk, Abbasaley highlights the rise of intolerance, especially with social media and internet: how and why should we be “Tolerant”? Abbasaley also hopes to offer an extension of the definition of tolerance.

Ejaz Bhalloo

Author / CEO
Ejaz is an author of 5 books, a tutor, a motivational speaker & the CEO of EBI amongst many other things. He is an avid reader, passionate cricketer and loves watching films. Ejaz does not shy away from giving his opinions, regardless of how polarizing they may be. In his TEDx Talk, Ejaz aspires to articulate why public speaking is pertinent in today's world and ways in which one could refine his/her public speaking abilities.

Ernest Lyatto

Music Artist / Social Activist
Ernest has been a musician and social activist for the past 5 years. Using the name Leone, Ernest has made it his life’s long mission to educate people on mental health issues that people are going through in the form of music therapy. He represents his home country, Tanzania, by participating in multiple programmes like the Ace Investment Lounge, The Mic Africa, international seminars with Betterhood Foundation, Teen Talks with Abby Chams, and more. In his TED Talk, Ernest addresses the silent epidemic of what he calls “Generational Curses”. He aims to convey a message about the limitations and experiences the youth face due to generational differences.

Farhan Yusuf

Farhan Yusuf is a health professional and advocate having a strong interest in other areas such as youth empowerment and education. He is a keen supporter of the Sustainable Development Goals and believes in the power of partnerships and mentoring in making a difference. He enjoys traveling, meeting new people, taking photographs and sharing his ideas with others. Through his TEDx talk, Farhan aims to present a different way of thinking for Career counselling and guidance - a topic of relevance to all.

Khadija Hamza

University Student
Khadija is a first year student at the University of Dar es Salaam, pursuing a degree in Marketing. She is an accomplished debater & public speaker having participated in numerous competitions and has spoken at a variety of events. To top it all off, she is also an aspiring writer. The world has become an even more complicated place during this time. There are a lot of grey areas that need to be addressed. In her TED Talk, Khadija attempts to offer solutions to navigate these areas, using her experience as a writer, as a guide.

Mohsin Mohammedali

Operations Manager
Mohsin, by profession, is an Operations Manager. His interests are indefinite, however, the things he enjoys range from reading comics, enjoying different art forms, asking questions, writing and reading. He is also interested in astrophysics, graphic design, fashion, energy, engineering and technology. In his TED Talk, Mohsin will talk about his most life-changing experience and the most important questions he's had to ask himself. After meeting a variety of people and trying to find solutions to make their lives better, Mohsin believes that solutions to challenges aren't always supposed to be complex. He hopes to induce a positive change for the people around him.

Prisha Asher

Dr. Prisha Asher Medical Director of Healthy Home, always set eyes for the root-cause that troubles most patients psychologically - who couldn't voice their concerns otherwise. She has a history of being a chairperson of blood transfusion committee, marketing In charge, and co-ordinator of various international medical camps,The journey of highlighting these buried voices started after her presentation on FGM in Australia. With interests in travel and photographer, Dr. Prisha shares a permanent prescription for all her patients - a contagious smile and laughter, four times a day, for one year. Her aim, through her TED talk, is to raise awareness on domestic violence.

Ridhwan Mohamed Ally

Ridhwan Mohamed Ally is is a recent high school graduate who plans to further his studies by pursuing his love and interest for medicine. He mainly enjoys playing basketball, and reading novels in his free-time. He has a four-year experience in debating, and is currently a member of the Tanzanian National Debate Team. In his TED Talk, Ridhwan plans to talk about a topic that he believes changed his life: how studying the mind, attitude and behavior of a professional athlete, and adopting some aspects of it for yourself, makes you become a better human being. Ridhwan believes he can convince the audience that they are capable of much more than they actually believe & that anything is possible with the proper mindset and mentality.

Shamim Wasii Nyanda

Environmental Activist
Shamim is an environmental activist, humanitarian & educationist working in different conservation initiatives. She is the Founder/CEO of Trees for Birthdays in Tanzania & Scotland, as well as the Doors of Hope Foundation. She works with various organisations internationally in her fight for environmental conservation. In her TED talk, Shamim will share her belief that being a member of such initiatives gives her the will to understand injustice within environmental issues and that it requires all kinds of approaches towards societal change.

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Dar es Salaam, Tanzania