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Theme: Heads & Tails

This event occurred on
December 15, 2021
sanaa, Şan‘ā'

Main Aim of the event:
Our Level 2 event is coming with a new vision that aims to shed light on the intellectual gap between two generations “the adult generation and the young generation” in order to create an intellectual exchange between the experiences, way of thinking, and plans of both generations.
This Idea has aroused the needs within our community, as the event also aims to show the characteristics of each generation and their vision in the 6 different discussed topics - mentioned below- ensuring to show that each generation has its own distinctive and different fingerprint.
In a country suffering from a conflict that has taken its toll on Yemenis and especially heavily affecting the economic situation, such an event brings hope, change, and inspiration to Yemenis. It brings inspiring stories of people transforming and changing their reality for the better. So, these stories will bring about lessons learned and how people can start over, get inspired, learn and change for the better

Slogan Scope:
Although both generations are different, they complete each other and no generation can exist alone. " Heads * Tails "
reflecting two sides of a coin which are different but still each side is completed by the other,

Main Topics discussed in the event:
- Entrepreneurship " From Scratch"
- Education " KeyStone "
- Tourism "From The land of BALQIS"
- Inventions and handicrafts "Made in Yemen"
- Health "Health is Wealth"
- Art " Art between two generations"

Targeted Audience:
Many inspirational talks of TED 2021, that will be selected carefully, will be presented. Also, many relative talks will be presented on the stage by speakers with creative and new ideas. We are expecting quite good attendance targeting 800 people interested in the 6 focus areas (entrepreneurship, inventions, and handicrafts, health, education, tourism, and also art). So the attendance is divided into two categories: 400 youth and 400 adults to achieve the intended intellectual exchange and higher benefit from the areas and topics that will be presented, as well as making an intellectual shift in the way of thinking of both generations.

Orphan Hall
95MP+GR8، صنعاء‎،، Yemen
sanaa, Şan‘ā', 000000
Event type:
Standard (What is this?)
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Speakers may not be confirmed. Check event website for more information.

Abdullah AL-Arasi

Banking Marketing Specialist
More than 20 years of experience in the field of marketing and the banking sector. a trainer and consultant in entrepreneurship and small project .a mentor for many projects and an experience in coaching.

Abdulrahman Al shabi

Architecture student
Balance artist

Adam AL-Aghbari

High school student
He is a guitarist who graduated from the Yemeni House of Music and Arts. He has participated in concerts for schools and in occasions for the Yemeni House of Music and Arts.

Ahlam Al-selwi

Geology Student
Ahlam is a young Violinists. She learned playing at the Cultural Center and took a course at the Yemeni House of Music and Arts. She worked as an electronic keyboard coach at a kindergarten. She has Participated in many occasions such as: - I'm Going to Start My year Fine for Cancer Patients. - Yemeni Tales and Legends Project with the - Yemeni House of Music and Arts. Every person has a weapon in this life. Ahlam's weapon was her violin. But unlike all weapons, her weapon does not hurt.

Ahmed AL-Iby

IT Student/ Works as a phone programmer
He a singer who works as a phone programmer. He Participated in several programs and graduation parties and had been a guest in many interviews. He can speak English very well. And of course like all artists, he likes all kinds of arts.

Ali AL-Bar

high school student
A young guitarist who worked as an assistant to a music teacher. Music has been a part of his life, so he has participated in many events such as TEDx Sanaa kids an and many other school parties and occasions at the Yemeni House of Music and Arts.

Ali AL-Medhwahi

A Medical Doctor specialized in Public Health and Epidemiology. Currently, Dr. Ali is a Public Health Advisor supporting health, immunization, nutrition, epidemiology and risk communications activities in Yemen as a national senior health specialist. In addition, Dr. Al Mudhwahi supports emergency and humanitarian action with over twenty years of professional experience in the field of primary health care and health systems strengthening. He brings an extensive experience in health systems and public health activities through managing PHC programs and working with the local communities in Yemen and other countries in the MENA region. Additionally, Dr. Al Mudhwahi worked as Public Health Specialist with several international agencies in addition to managing family Health Programs in the Yemen.

