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Theme: Rise Up

This event occurred on
March 26, 2022
Erbil, Arbīl

In a demotivated period of our lives, our society seeks to “Rise Up”, which is theming the 2022 TEDxNishtiman event, identifying the empowerment of the community’s voice and ideas. Diverse topics will be shared, ranging from technology to sociology, presented by knowledgeable speakers who are passionate about spreading new ideas. In this year’s event, we are mainly focusing on rising up as a community towards a better future and a healthier environment.

Saad Abdullah Conference Hall
Gulan Street, Next to Divan Erbil Hotel.
Erbil, Arbīl, 44001
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Aland Saifaddin

CTO, Digital Banking Consultant
Aland Saifaddin is a Software Engineer and Digital Banking consultant, he is holding a bachelor’s degree in Software Engineering, He is CTO at First Iraqi Bank (FIB). Strong dependency on cash is a major reason for our poor economic situation while world is changing and almost everything goes digital, So is banking. Aland will be joining TEDxNishtimans stage to talk about what is digital banking and how it’s making our life easier in our region.

Avivan Yasin

A 25 year-old who was born in KRI and holds degree medicine, she has been working as a blogger in the field of medicine and fashion for more than 3 years. Throughout the evolution of social media, its variety of platforms have continually changed in response to user behavior and expectations. social media channels offer influencers different ways to create, publish, as well as engage the audience.

Garuda (Hezha) Muhammed

Motivational Speaker
Garuda Mohammad was born in KRI (1983). Garuda is a social media content creator. Garuda “Hezha” has over 200 video content published online (including live programs) in multiple languages regarding Spirituality, Energy Work and Self-Development, with over 10,000 hours viewed. He has 27,000 completed sessions (Breath-work, Meditation and Mantra Chanting). He has held spiritual ceremony retreats internationally and locally, both online and offline, in private and in groups (up to 30 persons). He is a global citizen, travelling and living around the world, and volunteering to share the blessings of spirituality. Garuda has experience in cryptocurrency, and blockchain technology expertise, and he is the Co-Founder of three start-up ventures. Formerly, he worked in the Oil & Gas Industry as a Financial Planner and Advisor, and in the education field (university) as a Budgeting and Financial Planner. His educational background is in International Business and Marketing.

Goshan Karadaghi

Biomedical Scientist
Goshan Mohamed was born in Saqqz Iran, She has lived and studied in London all her life, she completed a BSc (Hon) in Biomedical Sciences from Kings College London in 2011, and an MSc in Global Health and Development from University College London (UCL) in 2013, She decided to move to Kurdistan in 2013 to pursue a career in academia and to serve her community.

Peri-Khan Aqrawi-Whitcomb

Sustainable Development Policies Specialist
Peri-Khan Aqrawi-Whitcomb, born in Germany, is a specialist in sustainable development policies and international affairs, focusing on the Middle East and Iraq's Kurdistan Region. She was named as a non-resident fellow in a global network of leading policy, energy, environmental, and natural resource specialists by the Payne Institute for Public Policy in the United States in 2018.

Sakar Hamakarim

Farmer and Beekeeper
Sakar HamaKarim is born In KRI on April 9, 1994. She successfully completed school and began agriculture college in 2012. Sakar graduated in 2016 and until now, she has been looking after bees, and she has supervised four local festivals yearly in KRI. She is working on how can we all participate in the revival of the agricultural sector and local products, At a time when we are facing serious threats to global food security because of climate change. Using her bachelor’s degree in agriculture, she has shared her knowledge and experience as someone in the agricultural sector in general and as a beekeeper in particular to organize yearly festivals in the region that promote local products and show the importance to utilize already existing prospects of the country. Sakar has urged her community to work towards more agricultural-based income.

Sanna Mohammad

Animal Rights Activists
Sana Mohammad Saeed, a 30-year-old who was born and raised in Erbil. She holds a bachelor’s degree in English literature, is a formidable and dedicated activist. This amazing young woman has been speaking for animal rights and supporting them since the very beginning. She’ll be joining us on stage to raise awareness about animal abuse and how animals are actually supposed to be treated by people. Since the very beginning, Sanna Mohammad, a dedicated young activist who holds a bachelor’s degree in English literature, and is a formidable and dedicated activist, has been the voice of these mistreated animals.

Sarkawt Shaban

CEO, Cybersecurity Specialist.
Sarkawt Shaban obtained several degrees in Information Technology (IT) in the past 14 years at various top institutions around the world. On the surface, Sarkawt is the founder and CEO of PROTEX, founded in 2018. Many vulnerable and marginalized people. Mr. Shaban has prevented many families from falling apart or having unwanted events occur. As a cyber security expert and advisor, he has worked in many top institutions and companies in KRI. He has assisted organizations in protecting their data against local and international hackers.

Vear Farsat

Student and public speaker
Vear Farsat Sofi is a bright 13-year-old girl born in Erbil. She has participated in the ‘Future investors Project Olympiads (FPO)’ and won a bronze medal. She’s gotten first place in Kurdish Olympiads speech. In her speech, she will be the younger generation’s voice by answering the question asked by most adults, ‘Why should we listen to teenagers?’. With her amazing speaking skills and confidence, this speech will be eye-opening for all adults.

Zanear Jabbar

Business Development Consultant
Zanear Jabbar is a Lecturer, Business development consultant & trainer based in Erbil; He holds a master’s degree in International Business Management at Sheffield Hallam University, England – 2015 with Distinction. Zanear has been co-founder and board member of organizations. Entrepreneurs are essential to market economies because they can act as the wheels of the country’s economic growth. Also, he is involved in many development business plans into private sector in Erbil.

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Erbil, Iraq