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Theme: Unity for Combating the Climate Crisis

December 26, 2021
1:00pm - 6:00pm JST
(UTC +9hrs)
Osaka, Ôsaka
This event is open to the public.
Tickets are available.

We have brought people of all ages and from all walks of life, both from our local community, and from all over the world, to show you that it is possible to have Unity within Diversity, when confronting a huge challenge such as the Global Climate Crisis.
We showcase average people who have done both small and big changes in their life for the cause!
We showcase working professionals who have transformed their organizations to match the cause!
We showcase performers who have leveraged their talent for supporting the cause!
We showcase activists who have fought long and hard to bring awareness to the cause!

We bring a beautiful Holiday gift to the world: The message that:
We are all in this together and we want to inspire and bring hope!
We want to show that it is possible to overcome this challenge!
We want to show that we care and we are doing our part!

With love for our planet and all the living beings, we bring you our own version of a TEDx Countdown event!
We hope you enjoy and get inspired and motivated to learn and act!

Osaka, Ôsaka, 565-0875
Event type:
Countdown (What is this?)
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Speakers may not be confirmed. Check event website for more information.

Aarav Seth

Teen Activist
A 13-year-old student activist from India is on a mission to change the world through positive actions! An advocate for climate action, he planted over 4000 trees and convinced his friends to join! A Child Ambassador for the SDG Choupal and of SDGsForChildren. During the pandemic he established We Rise Together, a non-profit organization that aims to tackle numerous social and climate issues through three initiatives: 1. SundayforSecuredFuture: encouraging youngsters to take positive action for the climate every Sunday; 2. She Hygiene: distributing sanitary pads to girls who cannot afford them; 3. Helping Hands: encouraging people to donate items such as clothes, books, shoes, food, etc to underprivileged children.

Akira Yamaguchi

Architectural Designer
Akira gives a whole new dimension to Sustainable Architecture... by engaging the community. He has extensively convinced local people to come together in big numbers and build homes, hostels and other establishment, using repurposed wood, local materials and, of course, local labor.

Akshay Singla

Zero Waste Activist
Even though he works in the automobile industry, Akshay is very passionate about zero waste and environmental stewardship. He is very active in his community in India and enjoys teaching and volunteering. During his stay in Japan, he has studied Waste to Energy plants and waste segregation with local city officials. His goal is to spread awareness towards Climate Change and educate people. He strongly believes that every bit matters.

Aruba Faruque

Teen Activist
She is a 15-year-old climate and environmental activist from Bangladesh and is currently studying in 9th grade at Rangamati Goverment Girls' High School.

Chris Summerville

University Professor & Ecocide Activist
Living almost entirely off the grid, Chris is a university professor and an ecocide activist whose goal is to bring positive impact in the world, through education and activism.

Chuck Kayser

Organic Farmer & Podcaster
Chuck runs a volunteer, non-profit organization based in Kyoto and Kutsuki, Shiga, called Midori Farm, whose mission is to revive farmland and rural areas through organic farming and educational events. Striving to bring back the traditional food system to restore the health and environment of Japan, the farm provides opportunities for people to get involved locally and bring about real changes.

Jean Alfonso-Decena

AI meets Spirituality Activist
Founder of 'In Silence', a platform for people who want to upgrade their lives for the future of the new world we're headed into through learning about ancient philosophies combined with future-forward technologies, she lives for helping get folks onboard a conscious way of living which includes developing a symbiotic relationship with the Earth. A 16-year tech and people leader for global startups, certified yoga, meditation and Ayurveda teacher and a practicing zero-waste human who recently migrated in Osaka with her husband and daughter, she currently runs an AI company based in Silicon Valley, making her deeply immersed in AI/tech and understanding the pros and cons of these to the climate issues. Zero-Waste Life: In Manila, for 16 years, her family lived minimally, rescued animals and practiced zero-waste activities day in and day out.

Jon Walsh

Urban Farmer & Sustainability Consultant
A keen urban farmer / sustainability consultant who advises schools, businesses and individuals on how to grow healthy, no-spray food on site. He has successfully launched 3 urban farming programs in schools around Tokyo. With 7 years’ experience as an urban farming and sustainability consultant, he has taught key food production skills to 750+ students, teachers, parents, and business people, and grown thousands of tomatoes and cucumbers, hundreds of lettuces and large quantities of other no-spray vegetables and herbs in community gardens in Tokyo. Jon has been featured in several large newspapers and other media, managed and helped build a gardens at famous hotels, has taught urban farming even at the embassy!

Joy Jarman-Walsh

Travel Consultant & Content Creator
Originally from Hawaii, now working as a sustainability-focused consultant in the Travel industry from her home in Hiroshima, Japan, Joy hosts the weekly Seeking Sustainability in Japan Talkshow, a live-streamed interview with "good people, doing great things". Also a travel consultant & content creator, she is also a CleanUp volunteer, travel guide, podcaster, photographer, avid walker & coffee addict, she is the gracious host of a prolific podcast called 'Seeking Sustainability Live & Sustainable Travel Japan', where she talks about entertaining & innovative ideas for beyond the status-quo from Japan! Passionate about all things sustainability, she is the glue that connects people inside Japan, coming from all walks of life, united by the same goal - to solve our climate crisis.