Amna Al-Nasiri

Plastic Artist and Critic
Amna is a plastic artist and critic from Yemen. She has a Master Degree from the State Academy of Arts (Surkov) - Moscow, 1994 and holds a PhD in Aesthetics, Moscow 2002. She is an Assistant Professor "Aesthetics" - Department of Philosophy, Faculty of Arts - University of Sana'a. she has conducted 17 personal exhibitions in Yemen, Germany, Holland, Russia, Ireland. She practices critical writing in many local and Arab newspapers and magazines, and has fixed columns in more than one local newspaper and is an author of three books. She lectures on art philosophies, aesthetics, and various arts issues and organizes plastic workshops in her studio, Kon. Since 2009, she has founded and directed the Kon Foundation and Studio for the development of taste and visual culture. For the period from 1986 to 2021, she has participated in many international symposia, exhibitions and workshops, and has a membership in jury committees in many Arab awards.

Anas Izzadein

music arranger
Anas is known as the youngest music arranger in Yemen. He likes all kinds of music. He plays oud and piano, but he is his best musician when he plays guitar. He has worked as a music arranger for many programs and guitarist in famouse Yemeni songs such as: "Medley Azzaniat" with the singer (Abdullah al-Sahl), &"She Said My Baby" "My Eyes Saw you" with (Ayman Qusayla), & "I Hope We Don't Separate" with (Saida Al-Bakmi), and played guitar for only a minute with (Hashim al-Hasani) and many others.

Ayman Alwadei

Undergraduate / Business Administration - works at the Yemen and Kuwait Bank
His voice makes you cry and laugh at the same time.

Bassam AL-Ramah

Metatronics engineer
"currently he is a mechatronics engineering student at Sana'a University, Yemen. One of the co-founders of Smart tech group which is a Yemeni company that manufactures industrial machines such as 3D printers, sculpting machines, water filling production lines, silkscreen printers, and other industrial machines that customers need. He started from scratch and manufactured such machines locally since they are hefty and difficult to import to Yemen because of customs and shipping fees.

Bushra Muneer

General Internal Medicine Specialist and Teaching Assistant at Sana’a University and a faculty member at Emirates University 1. Former Director of the Department of Continuing Education at the Republican Hospital 2. USMLE Program Coordinator United States Medical Licensing Examination 2020-2021 3. Previously neutral observer at WHO November 2015-November 2017 4. Speaker at the International Youth Council - 2020 (International Youth Council- Yemen 5. Speaker at V-Talks 2016 6. Founder and Director of Tidings Volunteer Medical Team

Doaa Al-Wase

Founder of the Cultural Heritage Foundation "Bilqis Throne"
Doaa worked in the field of tourist guidance since 2005 and was the first girl in such field. She started from the old Sana’a with her distinguished program “Live a day in the old city of Sana’a” which includes a tour in the city, visiting equilogical places, introducing the cultural heritage and sitting with a number of local women because she was a point of contact with foreigners and local women, and this was the strength of the program. She accompanied hundreds of foreign women, and newspapers and some local and foreign channels spoke about her work. Her name was added to the tourist programs of the tourist agencies. It included "A day with Doaa" and participation in the "Live a Day in the old city of Sanaa"program. After the war, she established her tourism and heritage institution," The Throne of Belqis" which calls for the preservation of cultural heritage and archaeological tourist destinations.

Emad Al Suwaidi

Owns a musical instrument store
An oud player who has played in many theaters. He is also the author of the book (Made with your magic in portrayal of Maqamat). He has worked on the (Mijdaf) project with UNESCO and the European Fund. Many students have been taught by him. He says that each one of us has his favorite person, this person was the oud for him.

Eman AL-Maktari

Successfully managed theEmbassy project, time and cost, and exceeding expectations Result wise. Successfully raised an additional $70,000 in donations for the Coding Academy which led to an expansion of 2 additional cities (Taiz and Hadhramaut) next to the main axis in Sana'a.  Over 100 trainees have been trained in two years and more than 50 permanent jobs have been secured.  Supporting more than 15 companies to build and employ their technical teams. Received recognition to become the coordinator of the Information Technology Committee of the Chamber of Commerce Which consists of elite Yemeni businessmen and businessmen in the field of information technology.

