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Theme: IMPACT - Women Leadership for inclusive Climate Action

This event occurred on
December 15, 2021
10:00am - 11:45am EST
(UTC -5hrs)
Plattsburgh, New York
United States

TEDx Plattsburgh 2.0 Virtual Countdown Event

IMPACT - Women Leadership for inclusive Climate Action

How did the common story of Climate and Gender Equality begin? Have you ever thought?

Yes, they have a common story going back to BC. We will better understand why both Climate Change and Gender Inequality are human-made crises.

Human-made crises need human-made solutions including all pillars of human skills – cognitive, affective, physical and … social-. And that is what we are missing when it comes to Persistent Action for Sustainability Goals: Bottom-Up Multifaceted Approach.

Women Leadership has a unique advantage in bringing this Approach to life as women leaders have been shown by research that they are more empathetic, socially responsible, and transformative.

However, Women also have unique disadvantages as represented by the 30:80:39
 30% of leaders globally are women
 80% of people displaced by climate change are women
 39% of the global labour force is represented by women
Even though 51% of the Earth’s population is made by women and girls.

On the other side of the coin:
• across 130 countries, women in government positions were more likely to sign on to international treaties to reduce global warming than men.
• women adopt innovative and preventative measures at a faster rate than men
• where women have higher social and political status, their countries have 12% lower CO2 emissions

Those success stories are mostly due to unique women leadership characteristics. Does it mean we should neglect male leaders? Women and men leadership are alike Yin and Yang and they are complete each other for ONENESS. We cannot have a greener, healthier, fairer, and sustainable world where there is a gap between genders in terms of leadership.

At this event, we will discuss in-depth,
 Where are we at and what is the Threat waiting for Women Leadership for Sustainability
 What should we do so that Female Leaders will rise?
 Which trap shouldn’t we fall into?
 Myths we need to change NOW!

It is time to RISE from the GOLDEN MINE of HUMANITY in the old days (BC) when women, men, and nature were perceived and respected as ONE. We need to be the `ONE` to become `ONE`. Are you ready? Then Join Us!

Co-Hosts:- Dr Ayse Basak Cinar Lowe, Award Winner Coach 4 Leadership and Wellbeing/ Speaker/Sustainability, and- Stephane Bilodeau, Eng., PhD, FEC, Chairman of Smart Phases Inc. and co-founder of the International SMEs Forum 4 SDG Acceleration.

Accompanied by an awesome set of international panellists for the exchanges and discussions.

- Divya Singhal, Chairperson - Centre For Social Sensitivity and Action (CSSA) and Professor at Goa Institute of Management, India

- Jess Gosling, Innovation Strategy @ UK Gov I 100 Future Leaders 21' I PhD in Soft Power I Culture, tech & innovation nerd I XWH Neurodiversity Network Co-Chair, United Kingdom

- Meral Guzel, Partnerships Manager, Women’s Entrepreneurship Accelerator at UN Women, New York, USA

- Renahan Gil, Corporate and Public Affairs; ESG; Sustainable Development; Public Policies Greater São Paulo Area, Brazil

- Roshan Kindred, Chief Diversity Officer at PagerDuty, California, USA

- Selin Ozunaldim, Girl Up, United Nations Foundation, and National Gender Youth Activist, Turkey

Smart Phases
213, Connecticut Avenue
Plattsburgh, New York, 12903
United States
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Ayse Basak Cinar Lowe

Award Winner Coach 4 Leadership and Wellbeing/Speaker/Sustainability
Dr. Cinar is an internationally accredited health coach (EQA Awarded, the European Mentoring and Coaching Council), a senior trainer, and researcher (DDS, MBA, PhD, DSci). Dr. Cinar pioneers in the field of evidence-based coaching and leadership to have a profound impact on the way the world does business for positive transformation locally and globally via building strategic alliances with stakeholders such as Universities, Business Partners, NGOs, Research Institutions and the Governmental Departments. Dr Cinar is the winner of the European Mentoring and Coaching Council International Coaching Award (2016), 100 Best Global Coaching Leaders Award, 50 Outstanding Women in Healthcare Management–2016 for promoting positive change and well-being in society through an international coaching project via building the bridges between diverse stakeholders. She currently works as a consultant coach at the University of Dundee to design, deliver & measure coaching projects, underpinned by SDGs.

Stephane Bilodeau

Founder and Chairman
Dr Stephane Bilodeau is an entrepreneur in Cleantech, Engineer, PhD in Energy & Advanced Thermodynamics, a frontrunner, his main objectives are related to the deployment of renewables, Artificial Intelligence, Energy storage and other clean technologies for Sustainability, Indoor Air Quality, Health as well as the development of teams, SMEs and the engineering profession in a sustainable way, being part of the solution to Climate Change Challenges. He is an active member of Engineers Associations in Canada, Chairman of the Scholarships and Awards Committee of FOIQ (OIQ Foundation) and he has founded and led 2 Cleantech Companies. In the last 20 years, he has worked extensively for Resilience, Wellbeing and Sustainable Development matters. He is the Founder and Chief Technology Officer, of, Fellow of Engineers Canada and expert contributor to Energy Central and #TowardsDataScience and #TheStartup via Medium, and to the World Health Network and the Covid Action Group.

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