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Theme: The Good Life

This event occurred on
October 15, 2021
2:00pm - 6:00pm BST
(UTC +1hr)
London, Wandsworth
United Kingdom

It is more important than ever to rise, disclose, reconstruct and debate ideas, stories and discoveries worth spreading. Our TEDxLambethSalon is privileged to actively seek the most remarkable life histories, specialisms and personal achievements that go through creative opposites, contradictions, and antinomies to establish the kind of transformative legacy we all want to live in. This is a gathering for new and established voices as well as for you. Show up and join us as we celebrate this second Salon at the Kalos Centre on Friday 15th October, 2021 from 2:00pm until 6pm. We’ll be featuring thought-provoking speakers, world-changing ideas, bold performances and lots of interactive fun around the overall theme of "The Good Life".

As such, this TEDxLambethSalon is about bringing together men, women, and gender-queer people from every ethnicity, social background, economic circumstance, or any other discriminated group, who are speaking up, breaking out and pushing boundaries. Whatever their focus and talent – business, technology, art, science, politics – our speakers and performers reveal innovative techniques whereby challenges can be faced head on and subsequent empowerments can emerge for a better future.

TEDxLambeth is part of the global TED Talks programme. We are an inclusive space and we are proud to reflect diversity both in our audience and on our stage.

With thanks to our partners VegFund, Peter Scott-Noble, Manticore Press, and Coffee Wake Cup.

Endlesham Hall
48 Endlesham Rd
London, Wandsworth, SW12 8JL
United Kingdom
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Salon (What is this?)
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Alan Cox

Broadcaster + Writer + Alternative Health Coach
Alan Cox has been a practising and staunch vegan for over 20 years and firmly believes that we must turn away from animal cruelty as well as the type of industrialisation damaging the Earth ecosystem as we speak. In which case, it is a pleasure to welcome this prominent vegan activist to the TEDxLambethSalon stage to speak on The Good Life.

Andrew Gough

TV Presenter + Writer
Andrew Gough is a presenter of television documentaries on historical mysteries, and has contributed to History, Discovery, National Geographic, Smithsonian, Travel, Science and many other channels. He has starred in two motion pictures, including The Stone, a psychological occult-based thriller. Andrew is a writer and an enthusiast of ancient lands, mysteries and traditions. Much of his research has come from his studies with the Spanish surrealist who mentored Jean Cocteau and Salvador Dalí. His research includes the lost tradition of the honeybee. Andrew is from Chicago and currently lives and works in London, England.

Ioana Chira

Advocate for the Plus Size Community + Model + Social Media Influencer
Ioana Chira is one of the advocates for the plus size community. She is suffering from a condition called Lipoedema, however she's not letting that get in the way of living a good life. She's motivating other ladies to be comfortable in their own skin, stay active and simply enjoy life with the body they have. Ioana has over 2.4 million followers across her social media platforms.

Nic Austin

Co-Host of The Queer Queue + Film Critic
Nic Austin is a recent graduate of New York University Tisch’s Cinema Studies program. He currently has his Master’s degree and writes cultural criticism and analysis while co-hosting a queer film podcast: The Queer Queue. Passion for cinema has been ingrained in Nic since he was a young child. His love for being transported into the worlds created in movies has created a strong bond that has only grown with time. That bond has culminated into a passion for critically analyzing cinema through hearty discussions and essay writing. Growing up, Nic was lucky to be raised in a supportive environment that fostered understanding sexuality and how it was displayed onscreen. His discovery and understanding of his queer identity were greatly enhanced through queer themes he experienced when watching film, and this early exploration has translated into a deep passion for promoting and advocating for diverse queer representation in all forms of media.

Pr Dr David William Parry

Indigiqueer Quagan Pastor of St. Valentine's Hall + Poet + Theatre Practitioner
Pr Dr David William Parry (pronouns: he/him/his) is an acclaimed poet, essayist, "sacred theatre" practitioner, esteemed celebrant and queer pastor of a Quagan Sanctuary of Love founded in South London, UK/Occupied Celt land, known locally as St. Valentine's Hall. David is a spiritual leader with a difference through his love and advocacy of white magic, left-leaning libertarianism and revolutionary entrepreneurship. He brings an authentic and accessible approach to spirituality and living a high vibrational life, particularly in creating Scilly Botanica and Bookstore. David is an international speaker and author of 3 books including the much loved Caliban's Redemption, The Grammar of Witchcraft, and Mount Athos Inside Me.

Tilly Lockey

A Real-Life Bionic Girl + TV Celebrity
Being described as a real-life superhero, the now 15-year-old girl Tilly Lockey wants it all and sparkles at the thought of what the future will bring … Actor, Model, Sky TV Presenter, Social Influencer… you name it, this girl will achieve it! Aged just 15-months, little Tilly was diagnosed with Meningococcal Septicemia Strain B which resulted in her losing both her hands and toes. Working as an Ambassador and collaborating with Open Bionics in the UK, for the state-of-the-art HeroArms, Tilly is travelling the globe spreading her inspiration, positivity and sharing awareness for others. Tilly is not only an inspiration but has a unique confidence and drive that pushes her to want to achieve her dreams.

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London, United Kingdom