Etidal Abdo Nasser Alqubati

Secretary-General and Humanitarian Affairs Officer of the Yemeni Red Crescent
Etidal holds many positions such as: - Ministry of Health Operations Technician - Nursing Supervisor at Republican Hospital, Aden. - Emergency Department Director of the Yemeni Red Crescent, Sana'a. - Field officer of the Yemeni Red Crescent, Sana'a. - Executive Director of the Yemeni Red Cross, Sana'a. - Certified Trainer in the field of psychological support for the International Federation, the Red Cross and the Red Crescent Societies. -Trainer in disasters, armed conflicts and safe access. - Certified Trainer in camp management in times of disasters and emergencies. - Trainer in Nutrition and Human Minimum Standards (Sphere Standards). - Certified Trainer in Infectious Diseases and Sexually Transmitted Diseases. - Clinical Nursing and first aid Trainer. - Trainer in the field of violence against women.

Fawzi AL-Mamari

Operations Manager of the Unconditional Cash Transfer Program - Social Fund for Development
an Engineer who suffered of diabetes Miletus 10 days ago & through online researches he found a method of diet that allowed him to get rid of all symptoms with out drugs.

Galal Almrysy

Musician, Artist, and Oud player.
Currently, he is a participant in the Yemeni House for Music and Arts. Lately, he is learning to play the Qanubus instrument, or as they call it the al-Tarabi instrument. He is expert in the field of music and a professional Oud player. His first public participation was in TEDxSanaa 2021 "Heads and Tails".

Ghadq Senan

She learned English from songs. And as someone who sings a lot, she gained the language and mastered singing in English. her first participation was in TEDxSanaa 2021 "Heads and Tails".

Hadeel Faya

Architect, Decorator, Composer, Digital and Animation Artist. (Freelancer).
Hadeel says that by drawing, she expresse every feeling. She has participated in several art exhibitions, including "Features" "The Anniversary of the Death of AbuBakar Salem, "Sustenance and Art" exhibition at Basement Foundation, The World Arabic Language Day Exhibition at the Yemeni House of Music, and several other university exhibitions. She is one of the talents of TEDxSanaa Event, Digital Designer and Painter volunteer for Ghaith Youth Initiative,a member of The Somaya Jamal Volunteer Team for Writing Content and Script, a volunteer member of translation and content writing for the Wamd educational initiative, a volunteer content writing for the (Researcher) Initiative.

Hajer Alkhayat

A graduate of art education who works as plastic artist. She is interested in realistic portrait drawing, as well as drawing people, Anime, and Caricature. She also tends to draw still life. She has several local and international participations. She masters Portrait drawing showing accurate details of the artwork and likes to draw silent nature and high lighten the shadows .she can also merge oil colors on fabric and paint with watercolors on Canson papers. Creating cartoon characters and sketching also are two of her many skills.

Hamza Alhoish

Band singer and Maqamat trainer
An MIS graduate who loves singing. He works as a singer and Maqamat" musical notes" trainer. His voice is so beautiful that he takes his audience to another world.

Hazim AL-Ghorbani

Free style dancer
Hazem is a free style dancer who believes that dancing is not just a way of entertainment, but also a way to express feelings and convey messages. His achievements can be summarized as follows: - A member of One Million Initiative. - A programmer and volunteer as a software engineer in Exportlog at Google (online), - The national programmer at the Ministry of Industry and Commerce. - Participated in the e-governance development conference. - Participated in the Programming and Entrepreneurship Conference. - 4 years of experience in the field of web programming, applications and technical solutions. - Winner of the second top in the national competition for innovation in the development of e- government. - Winner of the first top in Hackathon Corona. - Winner of the third top in the university competition for the development of entrepreneurial projects. - Founder of medical broadcasts project (online). - Owner of Soft Circle Company.

Khaled Kareeem

Flight Engineer
His singing talent was discovered when he was four years old. He has developed it by participating in many performances and celebrations of schools. People say that he is the next "AbuBakr Salem"; once he plays the Oud, he takes the rapture to another level.

