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Theme: Who would've thought?

This event occurred on
June 4, 2022
Stuttgart, Baden-Württemberg

Stuttgart's very first TEDxYouth event hosted by the International School of Stuttgart with a theme of “Who would have thought?”. Speakers bring to you their unexpected ideas, innovative products and surprising revelations. This theme is relevant and personal to us (and everyone, for that matter) considering the pandemic and the quick switch to new technologies which we, as students, have had to cope with, in such a short period of time. We were forced to develop and come up with unexpected ways of learning which, looking back a year ago, would have had everyone asking “who would have thought?".

International School Stuttgart
Sigmaringer Str. 257
Stuttgart, Baden-Württemberg, 70597
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Youth (What is this?)
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Agneshka Kolangara

My name is Agneshka and I'm 12 years old. The topic I chose to talk about is space tourism because it seemed really interesting to me. I'm most excited about spreading the news to people about new ways of travelling into outer space.

Charlotte Ross

Hello, my name is Charlotte Ross and I am a 12th grader currently attending the International School of Stuttgart. In my talk I will be speaking about my experiences with overcoming setbacks and obstacles I’ve faced as a person struggling with OCD. I am looking forward to sharing my story, and I hope that I can inspire others to overcome their own challenges and find purpose in trying times.

Fleur Helble

MYP and DP Biology teacher
I am Fleur Helble and since 2015 have taught middle years programme science and International Baccalaureate diploma programme biology at International School of Stuttgart. Prior to teaching, I enjoyed eight years in academia; researching the synaptic mechanisms underlying experience dependent plasticity in the neocortex. My PhD was gained at Bristol University, followed by three years in the USA, at Brown and MIT; returning to the UK at Oxford University in 2004. Having always had an interest in education, participating in many opportunities to engage school children in science, it was a natural progression in my career to qualify as a science teacher. In my capacity as coordinator of Interdisciplinary teaching and learning, today I will highlight my thoughts and experiences of this progressive approach to preparing young people for real life challenges, not only in their studies and future workplace but in other aspects of life where decisions must be made, and compromises found.

Janine Rosenkranz

Instructional Designer and Artist Manager
I’m what you could call a multifaceted creative, with many passions and projects. So if I’m not at a gig, travelling or seeing friends, I’m likely cooking up a new creative project, be that a video edit, audio book etc. I started working as an instructional designer, creating course content for various topics including communication and leadership, to help learner’s face the challenges of their day-to-day corporate work environment. Helping others develop their potential is something I’ve always been passionate about. Therefore, for a while a career in human resource development and eLearning seemed like the way to go. However, my passion for developing other’s potential, paired with the pandemic and my growing love for the music industry, has recently led me down the road of pursuing a career as an artist manager in the music industry. The goal is clear, the path isn’t yet, but life taught me to stay open minded and take risks, so I believe things will come together.

Nikitha Guru Prasanna

Hi, I'm Nikitha Guru Prasanna from grade 12. I would be talking about how one might potentially measure the 'worth' of a person, which would be more in philosophical terms and challenging the conventional standards of society to an extent.

Rob Edwards

ROB EDWARDS is a veteran of movies and television who wrote and produced shows including "The Fresh Prince", "Full House", and "In Living Color" before writing two classic animated films for WALT DISNEY FEATURE ANIMATION, the Academy Award, and Golden Globe nominated THE PRINCESS AND THE FROG, and the Academy Award nominated TREASURE PLANET. He also con-sulted on TANGLED, WRECK-IT RALPH and FROZEN. More recently, Rob has written projects for Chris Rock, SHOWTIME, SONY, MOFAC, and MARVEL STUDIOS. He is currently writing and directing SNEAKS for Lengi Studios. Rob is also an adjunct professor of screenwriting at the Newhouse School at Syracuse University.

Yvonne Dietz

Business Economic - Project Management
After my graduation at University and some months spent in the US, I started to work for Hewlett-Packard Germany. Now I am looking back to a career of 25 years in large corporations, combining technical and financial aspects in my jobs, as subject matter expert and / or in management positions. I always loved to work in an international environment, bringing in my passion for people and numbers. I love languages and being inspired by people from all around the globe. My two teenage sons are 16 and 18 years old and they are my biggest inspiration and motivation for never giving up and striving for being a better me. So I try to be be mentally and physically agile. Ideally, I like to combine nature and movement, for example by sailing or surfing, gardening or dancing.

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