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Theme: Re: Imagine

This event occurred on
May 28, 2022
Bangi, Selangor

On Re: Imagine

Humans are inherently imaginative. In fact, it is arguably the essential trait in surviving the wilds. It made us much better, that brought the best out of each of us and elevated the intellectual bar we expected of ourselves. Not so long ago, our forefathers gathered by the fireside telling stories with just shadows. Some stories are exaggerated, yes; but some are ingenious ways to model powerful life lessons for the future generation. From the stories, we know not to swim in river with current too strong and to settle at highland away from flood. Imagination is not restricted by its form. The compelling narrative of religion and myth are engraved on surfaces of rocks and clays. Later, imagination became poems, plays and music. Then, drama, images, and video games. Eventually what was once just mere fragments of imaginations in our mind, became a presentable ordinariness, yet each unique in their own way.

Imagination is an experience unique and personal to its beholder. When we read novels, watch movies, listen to music, look at paintings or watch burial services, we are immersed in a long line of imagination. If it is not for imagination, what inspired women to perform major strides full of trailblazers to fight for equality and to rise proudly side by side to their counterparts? Who would be brave enough to suggest an alternative to energy consumption other than coal and oil? If not for imagination, how could one take a quantum leap from the cold concrete world to a fantasy land inhabited by magical creatures and impacted millions of young minds? Human minds are created to be quite isolated from each other, therefore ideas and knowledge were sparsely distributed. Imagination overcame those constraints by exploiting culture, telling stories, performing rituals to provide cognitive anchors for ideas that have no natural home within the evolved mind. But it is linked into human culture to comprehend the occurrence of supernovas without seeing it in person. It is this linkage that leads to works of arts and science, which then become cornerstone for further knowledge exploration, then, making human history. The world needs to reimagine more than ever in the face of bleak realities. One must create an imagined world in order to understand the very real one we occupy. Imagine a better future, therefore requires keen and purposeful observation of the present. It is a mix of art and science. When the lost generation rekindles the flame of imagination, there is no telling how far we can go. Hence, the theme TEDxUKM 2022 Re: Imagine.

Re: Imagine, An Origin Story

1991 was a time of uncertainty. Thousands lost their shelters when George WH Bush ordered air attacks against Saddam Hussein’s troops. Global superpower, the Soviet Union announced a plan to dissolve and break up into independent nations. Things are not any better on Malaysia’s shore either. 1991 recorded the worst industrial disaster to date at Bright Sparklers Fireworks Factory in Sungai Buloh that killed 29 and injured 83 people. Our people were lost in haze literally and figuratively. We desperately needed something to grasp on in the strong current of reality. Wawasan 2020 (“Vision 2020”) struck the chord of every Malaysian. In the time of uncertainty, the vision imagined a prospering nation and its citizens with a well-fed belly. Back then, it promised what we wanted, thriving business, world class education and political stability. The aspiration was loudly echoed in the Malaysians' psyche because it symbolizes a beacon of hope and opportunities, a truly Malaysian dream. The adults imagined higher pays and not so tense bosses; the children imagined flying cars and rocket launchers. Talks about ways to improve the nation were ever so loudly resonated from the student’s essays to coffee shop speeches to Parliament debates. People in the street were all in high spirits and can’t wait to fast forward their time only to witness the greatness of the country we call Malaysia. 10 years on, the people come to realize that we might not manifest the aspiration in time. Well, Malaysians are historically patient and forgiving, of course, we sympathize with the recent economic recession.20 years on, the reality began to unfold a distasteful fact no one wants to admit. 30 years on, Wawasan 2020 no longer stays on the horizon when people are struggling to catch their economic lifeboats in the time of uncertainty. Politics, social wellbeing and scientific solutions no longer stay in the lexicon of daily conversations. It is fair to conclude, the vision never materialises, together the imagination faded away.

When the COVID-19 landed on the global nation, it hits our shores so badly that small business owner ceases to continue, government switches hand more than we can count, people seeks and losses jobs only to have enough food on table, depression begin crawling onto the isolated people and student taking a two year detour from their studies. And we don’t know when it is going to end. Malaysians are inherently proud of their resiliency despite tough times, we do not usually ask for relief or government support. That too took a hit, when the striking cold wind threatens the lives of our children and loved ones. We swallowed our pride and surrendered, raising torn clothes as white flags asking solidarity from co-workers, landlords and neighbours. Most important of all, we lost our ability to imagine.

