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This event occurred on
December 11, 2021
Bangalore, Karnataka

Thriving while developing is a beautiful phenomenon in itself.
When the whole mass joins hands to progress towards a goal, irrespective of differences and circumstances, the amalgamation of values takes place, and the results leave us spellbound. This is the first step towards flourishing!
To thrive in a changing world, makes the virtues like integrity, compassion and trust thrive too . It also makes sure social norms are weighted and balanced.
Thrive, is a woman's view of the world we live in, through her own window, while making it a more peaceful and achieving place.
A place for our (she) change makers, their power, their ability and the spark they ignite wherever they go.
The goal of our event is to explore the various fields encircling the female community, from empowerment to education, from dignity to rights and everything in between.
It is going to be a call to the world, letting them know how powerful and capable women are, always ready to take on the world and to influence social change for themselves as well as others.
An event that narrates stories where we see individuals flourishing, learning from their flaws, deepening the roots of their values and emerging victorious.
Voicing out how we all thrive!

Cambridge Institute of technology (Main Campus), Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
Cambridge Institute of technology (Main Campus), Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
Bangalore, Karnataka, 560037
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TEDxWomen (What is this?)
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Akkai Padmashali

Social Activist + Singer + Motivational Speaker
Her fight for acceptance and social inclusion has made Akkai Padmashali the legend she is today. Her work in the field of human rights for children, women, and sexual minorities continues to empower the society, making the world a much better place to live in. Get ready to hear what she has to say!

Bhavana B P

Multipod Coach + Human-Centered Leader
A person who strongly believes in the 3 I’s: “Inspire, Influence and Impact” Bhavana B P has a decade of corporate experience in various areas, from doing purely technical work to becoming an internal communications go-to person, and everything else in between. Gear up to hear what she has in store for you!

Divya Madhur

Brand Strategist + Mental Health Advocate
Divya Madhur is a Brand Expert by Profession, Spiritual Healer by Purpose, and a Storyteller by Passion. Get ready to be fuelled with energy and motivation as she is all set to inspire you with her talk!

Dr. Anupama K Malag

Professor + Career Guide
Dr. Anupama K Malagi is a self-motivated academician with life-changing ideas which stem from two decades of experience in administration and teaching. Prepare yourself to get lost in thoughts as you feel her vision from your front-row seat.

Pragathi Gowda

Rallyist + Travel Enthusiast
Pragathi Gowda is a racer and a rallyist who believes in hard work and dares the wind with her speed and skill. Let us all gear up to become pillion to her ideas.

Sonali Swami

Fitness Athlete + Entrepreneur
Mrs. Sonali Swami is a fitness freak who realized that age was never a barrier. She is one of the most inspiring female bodybuilders in India. So, hold up your breath and get ready to hear her story of passion and dedication.

Organizing team

Kevin Alberts

Bangalore, India


bangalore, India