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This event occurred on
December 26, 2021
İstanbul, İstanbul

TEDxYildizTechnicalUniversity event will be with you this year with the “REBORN” theme. This theme enlivens the formation of a new perspective in our minds, the lessons learned from the experiences, and the events that enable a clean slate to be opened. With our theme, which means "to be born again", our speakers will share their experiences, successes, failures, moments they thought they lost, and the inspirations that caused them to rise from the ashes when they did not give up and realized what their true passion was.

Yildiz Technical University Auditorium
Yildiz Mah Barbaros Bulvarı Besiktas
İstanbul, İstanbul, 34349
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University (What is this?)
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Bahar Akıncı

Traveler, Text Writer, Podcaster
She studied at the Dramatic Writing Department of the Faculty of Fine Arts at 9 Eylül University, which accepts students with an aptitude test. She worked every job she could find from her first year of college. She caught her first crisis in 2007, she bought a one-way ticket to his friend living in NYC. She wrote articles and took photos for the Turkey edition of Travel & Leisure, which is considered the most important travel magazine in the world. She left his freelance copywriting career in 2012. In 2014, she designed Turkey's first big digital city branding project. She lost his family in 2015 and moved to Istanbul overnight and started everything from scratch. When she got off the plane, she went to his first job interview with an e-mail sent to his mailbox and started to work as the editor of Condenast Travel Turkey magazine a day later. Since March 2021, she has been preparing a page called "Yolda" in Gazete Oxygen and writing the success stories of women who never give up.

Beyti Engin

Actor, Voice Actor
During his secondary and high school years, he actively engaged in theatre and radio programming and played amateur plays in the theatre he founded with his friends. In 1999, he moved to Istanbul and in 2000, he graduated from the Theater Department of Mimar Sinan University State Conservatory. His professional acting and voice-over career started in 2004 and still continues. He started to work as an acting instructor at Müjdat Gezen Art Center in 2005. He founded his own acting school "Pozitif Atölye" with Psychologist Filiz Kaya in 2015.While continuing his education career as an instructor, he also has been working with psychologist Filiz Kaya on the method which they call Character Design since 2006. Also, they organize workshops and seminars on this method in different countries around the world. To collect the acting archive of Turkey under the roof of Pozitif Atölye, he hosts a program "Bence Oyunculuk" which is broadcasted on YouTube.

Buğçe Kondakçı

Influencer, Vlogger

Cihan Alpgiray

Fashion Photographer
He was born in 1986 in Istanbul. He graduated from Yıldız Technical University Photography and Video Department. He works with many brands as a fashion photographer. The biggest inspiration is the art of cinema.

Deniz Süha Küçükaksu

Who graduated from Istanbul Faculty of Medicine in 1987 with honors, wrote her thesis on “The Effects of Prostacyclin on the Interaction of Heparin-Protamine in the Open Heart”.In 1993 at St.Vincent Hospital / St.Emanuel Hospital, Portland, Oregon, USA; In 1994 at Broussais University Hospital, Paris, France , he worked as an observer doctor in the Department of Cardiovascular Surgery. He undertook the structure of the Cardiovascular Surgery Clinic of Anakara Private MESA Hospital in 2004-2005. Between 2005 and 2010, he was the founder of Yeditepe University Faculty of Medicine, Department of Cardiovascular Surgery, Heart Transplantation & MCSS Program, and the head and director of the Department.He was the Deputy Dean of Bahçeşehir University Faculty of Medicine in 2015, and since 2018 he is the creator and director of the Istanbul Baskent University Hospital Heart Transplant Center (Heart Transplant & MCSS Program).

Ergin Ataman

Anadolu Efes Basketball Team Head Coach
He started to work as the team captain in Eczacıbaşı, where he won eight Turkish League championships between 1975 and 1989, when the club president and general manager told him that they thought he would be a better coach than the player one day. Ergin Ataman has coached five different EuroLeague teams this century, split between the two countries. He is known as the "Coach of Firsts" for being the first Turkish coach to play the Final Four with both a Turkish and a foreign team and the only Turkish coach to win the European Cup with a foreign team. In addition, Ataman is the only Turkish coach to win the EuroCup and EuroChallenge. Anadolu Efes's current team, while confidently walking towards the championship in the 2019-2020 season, stood up again after the canceled season and became the champion in the Euroleague. With the great victory, Ergin Ataman, who had many important firsts in Turkish basketball, became the first Turkish coach to win the Euroleague trophy.

Esen Girit Tümer

She completed her undergraduate education in Linguistics at Istanbul University and her MBA in Business Management at the University of California (USA).She has more than 25 years of work experience in senior management and leadership roles in high-tech companies such as Microsoft, Johnson & Johnson, Tyco & Covidien, Philips Healthcare Royal Philips, Medtronic in the USA, Turkey and the Middle East. As of 2020, she is the founding CEO of Essential Evolutions operating in the field of Artificial Intelligence, established in Turkey and the USA, and InfiniTech in the field of BioScience. She is the Founding President of YZTD (Artificial Intelligence and Technology Association) in Turkey, affiliated to the Global AAAI Association.She has been named among the 50 most successful female leaders in all industries across the country by Forbes and Economist Magazines, and has also been named the #1 Most Powerful Female CEO in the Healthcare Industry for years in a row.

Oğul Türkkan

Food, Wine & Spirit Expert
He graduated from Department of Mechanical Engineering at Middle East Technical University. He always wanted to pursue the things he enjoyed in his life, made a radical decision after his military service and left engineering. In 1996, he focused on his biggest passion, the food & beverage business. He completed the "Wine and Spirit Education Trust" Advanced Course in England, the "Beer Academy" Advanced Course in London, and then the "Le Cordon Bleu" in France and the Taste, Gastronomy and Table Arts Department of Reims University. Oğul Türkkan, who wrote his master's thesis on the journey of wine in Anatolia, still continues to add to his knowledge today.He shares his knowledge with professionals and enthusiasts of the subject by giving trainings on many platforms, organizing tastings, providing consultancy, writing columns in newspapers and magazines. He, underlines that he is happy to tell people about the things he enjoys in life and awaken a spark of curiosity in their eyes.

Özden Ağra

Following her education at Yıldız Technical University, she pursued her masters in business at Istanbul University followed by the Mechanical Engineering Heat Proces program at Yıldız Technical University. Ağra started her academic career at the age of 35 - coming to show that it’s never to late to take ownership of your life. Today, she is a Profesor and the Head of Alumni Office at Yıldız Technical University. She is an advocate supporter of all her students, with her key saying in life being: “Be a producer, not a consumer”. To this date, Agra and her students have many national and international achievements.

Organizing team

  • Anıl Mutlu
  • Bengü Çakır
  • Elif Nazlı Arıkan
  • Hülya Güzelşen
  • Sıla Nursu Yücel
  • Zeynep Su Urkan