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This event occurred on
December 4, 2021
St. Gallen, Sankt Gallen (de)

Our «YES TO LESS» theme encourages positivity and empowerment towards the actions we need to take in order to reach our global climate goals. We’re all aware of the climate crisis we are facing and that we need to undergo a major transformation in our production, politics, consumption, attitude—in everything, really. Yes! This entails doing or having less of something, so the question is: yes to less what?

University of St. Gallen
Dufourstrasse 50
St. Gallen, Sankt Gallen (de), 9000
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Bea Albermann

Medical student and climate activist
Addressing the root causes of global health challenges and the ecological crisis, Bea Albermann is a planetary health advocate and catalyst for the Sustainable Development Goals. Being a creative young leader she has co-initiated various youth-led projects and is currently finishing her medical studies. Her broad experience, from working in the intensive care units during the COVID-19 pandemic to being a Representative of the Swiss Youth Health Alliance towards the WHO will surely make for an unforgettable talk!

Beat Karrer

Founder & CEO of FluidSolids
Most of us are aware of the plastics crisis and our need for more sustainable materials, such as Fluidsolids’ biobased material made from industrial by-products. Beat Karrer is the Founder & CEO of Fluidsolids that offers this innovative solution to a problem that affects us all, which will undoubtedly make for an unforgettable talk!"

Dr. Benedicte Deryckere

Independent expert for the Solar Impulse Foundation
We need solutions that protect the environment and are profitable at the same time. The Solar Impulse Foundation, where Dr. Benedicte Deryckere acts as an independent expert, works towards this goal. With a strong expertise in Strategic Management and Sustainable Development, Dr. Benedicte Deryckere stands up for responsible production and consumption. Join us on December 4th to learn more about leading the global food system towards a circular economy!

Dr. Etienne Jeoffroy

Co-Founder & CEO at FenX
The building sector accounts for almost 40% of energy-related CO2 emissions, but pioneers like Etienne Jeoffroy are working towards reducing this amount. He is the Co-Founder and CEO of FenX, who designs mineral waste-based, fully recyclable insulation foams that produce much lower CO2 emissions than alternatives. So join us on December 4th to listen to Etienne Jeoffroy’s talk on tackling the sustainability issue that put him on the Forbes’ 30 Under 30 list.

Dr. Michael Gloor

CEO and Co-Founder of Correntics, former Climate Change Lead at Swiss Re
Making global supply chains future proof. Michael is passionate about applying his risk knowledge on climate change, natural hazards, sustainability and supply chains to help companies improve their resilience and sustainability in today's challenging and interconnected world. Learn more about his insights from his work as the Co-Founder of the start-up Correntics, his experience as the Climate Change Lead at Swiss Re, and from his experience in the aircraft-manufacturing industry on December 4th.

Dr. Thomas Robinson

Head of Foresight and Trends at SBB CFF
Foresight and the identification of opportunities are crucial for sustainable development. Now the Head of Forsights and Trends at SBB, Tom Robinson grew up in Africa and in the US, spent 14 years in Alaska fishing on the Bering Sea, and did his PhD in Europe with a focus on teamwork and leadership in high-risk environments. He is an expert in societal trends, the adoption of technology, and customer-driven innovation.

Florent Heroguel

Co-Founder & COO at Bloom Biorenewables
Dr. Florent Heroguel holds a PhD from ETH Zürich and leaded scientific projects in the field of biomass valorization at EPFL. He is co-Founder and COO of Bloom Biorenewables, a Swiss, science-driven company at the forefront of the global transition to a circular bioeconomy. Having received funding from sources including Bill Gates's clean energy fund, Bloom Biorenewables turns residue biomass into sustainable alternatives to petroleum for many industries.

Julia Bodin

Environmental engineer at Future of waste
Did you know that if everyone consumed like we do in Switzerland, we would need 3 planets each year? As an environmental engineer and co-founder at Future of Waste, Julia Bodin challenges the notion of waste seeing it rather as food and resources. She highlights the importance of a systemic approach towards a circular economy which opens the door to a resource-light society. Find out how waste can turn into a resource on December 4th!

Katharina Van Bronswijk

Have you ever felt anxious about our climate? Katharina Van Bronswijk explains why feeling negative emotions about our climate can be beneficial for both the climate and us individuals. With her initiative called Psychologists for Future, she uses her psychological expertise to help people dealing with climate change and to guarantee a sustainable future.

Paul Jacquot

Tokyo Rowing Olympian and student at HSG
Using resilience, motivation and the power of emotions to fight global warming. Paul Jacquot is currently doing his master's degree in Strategy & International Management (SIM) at HSG. He had the unique opportunity to compete at the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo for the Swiss rowing team and during the many years as a professional athlete, he has developed a unique mindset when it comes to tackling climate change. Join us on December 4th to see your fellow student on stage and hear his inspiring story!

Prof. Dr. Thomas Dyllick

Business Sustainability expert, writer, consultant and thought leader
True Business Sustainability (TBS) is a concept that takes a new approach by addressing Business Sustainability from an “outside-in” perspective. This has been Prof. em. Dr. (HSG) Thomas Dyllick’s passion and main subject for years, who was the Co-Founder and Managing Director of the Institute for Economy and the Environment (IWÖ-HSG) between 1992 and 2019, here at our very own University of St. Gallen. As a key contributor to the development of the sustainability field for more than 30 years, his talk is not one you want to miss.

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Aadorf, Switzerland


  • Joel Chavez
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