Labeeb Al-Ariqi

General Manager of the Yemen Cotton Flower Factory
He worked as an accountant at Mercedes for 7 years and at Al-Gamal Trading Company for two years. Also as a Deputy Director of Sales at Benz for 7 years, Deputy General Manager at For Print Advertising, and Catering Company for 9 years, General Manager of Three Line Advertising, for 3 years, General Manager of Yemen Zahrat Cotton Factory for a year and a half, and he is still holding this position. He is a graduate of Sana’a University, College of Commerce and holds a Bachelor of Commerce, Accounting Department. He holds an IDSL certificate and has taken many courses, including anti-drug course from Dubai Police in Sana’a, a course in Jebel Ali in sales with Mercedes, a course in marketing in Dubai, courses in volunteer work and community service. He was also a member and founder of the Yemen Life Makers Foundation, where he worked in several positions as project manager and orphan sector official director.

Liqaa AL-Mustaka

Consultant in the field of economic empowerment and development of small and medium enterprises Expert and consultant in the beekeeping and honey production sector, trainer of project management, marketing and finance for small projects. Executive Director of the Noub Foundation for Honey and Agricultural Products.

Liza AL-Koari

Public Relations Assistant at Petro Messila
a blind women who believed in her self & developed her skills by practicing , proving to the entire society that the only walls in life are the ones we build for our selves.

Maha Salah

MA in Marketing from the Arab Academy for Banking and Financial Sciences in 2016 AD; Story writer who adores poetry. She has published a number of narrative books and children's stories, also she has a number of memberships: 1- Member of the Yemeni Writers Union 2- Founding member of the Ibhar Foundation for Childhood and Creativity 3- Member of the Board of Trustees of the EFE-YEMEN Foundation 2014-2019 4- Member of the International Visitor Program Alumni Association

Mahad AL-Sheikh

Music Arranger and Sound Engineer
A music arranger and sound engineer with 15 years, of experience. He is also a western music specialist. Currently, HE IS interested in presenting Western works with an Arab identity and integrating different cultures. What distinguishes him is that he arranges music live in front of the audience.

Maher AL-Aqil

Lead Trainer Re-coded & CEO & Co-Founder Tectonic Labs
Maher is the CEO & Co-Founder Tektonic Labs and currently works as a senior coding trainer at Re:Coded, and is the head of technology at Sitex-ye Seasonal- The most prominent technology exhibition in the fields of technology, telecommunications and consumer electronics. He is also a member of the Information Technology Companies Committee (ITCC) at Sana'a Chamber of Commerce. He is the winner of the National Competition for Innovative Projects Pioneers award granted by the Ministry of Industry and Trade in 2020

Majd Atef

High school student
He has been a guitarist since childhood. He loves nature and travelling. He practices many types of sports such as table tennis, swimming and football. He has a diploma in music from Yemeni House of Music and Arts.

Marwan AL-Juraidy

Yemeni artistic activist
Yemeni artistic activist, founder of a youth art initiative to support Yemeni artists, songwriter and author of a book group called blacklist & red lines

Moath Abdulrazaq

Undergraduate Student - English Accounting.

Mohamed Albashiq

Fine Arts Teacher and Trainer
Fine arts teacher and trainer. He has completed nearly 500 paintings of different materials.

Mohammed Abdulkhaliq

University Professor (Graphic Design and Arts)
The first Yemeni professional photographer for bird life and macro. He was chosen as the best creative director for three consecutive years as artistic director of graduate student projects

Mohammed Abkar

oil equipment technician and drilling supervisor
Mohammed is an Oud player, composer, and singer. He has composed a piece of music entitled Ishtiaq (longing) with San’ani rhythm. Then he released a cover entitled Baeid (Far away) for the Maestro Ahmed Fathi. He believes that what we play is nothing but a rhythmic simulation of the melodies that resound in our souls. We try to translate them through these instruments.

Mohammed AL-Arafi

Director of juvenile Social Guidance house
He is currently the director of the juvenile Social Guidance House (boys) and also works as the deputy director general of social care centers and homes in the capital Sana’a.

