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Theme: ReImagine

This event occurred on
June 18, 2022
Grand Junction, Colorado
United States

Reimagine life as we know it.
Where would be you be?
Where would we live?
How different would our community....

Avalon Theatre
645 Main Street
Grand Junction, Colorado, 81501
United States
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Danielle Carlomusto

Children's Media Producer/Advocate
Danielle is a musician, children's content creator, media advocate, and lifelong metro Detroiter. Through her children's media endeavor, Gro-Town, she uses original music, videos, and community gardening initiatives to instill a sense of belonging, gratitude, and wonderment for the world outside our windows. Her debut album for children, Motown is Gro-Town, was released through Detroit Public Television/PBS Kids. Her sophomore record, The Green Album, will be released in June.

Dr. Lindsay Blooms

Educational Leader
After her life came to a screeching halt in 2019 following the discovery of an affair, Dr. Lindsay Blooms found herself broken; physically, mentally, and emotionally. After overcoming the PTSD, panic disorder, and profound heartbreak arising from the end of her ten-year marriage, she emerged with a zeal to spread hope and love across the planet. Lindsay is now a speaker and author focusing on the power of the mind to heal the heart. With a face that beckons for your life story, and a voice that coaxes serenity, Lindsay has a gift for making everyone feel welcome and at ease.

Elizabeth Clark

Mental Health Therapist
Elizabeth Clark is mental health therapist. She received Masters at Santa Clara University in counseling psychology. Undergrad at Humboldt State University in Child Development. Elizabeth Clark has a grant from Western Colorado Community Foundation to assist kids and their families to navigate technology powerfully. She works in Mesa County Valley School District 51 helping staff and students with regulation skills for optimal learning

Janet Grace Nelson

Global Positivity
Janet Grace is passionately committed to helping people push past their fears to create a life they truly love. She is a sought after Award winning Spiritual Life Coach, International Speaker & Teacher inspiring people worldwide to really “move the needle” in their lives with greater Clarity, Confidence and Commitment to live a Bigger Life. She shares dynamic powerful processes and empowering stories to bring about Real.

Josh Hudnall

Co-founder of TEDxGrand Junction

Kathleen Diehl, Laura Bradley, Cassidy Phillips & Kara Farmer

Movement, Dance, Performance
Dance educators are shifting towards a more holistic perspective in their teaching and using different techniques to teach and choreograph that enhance the mind-body connection and prioritize the healing potential of dance. This lecture/demonstration highlights several wellness aspects of dance and movement. Kathleen Diehl & Company Performers: Laura Bradley Cassidy Phillips

Kayla Stearns

Resiliency, Perseverance, Growth
Kayla Stearns never imagined slipping on the ice at work in 2017 would lead to a half-decade of constant pain leading to a below knee amputation. Kayla never imagined she would face the most painful disease known to man, complex regional pain syndrome also known as the "Suicide Disease". Diagnosed in December 2020, over the next several months the pain reached unbearable levels, causing intrusive thoughts of cutting her leg off and taking her own life. In September 2021, an orthopedic surgeon successfully amputated Kayla’s leg below the knee.

Kurtis Minder

Cyber Security, Tech, Ransomware, Problem Solver Expert
Ransomware attacks are on the rise. Renowned ransomware negotiator and CEO of GroupSense, Kurtis Minder, will tell you what you need to know about ransomware to prepare and respond to an attack.

Lisa Lee

Professional Educator / Teacher
Lisa Lee is a 35-year veteran educator, and is still going strong, having been named Teacher of the Year in DeKalb County, Georgia, and was runner-up for the Colorado state award. Lisa has developed programs and curriculum for learners of all ages. Although her career has included teaching learners of all ages, Lisa currently serves as a Resource Teacher in the Gifted and Talented department in Jefferson County, Colorado. She's served as the keynote speaker at conferences throughout the world, where she shares her passion about the importance of developing genuine relationships.

Matthew Price

Family Optimist
Matthew Price is a father, husband and founder and CEO of Priceless Coaching and Consulting. He’s dedicated his life to the pursuit of improvement of the human spirit and leadership development. He has 20 years of experience working in a Fortune 500 company, leading and developing over 200 people and helping them maximize their talent and time while also finding joy. Matthew started a multimillion-dollar business at the age of 24 in which the founding principles for his coaching and consulting business started. He fell in love with teamwork and the human experience of living in the flow while rowing at Pacific Lutheran University. He finds joy in his own life as a basketball and soccer coach for youth and spending time outdoors skiing, mountain biking and playing with his family.

Mike Spradin

Entrepreneur, Restauranteur, Survivor
Michael Spradlin was born in 1960 in Goosebay Labrador, in Newfoundland. His father was in the Air Force so the family moved about every four years back-and-forth across the United States living in California Florida Massachusetts to name a few. His brother was born in Bermuda and his sister in Panama.

Rick Taggart

Educator, Councilman, Politician, Entrepreneur
Rick Taggart, moved to Grand Junction in the early 80's to lead and manage Marmot Mountain Works, as its CEO, chairman and co-owner. After selling the business he went on to lead the international business unit of The Timberland Company. He was the CEO of Swiss Army Brands for 15 years. Since the summer of 2010 he has been a professor at Colorado Mesa University in the Business Department. He has and continues to teach courses in business and mentors students from organizational behavior to international business and marketing. Taggart an integral part of the Grand Valley community, he has served as mayor of Grand Junction as well as on numerous community boards, Taggart is an avid skier, cyclist and runner.

Robert Rogers

Nurse Practitioner, Emergency Medicine, Recreation Enthusiast
Robert Rogers (Robby) is a husband and father to two beautiful girls. Robby currently is employed by the Grand Junction VA and works as a Nurse Practitioner in family practice. He has over 10 years of experience in emergency medicine and holds multiple trauma certifications. Robby guided for Arkansas River Tours through Bighorn Sheep Canyon and the Royal Gorge. In addition, he was instrumental in the Breckenridge Film Festival’s documentary “Lesson’s on Fate and Falling”.

Sharyl West Loeung

Educator, Social Entrepreneur, Diversity
Sharyl West Loeung, M.Div., has spent most of her career in K-12 and higher education helping students discover what it means to belong in our diverse world. Her passion for intercultural, intergenerational, and interfaith friendships has guided her career as a Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging educator. She is the co-founder of Kardia House Consulting which focuses on the mindful reframing of difficult conversations by practicing generous communication. Sharyl is married and lives in Waco, Texas with her two sons and a hoard of cats.

Tina Greenbaum

Tina Greenbaum is a psychotherapist and executive coach. Her signature program, Mastery Under Pressure gives leaders personal tools to empower themselves and their teams.

Victor Yahn

Coroner, Firefighter, Emergency Medical Technician
Victor is a Western Slope Native who’s past experiences include Captain as a volunteer fire fighter / EMT, Emergency Room Technician at Community Hospital and work at Western Orthopedics and Sports Medicine. Victor Yahn is the Coroner of Mesa County, Colorado. He is a Registered Medicolegal Death Investigator with the American Board of Medicolegal Death Investigators and vetted by the National Association of Medical Examiners.

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M Nyassa

Grand Junction, CO, United States


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