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Theme: Hiatos

This event occurred on
August 27, 2022
Blumenau, Santa Catarina

De um instante para o outro, paramos. O barulho virou silêncio, a correria se tornou pausa, o horizonte se limitou às paredes. O vazio repentino nos colocou em compasso de espera pelo desconhecido.

Em 2022, sentimos que é nosso papel trazer à tona as ideias que ocuparam a lacuna criada em nossas vidas.

Vamos entender o que foi capaz de nos emocionar mesmo sós, refletir mesmo exaustos, enxergar o futuro mesmo com dificuldade de compreender o presente. Vamos valorizar quem foi capaz de nos devolver a perspectiva.

O TEDxBlumenau 2022 é sobre Hiatos. É sobre as ideias que preencheram o vazio dos últimos 2 anos mas, acima disso, é sobre mostrar e celebrar o que acontece quando espaços são preenchidos.

Backstage Ahoy
R. São Paulo, 2093
Blumenau, Santa Catarina, 89030-000
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Ane Freitas

Ane Freitas, 36 years old, raised on the suburbs of São Paulo is a comedian who takes to the stage with a lot of humor what it means to be a woman from the suburbs (which, by the way, is not easy). She started in standup comedy in 2013 and for these long 9 years she has been perfecting her profession, telling jokes on stages of theaters and bars across the country. She is also a screenwriter and actress. Ane spent 2 years working as a commentator with hes comedy group Clube de Mulheres. She is currently working with series scripts and TV pictures, and also as an actress. Ane is also a cinephile and thus works as a film critic on the Vitamina Nerd website.

Beatriz Guarezi

Brand Manager
Beatriz Guarezi is a brand manager, content creator, teacher and speaker. Inhabits the universe of brands since 2013, through strategy, research, content and lectures. In 2018, she created the weekly Bits to Brands newsletter, where she creates content on branding, technology and behavior, maps trends and strengthens a community of more than 20,000 professionals.

Beto Parro

Beto Parro and Rafa Moritz are Psychologists and Mentalists. They transitioned from their careers as a business consultant and kindergarten teacher, respectively, to specialize in creating interactive experiences that play with people's minds and brains. In addition to being passionate about the mysteries of human behavior, Beto and Rafa are Mentalists, that is, specialists in creating illusions of the mind!

Cris Guterres

TV Host & Journalist
Journalist, presenter, entrepreneur and writer. Every Friday at 10 pm presenting Estação Livre on TV Cultura, the winning program of the 2021 Women's Press Trophy. Columnist at Universal, Uol's women's content platform. In 2018, she founded Meteora Podcast alongside Renata Hilario and was considered among the most relevant content creators of 2019 by Youpix and in 2020 by Forbes.

Daniela Dalmolin Feldens

Branding and Communications Professional
Dani Dalmolin Feldens works with communication and branding for the textile industry. She planned every stage of her life, including the moment when she would become a mother. That's when she discovered what many women feel, but still don't express publicly: the difficulty of getting pregnant. In a diary, she recounted her journey in search of pregnancy. It became the book "Enquanto Você Não Vem".

Felipe Silva

Co-fundador na GANA
Felipe Silva is married to Yhannath and Murilo's father. He has 15 years of experience as a copywriter and creative director, being recognized in awards such as Cannes Lions, Effie Awards, El Ojo, among others. He was part of award juries such as Andy Awards, One Show, Ciclope Awards, Cannes Lions, Effie Awards. In 2021, he was awarded "Creative Director of the Year" in a survey conducted with more than 100 market leaders and was nominated as one of the three finalists for the Caboré Award in the 'Creative Professional of the Year' category. He is the co-founder of GANA, an advertising agency with a 100% black team. He is also the founder of "Escola Rua", a creativity school aimed at young people from the periphery of Brazil.

Giselle Chirolli

Parasports Enthusiast
Graduated in Physical Education, working in the area of inclusion, Giselle Margot Chirolli has nearly 20 years of experience managing Parasport programs in Blumenau and Florianópolis. Creator and former director of the public policy program of Parasports of Blumenau, founder of APESBLU, she was National Director at the National Secretariat of Parasports of the Ministry of Citizenship 2021/2022, and conceived several projects aimed at people with disabilities, reaching several area of society, for example, bringing innovation with the project of inclusion in the job market, among others.

Jailson Cordeiro

Cultural Heritage Coordinator
He discovered the world of culture and art shortly before graduating in History. From there, he became a ballroom dance lover, artist and cultural producer. He specialized in Cultural Management and started working on cultural projects for various artists and cultural institutions. After more than 5 years teaching cultural knowledge to teenagers, he currently works at the Cultural Heritage Coordination. Today, he still enjoys good samba and is also director of the OPAH - Observatory of Architectural and Historical Cultural Heritage and Cultural Manager of ABCD - Brazilian Association of Culture and Sports. Creator of his greatest pride, the Biblioteca de Muro project.

Midria Pereira

Poet and Social Scientist
Midria is a poet, slammer, social scientist graduated from the University of São Paulo, researcher, poetic daughter of Sarau do Vale and slammaster of Slam USPerifa. Actively present in the slams scene (spoken poetry competitions) since 2018, in the same year she went viral with her poetry "A Menina que Nasceu sem Cor" recited on the program "Manos e Minas" on TV Cultura, reaching millions of people on the networks. . In 2020 she released her first two books, "A Menina que Nasceu sem Cor" with poems from her first years of participation in slams and a children's adaptation of the same name by Editora Jandaíra, and in 2021 she integrated the collection of short stories "Carolinas" organized by FLUP, being one of the new faces of Brazilian black and female literature.

Pedro Conti

Director & 3D Artist
Self-taught, born and raised in São Paulo, Pedro Conti has a long career in the international animation industry working as a director, producer, designer and 3D artist. He has worked with several of the biggest animation studios and projects in the world like Moana from Walt Disney Animation, projects for Netflix, Disney+, Dreamworks, Paramount, Guerrilla Games and collaborated with artists like Katy Perry, Gorillaz and Racionais Mc's. Pedro also had the opportunity to speak and share his journey at various events and universities around the world such as the Gnomon School of visual arts, Los Angeles Film School, Trojan Horse was a Unicorn in Malta, among others. The stories he tells through his directorial work are told with a big heart and often explore topics we can all relate to through the struggles of daily life.

Rafa Moritz

Beto Parro and Rafa Moritz are Psychologists and Mentalists. They transitioned from their careers as a business consultant and kindergarten teacher, respectively, to specialize in creating interactive experiences that play with people's minds and brains. In addition to being passionate about the mysteries of human behavior, Beto and Rafa are Mentalists, that is, specialists in creating illusions of the mind!

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