This year, TEDxUKM serves to revive, rekindle the spirit of imagination and re-imagination. Reimagination is an opportunity to think of new solutions and ideas with no boundaries; to amend, to redefine, to reform; to remedy; to revisit and to reimagine a future for future generations. Perhaps it’s flying cars and robotic dogs, or perhaps it’s not, it is up to us, the imagineers. Now, it is high time to re-imagine our ideas: What does it mean to be a Malaysian? How can we have holistic growth in the nation? What are the scientific methods in promoting progressiveness? We need to address the past in order to reimagine a better future. Imagination requires meticulousness to tiny detail; and enormous courage to acknowledge what we did wrong. Hence, we ought to Re: Imagine.

Chancellor Tun Abdul Razak Hall
Dewan Canselor Tun Abdul Razak (DECTAR)
Bangi, Selangor, 43600
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Arif Tukiman

Cloud Server Developer
Arif Tukiman went through a multitude of fields ranging from designing and producing websites, mobile applications, to games. As he progressed in gaining experience, he understands the common challenges faced by a developer when it comes to project deployments to multiple servers for clients. After graduating, he and his friends founded Cool Code, a software house firm, which grew from only a few employees to a staff of more than 20. Within three years, they had a slew of high-profile clients and their app had surpassed 3 million downloads. In order to overcome the difficulties they have while deploying projects to various servers on behalf of clients, they came out with RunCloud. Now he is the CEO of RunCloud, a company that aims to ease server management for developers and enterprises. There are now more than 230,000 web applications managed by RunCloud from more than 100 countries around the world in just three years since 2017.

Echo -less

Indie Rock Band
The humming sound produced from guitar strings resonates with other instrument in which combines with other instrument and eventually will interconnect us with one song. We introduce you a indie rock band, Echoless. Whenever we sad, musics cures emotions. Despite the language used in the music, the way musicians uniqueness in convey message as well echoed to the listeners. We present to you, Echoless.

Hailey Tan

Conservation Activist
Hailey Tan is a passionate environmental activist that engages in biodiversity and conservation advocacy and various volunteer work. Heavily involved in youth-led social movements that champion women's right and female empowerment.

Indra V. Selvarajah

Music Therapist
As a passionate advocate for music, health and wellbeing, Dr Indra is the first PhD qualified music therapist in Malaysia. Everyone enjoys music. Whether attending a concert, listening to the radio, or singing in the shower, there’s something about music that can fill us with emotion, from joy to sadness. Dr Indra believes the power of music shouldn’t be limited as mere entertainment, but as an approach to be used in the medical field. From the soothing musical chime of Beethoven's piano to the more trendy K-pop wave, despite a wide range of music genres, it connects humans to set something in motion. Aside from being a music therapist, Dr Indra has initiated and trained students for more than 20 community outreach activities working with a range of NGOs and societies, harnessing the benefits of music therapy to serve the most vulnerable members of the community, from children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and Dyslexia to older adults with Parkinson’s Disease & Dementia.

Jonathan Loo

Urban Choreographer
Millennials are often to keep their interest in pace with trendy stuff. Jonathan Loo has been pumped up with the limitless boundary of dancing. He has been constantly showcases his astounding choreography video across social media includes Instagram and Youtube. Stay tuned with us in watching his performance at our stage.

Kumitaa Theva Das

Geneticist/ Infectious Disease Investigator
Dr Kumitaa is a geneticist and a senior lecturer at the Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM). Having the passion and fondness in regards to the manipulation of genes, she is actively involved in projects and researches such as the latest genome editing tool, CRISPR, which aims to correct disease-causing mutations. Dr Kumitaa wishes to share how CRISPR will change and transform the world, especially in the field of medicine. With the vast realization of the benefits brought by this revolutionary breakthrough, there are hopes that CRISPR is catching on and bound to be practiced in Malaysia in near future. When Dr Kumitaa is free, she can be found in the lab supervising and conducting research herself. It is the place where she, with her forbearance and precision, had brought her humanitarian passion into a reality - aiming to bring benefits in saving humankind. Not all heroes wear capes, they sometimes wear lab coats too!

Maskiah Masrom

Poet/ Author
Buku dan beliau nescaya berpisah tiada. Dr. Maskiah binti Masrom atau dengan gelaran mesranya sebagai “Dr. Mas.” merupakan pendidik sepanjang masa yang pernah bertugas sebagai guru Kesusasteraan Melayu di SMK Tunku Abd. Rahman Putra; SMK Gunsanad, SMK Munshi Abdullah dan SMK Sultan Ibrahim. Kini, beliau memegang jawatan Pensyarah Kanan DG54 di Jabatan Pengajian Melayu, IPG Kampus Temenggong Ibrahim, Johor. Dr. Mas merupakan penulis yang telah menerbitkan berbagai-bagai karya bahasa Melayu yang terkemuka. Dengan kemahiran penulisan dan penyuntingan luar biasa, Dr. Mas membawa nafas baharu dalam dunia kesusasteraan bahasa Melayu yang semakin ditelan zaman. Bahasa Melayu merupakan identiti, kebanggaan, akar budi warga Malaysia yang tercinta. Dengan kesungguhan yang diserlahkan oleh Dr. Mas melalui karya bahasa Melayunya yang begitu simbolik, nescaya status bahasa Melayu akan berdiri sama tinggi, dan duduk sama rendah dengan bahasa-bahasa gergasi di dunia

