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Theme: Our Times

This event occurred on
June 2, 2022
Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Hong Kong

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times" Charles Dickens, in "A Tale of Two Cities", could not have penned an even more fitting saying to describe the whole world's times, since the global pandemic starting in late 2019. TEDxHSUHK 2022 is bringing to you a line-up of speakers whose voices are symbolic of their times. You will get to know how they managed to turn their worst of times into their best of times, shaping our times that we are enjoying, together, now.

Continuing on with the good spirit of “REstart” in our 2021 event, TEDxHSUHK is all ready to start again and again! In 2022, TEDxHSUHK's Our Times will literally be OURS, all over the world, since it will be live-streamed!

We will also especially invite speakers advocating different SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) in Hong Kong. Their ideas worth spreading will include, but not limited to, how their times can make our home city, Hong Kong, a sustainable and adorable home.

Hang Seng University of Hong Kong
Hang Shin Link, Siu Lek Yuen
Shatin, N.T.
Hong Kong, Hong Kong, 852
Hong Kong
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6號 @RubberBand

Vocalist + Director +Lyricist +Traveller
6, vocalist and lyricist of RubberBand, has been creating music with his band since 2004. Recent works including “Ciao” and “Stay Well” (好好地過) are referred as “Songs of Our Times” by the public. Apart from his work with RubberBand, 6 also composes lyrics for other singers, documenting our city and delivering humanistic cares through words. With his enthusiasm for movies and expertise in creating dialogues via images and music, not only does he direct all of RubberBand’s music videos, but also for fellow singers as well. Apart from music videos, his cinematic passion is also embodied in directing microfilms. In 2021, his directorial work “Traces of You” (你明日回來) won the Best Microfilm Production Award - Bronze Award in the Microfilm Production Support Scheme (Music) . 6 is passionate about traveling and hopes to not only nurture more artistic ideas by visiting different places in the world, but to also develop endless possibilities in his creative journey.

Adam Wong 黃修平

Director + Scriptwriter + Educator
Adam Wong started to make short films with facilities at University of Iowa when he was an exchange student there. Many of his later works were awarded at ifva. His short films include: Ah Wai and Murphy, Glowing, Pinwheel, Secret Taste, Our Playground and Assignment, Bitter Sweet, etc. His feature films include: When Beckham Met Owen, Magic Boy, The Way We Dance, She Remembers, He Forgets and The Way We Keep Dancing. In 2017, he made the documentary The Way Out for UNICEF Hong Kong. In 2013, he was invited to be the voice-actor for the protagonist of Hayao Miyazaki’s animation The Wind Rises. He also teaches courses on creative media at different universities in Hong Kong. He won the award of Best New Director with The Way We Dance at the Hong Kong Film Award. His latest work The Way We Keep Dancing gets six nominations at the Taipei Golden Horse Film Award and was invited as the closing film of the Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival.

Ah Jeng (Wong Ching-yi) 阿正 (黃正宜)

Radio Host + TV Host
Wong Ching-yi (Ah Jeng), a programme host of the Commercial Radio Hong Kong, wants to share her happiness and positive energy with her audience. Since graduating from the School of Journalism and Communication of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Ah Jeng never stopped chasing her childhood dream of being a DJ. With her quick wit and creative humour in her radio programmes, such as I am Single and Bad Girlo, Ah Jeng has gradually gained popularity among audiences.

Ahfa WONG Wai-kwan 花姐 (黃慧君)

TV Show Producer + Director +Idol Group Manager
Ahfa WONG Wai-kwan (also known as 花姐) is a renowned producer of one of the leading television broadcast companies in Hong Kong, ViuTV. Since 2018 Ahfa has also made her name known in Hong Kong as the manager of two chart-topping music groups: Mirror and Error. Starting her career in the television industry all the way back in 1992, Ahfa worked her way up from a production assistant, to a music-video, concert and television producer. Ahfa has become a household name since 2018, thanks to “Good Night Show King Maker” (全民造星), one of the most sensational reality shows she produced. What also helped put this producer on the map is Ahfa’s commitment to creating content that would revolutionise the traditional definition of what “entertainment” means to audiences. In an industry still dominated by men, Ahfa’s persistence and creativity are the key to her success, and also to making herself a role model to inspire us to realise the endless possibilities for women around the world.

Heiward Mak 麥曦茵

Director + Scriptwriter + Founder of Dumb Youth + Educator
Heiward Mak studied Design at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University and studied Creative Media at the City University of Hong Kong where she began to write films and screenplays. She won the Best Screenwriter at the Hong Kong Film Awards for "Love in a Puff" and got 11 nominations including the Best Director and Screenwriter for "Fagara". The films she produced include “Mad World”, “The Withering”, “Fire Room” and more. She has also been involved in different roles such ad planning and editing in other film productions. Her role as the editing director for the movie “Drifting” also earned her a nomination for the Best Editing at the Golden Horse Award. In 2012, she founded Dumb Youth, a performer and creative unit dedicated to cultivating actors, singer-songwriters, performers and songwriters. Heiward is now being active in writing and cross-media cultural creation. Meanwhile, she is teaching screenwriting courses at different universities.

YEUNG Chun-yin 鹽叔 & KWAN Ho-chuen 白水 @Corrupt the Youth 好青年荼毒室 - 哲學部

Philosophy Boy Band + Content Creator
Corrupt the Youth, as implied, is dedicated to corrupting young people. Over 2000 years ago, a man named Socrates was sentenced to death for the exact same act. At last, he drank himself to death, in one gulp of the executioner’s cup of poison. Today, a group of deeply poisoned people set up this space to step into the world of philosophy together. This space will corrupt your mind. You will start to realize that everything around you is not that logical and natural. You will begin to introspect and ponder about the nature of everything in life, the world, language, science, ethics, knowledge, politics and more. Once beginning this reflective journey, one may never get to be one of those good boys or good girls who abide by every rule.

程人富 (Chorus) & 高Ling (Vito) @小薯茄 Pomato

Chrous: Members of Pomato + Actor + Comedian + YouTuber; Vito: Co-founder of Pomato + Director
Majoring in Movie and Digital Media, Chorus has been devoting himself to performing. Having received professional training in acting, Chorus especially shines in comedy performances. Other than Pomato, he also actively participates in dramas, movies, and various types of advertisements. His being witty and eloquent is also making Chorus one of the most popular choices to be the MC in different events and variety shows. Chorus’s presence is always the source of joy for audiences. Vito is the co-founder and channel director of the Pomato Studio Limited, one of the most popular video production companies in Hong Kong specializing in producing comedic skits featuring all walks of life, and topics resonating with our everyday lives. Under his leadership, Pomato has now diversified their productions, ranging from comical sketches, microfilms, game shows, vlogs, to mini dramas.

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