Kaori Tachibana

Tea Enthusiast
After having lost her mother to cancer, Kaori set out to try and bring healing to others by using the ancient Japanese tradition of green tea drinking.

Karl Burrow

Business Consultant & Entrepreneur
With an extensive experience on several topics ranging from Strategic Facilitation, Design Thinking, Retail Manufacturing, Food & Beverage to Change Management, FinTech, Corporate Innovation Skills Training, Organization Transformation, Start-ups and Non-Profits, Karl helps organizations solve problems & untangle complex issues with innovation, creative & design thinking to help them grow. Co-creator of the books "BUSINESS MODEL GENERATION" - A handbook for visionaries, game changers & challengers" and "VALUE PROPOSITION DESIGN - How to create products and services that people want.", he has a strong track record in developing, driving & managing business improvement, development & change management. Lecturer & speaker on Business Model Design & Innovation, Lean Start-up Method, Entrepreneurship Customer Development, Social Business Design at several Japanese Universities & key business organizations.

Lena Fritzsche

Founder & CEO of doki earth
When Lena started studying product design, she realized she needs to consider the environmental pollution, plastic overflow and global warming. She came across the “cradle to cradle” design principle and school of thought. Fascinated and convinced by this holistic approach to solving these environmental problems through a consistent circular economy approach, she hopes that with her own strength and ideas, she will transform the economic system that works according to “cradle to grave” and inevitably leads to a dead end.

Melissa Jiménez Gómez Tagle

Environmental Health Scientist
After defending the cause of an endemic porpoise species from Mexico, in elementary school and surviving a mortal car crash, Melissa found her passion in saving the planet. She is an environmental health scientist, currently studying the master’s program in Sustainable Resource Management at the Technische Universität München, Germany. She participated in a research program with University of Illinois, became a Climate Reality Leader from The Climate Reality Project and collaborated with other SciCom organizations, such as 15x4 Munich. She leads a cell of “Extinction Rebellion” in Mexico and had represented the Mexican youth at the United Nations Frame Conference of Climate Change at COP25 in Madrid and COP26 in Glasgow. A former intern at Max Planck Sustainability Network, where she developed plans to make research more sustainable across all Max Planck Institutes in Germany, France and Czech Republic, she is not wasting any second in her pursuit of solving the Climate Crisis!

Nicole (Wei-Tung) Ling

Teen Activist
A teen activist, social entrepreneur, civic journalist for politics, movements and human rights concerns in Taiwan and across China, Hong Kong and SEA (South East Asian countries) and the founder and executive director of CULTUREDU FLUENT Non-Profit Association, a teen-lead organization engage in solving interracial relationship conflicts, immigration problems and identity crisis issues. Beyond her nonprofit work, Nicole is working as the founding member of EnfoTrip, aiming to strengthen student's media/information literacy education. She also served as the project leader in the Islanders, a local Taiwanese civic journalism organization covering stories of human rights violation around the world.

Peo Ekberg

Sustainability Director
With 20+ years of experience in Sustainability, he started out as a green activist (protesting deforestation and company greenwashing), became an optimistic environmental journalist (TV, Radio, books) and a freelance sustainability consultant. Now he runs a SDGs / Sustainability specialized company (One Planet). It's one of the first Fair-trade verified companies in Japan. The company is also one of the first meat-free companies, and PET-bottle-free labeled company (we don't use plastic bottled water in Japan). He helps Companies/Universities/Governments finding the scientifically correct way towards sustainability via lectures, training, study tours (in Sweden & Zambia). His Climate Positive Project in Africa is a part of a large forest protection initiative protecting over 500 million trees and 20,000+ wild elephants. He strongly believes in leading by example.

Richard Grehan

Founder & CEO of imageMILL
Rick is a peace and regenerative life activist dedicated to promoting non-violence and preventing abuse; human, animal and environmental. Deeply committed to corporate social responsibility and the next generation of social business. An award winning creative director, working in advertising for over 20 years spanning the globe from London to Johannesburg and now Tokyo. In 2012 he founded imageMILL, the first sustainable branding agency in Japan. imageMILL is a regenerative and ethical branding agency that focuses on solving problems, helping brands and organizations transform into impactful and improved forms of themselves, using the power of film & design to champion change. Wether it's under the sea, in the air, on some remote landscape, Rick seeks to show people what’s really happening with our greatest natural asset, the Earth.

Tommy Gielingh

Musician & Serial Entrepreneur
Better known as Tommyboi or Bart's Brother (musically), is a Dutch Musician, Singer-Songwriter, Producer, Benefit Concert Organizer and Serial entrepreneur, who, due to his vast amount of experience in the service industry, specializes in the social environment and serves as a "human connector" and advisor. Besides being a prolific musician with a career that expands over 3 continents, his experience holding Charity Events is vast. He knows better than anyone how to capture an audience's heart through music, and how to inspire them to change for the greater good.

Organizing team

Y. Michaels

Osaka, Japan