Mohammed AL-Bar

High school student
A guitarist and a drummer. She participated in TEDx Kids and a series of Yemeni House music concerts. I love playing the drums

Mohammed Asda

Neurologist, Chinese Acupuncture specialist and Yemeni musician
A neurologist, who practices medicine for more than 35 years. He has been a TV presenter for scientific, medical and environmental programs for 17 years on Yemeni satellite channels and a number of local channels.

Mohammed Motaher

An employee in a musical instrument store and Al Gharsi company
He is a maker of Ouds and all musical instruments. He is also a maintenance expert, oud teacher, instrumentalist, singer, and bass player.

Mohanned AL-Shaikh

Artistic and creative director
He is a graphic designer and the founder of Massive Studio. He previously worked as a freelance designer for the United Nations, UNICEF, GIZ, Islamic Relief, Mercy Corps and many organizations. He is the first Yemeni to be Certified from the Adobe Company in illustrator in 2016, and is the winner of the Behance 2014 currency award. He participated in many competitions, such as Nasser bin Hamdan competition in the field of graphic design in 2016, and won the French Cultural Center for his short story "Soap bubble" in 2006.

Moheeb Rafeeq

He has many talents, but mostly important are parkour and visual tricks. Yet, the talents that he has been able to master strongly since his childhood are jugglings and visual tricks. He has been mastering those talents for about 14 years. And in 2016, He reached the professional stage.

Mona AL-Dobhani

She is a clinical psychologist and mental health advocate who works to raise mental health awareness in Yemen. She volunteers as a mental health lecturer and facilitator in different occasions locally and regionally.

Reham AL-Ward

Veterinary Student
Reham is a student with certificates in English and Spanish who combined studying and practicing talents. She believes that we must live every moment as if it was our last. She sings in different languages. She is a former concert coordinator.

Sadiq AL-Sherai

Professional football player
A Business Administration graduate and a professional football player for multiple clubs such as: Al-Ahly, Taiz - Al-Rasheed - Al-Yarmouk - Al-Tilal. He has participated internatinally in the AFC Cup. He is also an amazing painter who works a graphic designer. Moreover, he works as an activities supervisor for several schools, most notably Sanaa British School and Taiz Educational School. He also a party planner and cultural competitions organizer. His first participation as a painter was in TEDxSanaa 2021 "Heads and Tails".

Safaa AL-Aghbari

A Yemeni entrepreneur, founder and owner of the Safi Abaya project for designing abaya that was established in 2016


Samar is a leading entrepreneur & desert expert. She shares her journey in the desert industry & how she went from zero to hero & became a pioneering & one of the most influential business women.

Shaima Abdulkareem

Shaima is the head of Sweet Yemen (Mina Mina)- a company that manufactures local chocolate free from preservatives to be the first of its kind & is certified by international quality standards.

Shehab Almatary

Guitarist and music coach
A guitar trainer in more than one facility, including the Arab Art Forum, the Yemeni House of Music, and several schools in Sana'a. he is also responsible for rehabilitation and psychological support through music in the Sustainable Development Foundation (SDF) for refugee and war-affected children. He created the first academic curriculum for teaching guitar playing in Yemen. He also filmed and produced several musical works written and composed by him and I developed some Yemeni folk songs and converted them into contemporary songs that preserved the spirit of their original melody, but in a new and unconventional style. In addition, he Plays more than one instrument; guitar, piano, and oud. With every tune he plays, you hear a different story.

Suhil AL-Shalalii

Student and coffee shop worker
A singer, student and worker. He has certificates in human development and project management.

Yousra Ishaq

Graphic design lecturer
Yousra ISHAQ is a first-time film director, with a strong background as a film producer in Yemen, facilitating local productions and coordinating multinational teams including international media such as the BBC and PBS . Between 2013-2017. Yousra studied Business Administration at UUM (Malaysia) and applied her business management skills in versatile and multi- functional environments. In 2017, she co- founded the Yemen-based film foundation and production company, Comra Films. In 2018, one of the projects she worked on for PBS as a field producer was nominated for an Emmy Award

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