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Theme: Climate Change

This event occurred on
December 2, 2021
1:00pm - 4:00pm PKT
(UTC +5hrs)
Lahore, Punjab

Countdown is an initiative of TED to combat climate change. Countdown is a worldwide drive to promote and enable solutions to the climate crisis; it is an attempt to turn this blue planet into a safer place to live. Climate change is an immediate reality and a global concern for survival of billions of living organisms. TEDxLCWU Countdown focuses on seeking solutions to climate issues in five fundamental, interconnected areas: energy, transport, materials, food, and nature. Let’s gather to save our planet; let’s become climate activists.

Lahore College for Women University
Lahore College for Women University
Jail Road
Lahore, Punjab, 54000
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Countdown (What is this?)
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Ahmad Kazi

Entrepreneur. Dreamer. Innovator.
Ahmad is a self-driven entrepreneur, who endorses the idea of environment-friendly, sustainable, and organic living. He believes in creating an impact by products and services that contribute to a healthier lifestyle. He regards gratitude as the right attitude and has firm faith that an abundance of resources can benefit living beings, but we must all play our part. His talk highlights that cattle farming is the number one source of greenhouse gas emissions and is harming the planet. Ahmad has proposed ostrich farming as a way forward in a future where resources are severely depleting.

Aisha Aziz

Architect, Interior Designer, and Innovative Planner
Aisha Aziz is a professional architect, based in Lahore. She has been working in the field of architecture, planning, and interior design for the past 20 years. Her fields of interest are sustainability in architecture, urban spaces, and smart cities. She is a faculty member at the Department of Architecture in Lahore College for Women University. She highlights the importance of reverting to our architectural roots and employing passive design techniques. Her talk emphasizes the features and characteristics of our ancestral homes which were more suitable according to our climate conditions.

Dr. Amna Khawar

Positive and Health Psychologist, Counsellor
Dr Amna Khawar: a health psychologist and a counselor who will be highlighting the importance of combating cognitive dissonance and overcoming mental barriers that prevent us from taking positive action towards mitigating climate issues.

Dr. Nausheen Mazhar

Physical Geographer, Climate activist, Educationist
Dr. Nausheen Mazhar is a Physical Geographer and a climate activist at Lahore College for Women University, with a specialization in Desertification. With a fellowship from the University of Leeds, UK, she has continued her end-user focused research with a particular interest in desert ecosystems, dryland ecology, rural livelihoods, and climate change. In her talk, she speaks about the dire condition of the world’s dry lands, both globally and nationally. Solutions and interventions are greatly stressed upon, which include the collective action of masses around the world, and a general shift in their mindset as their first step.

Dr. Shafaq Fatima

Aquaculture expert, Project Developer, Researcher
Shafaq Fatima is a researcher who graduated from University of Tasmania, Australia, in Aquaculture. Her research interests are fish physiology, endocrinology, nutrition, and production systems. She has two externally funded projects, including Introduction of Innovative In-pond Raceways System (IPRS) technology in Pakistan. She has been an advocate in Pakistan for the aquaculture sector, which is facing challenges of water shortage, excessive land use, inability of species diversification, water contamination and intensive production. She is currently an Associate Professor at the Department of Zoology, Lahore College for Women University.

Farah Nadeem

Doer, Hardworking and Determined
Farah Nadeem is an environmental scientist by profession and is currently pursuing an Executive MBA from Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS). She works with the World-Wide Fund for Nature, Pakistan, as Coordinator at the Freshwater Program. Presently, she is responsible for the Australia-Pakistan Water Security Initiative (APWASI). She presents us with the pertinent issue of water management and the repercussions of its exploitation. In her talk, she will also be touching upon an innovative method for water conservation; emphasize that we need to think locally, act globally.

Organizing team

Shahid Kazi

Lahore, Pakistan


Lahore, Pakistan