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Theme: Water on Electricity

This event occurred on
June 25, 2022
Durg, Chhattisgarh

Water on electricity is about bringing together two unconventional elements and making those work in the most spectacular ways possible. It is about being adventurous and experimental with our choices in life. In all literal, conventional, scientific senses; water is a conductor of electricity, and hence the two together are preferred to be avoided but with this theme, we want to focus on the sparks
that are created when the two come together. We see this as identifying a moment in life where you find your true passion and purpose in life; maybe even something that you haven’t thought was your cup of tea until this very moment but then at a defining moment when electricity- your passion and water a mean to channelize it, they find each other; spark flows all over! We are talking about finding things that are like water to your innate burning electricity and also talking about what happens after you find your spark- your water on electricity moment.

We also want to normalize making mismatched choices like our theme and also want to be extremely free while we experiment by bringing together two unconventional elements; anything at all in the entire course of our lives! We want to focus on the infinite opportunities and breaking the stereotypes that come together with making “mismatched”, “unconventional”, “experimental” choices.
With the theme, we associate a few terms or interpretations that help us communicate the true essence of what we perceive of the theme. Water on Electricity is about “breaking the stereotypes”, taking unconventional paths while having the courage to “experiment” and take healthy “risks”. It is about that “spark” that radiates when two substantial elements or ideas come together— a “mismatched” combination, but the competence that is encapsulated within that spark is worth the commotion.

Bhilai Institute of Technology, Durg
Titurdiha, Bhilai House, Durg - Chhattisgarh
Durg, Chhattisgarh, 491001
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University (What is this?)
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Bilaspur, Chhattisgarh, India


Durg, India
  • Manas Diwan
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  • Nandini Pandey
  • Piyush Gupta
  • Shivam Kashyap
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