Mustang Dance Academy

Street Dancer
Unleash the inner energy of creativity, located at the heart of Malaysia Kuala Lumpur, Mustang Academy is the path of art in dance. Mustang Dance Academy offers a wide range of dance classes from street dance styles conducted by experienced professional instructors. Hip-Hop, K-Pop, House Dance, Freestyle, you name it! Mustang Academy will be performing in our stage.

Nik Faiz Nik M Amin

Batik Enthusiast
Nik Faiz Nik M Amin is a third-generation batik artisan from a family of batik makers based in Penambang, Kelantan. An architect turned batik artisan. Now, he is the president of Malaysian Craft Council, the founder and creative director for Gahara Galore Sdn Bhd. He decided to moved back to Kelantan away from urban also known as ‘concrete jungle’ specifically, Kuala Lumpur, in order live a meaningful life with his parents and his business. He believes that life is more meaningful without the need to rush out time. His batik motifs have been always inspired by the Langkasuka, the majestic Che Siti Wan Kembang and Puteri Saadong. He always focuses on the underprivileged and loves to give to the artisan who is involved in Malaysian culture. Nik Faiz is optimistic to create the outstanding performance of batik, our untouchable culture and heritage. Nik Faiz’s biggest dreams are to create a distinctive motif to his works for the people to realize that it is always Malaysian brand batik.

P'ng Yi Wei

Game Designer/ Developer
Yi Wei is an interactive and game developer based in Malaysia. He is constantly intrigued by interactive media and am always experimenting with it – hoping to create more fun and lasting experiences to the users. He believe that knowledge is best shared than kept to oneself – and am currently working part time as Trainer and Guest Lecturer at colleges.

Raudah Yunus

Epidemiologist/ Social Activist
Strong eager in restoring humanities had been in the mind since she was pursuing studies in medical school, Raudah Yunus first encountered refugees when she visited Palestinian refugee camps in Beirut in 2007. She completed her first degree in medicine at Egypt’s Alexandria University. Egypt is the country that enlighten her the implied meaning of true friendship, great hospitality and strong resilience. It also ‘opened her eyes’ to poverty, inequalities, and political repression. Her experience in Alexandria and Beirut was a turning point that kindled her passion in issues of equity, marginalized communities and social justice. In 2018, along with a group of friends, Raudah co-founded READ Malaysia, an NGO that aims to support the urban poor. Currently, READ collaborates with a local refugee school in Puchong to facilitate Rohingya children’s access to primary education.

Steven Wong Siew Por

Nature Guide/ Wildlife Photographer
Desirous with the wonder of the world like many brave young kids, Steven Wong thought snakes were cool when he first saw them as pictures on his computer. Then, he grew up developing affection for its beauty and mystery through handling snakes at many adventurous nature trips. Keen with the beauty of nature, Steven studied Environmental Management at Monash University Sunway and worked as an environmental consultant for 3 years before deciding to embrace his passion for nature as a career. Steven is now a nature guide at eco-tourism agency Nature Inspired who takes tourists for eco trips and night walks all around Malaysia. Unshackle with his knowledge in science of environment, Steven is currently a respected expert in Malaysian herpetofauna (reptiles and amphibians). In fact, He is self-taught and well-versed in all things snakes.

Zulkiflee Anwar Haque@Zunar

ZULKIFLEE ANWAR HAQUE, better known as ZUNAR to Malaysians, is a cartoonist who has been drawing editorial cartoons for the past 20 years in Malaysia. Zunar (Zulkiflee Sm Anwar Ulhaque) is a political cartoonist from Malaysia. With the slogan, “How Can I be Neutral, Even My Pen Has a Stand”. ZUNAR holds that when one’s country is facing a moral crisis and beset by corruption, abuse of power and violations of human rights, then it is one’s duty to take a firm stand against those responsible for it. As a cartoonist, Zunar feels compelled to show this stand in his work. There are no two ways to do it: He must take the risk of fighting for change. Drawing cartoons, to him, becomes a fight for justice. As he puts it, “How can I be neutral, when even my pen has a stand?” He aims to use cartoons as a weapon to fight corruption and abuse of power. His philosophy is clear: In order to make an impact, we must do what must be done to the fullest.

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