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Theme: TED Countdown 2021 at Colegio Americano de Xalapa

This event occurred on
December 10, 2021
Emiliano Zapata, Veracruz

This is our first time organizing such an amazing event! Colegio Americano de Xalapa is hosting a TED Countdown to share and spread ideas about taking care of our local, national, and worldwide community!

Do not miss your chance and join us in this adventure! We are open to hear your ideas and ready to enable you to spread the word beyond the limits. Send us a mail and let us know what you have to share. The same goes if you prefer to attend only!

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Together we are making the difference!

Colegio Americano de Xalapa
Carretera Xalapa-Veracruz, Kilómetro 12.9
Campus Lencero
Emiliano Zapata, Veracruz, 91640
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Countdown (What is this?)
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Ana Sofía García

7th Grade Student
Ana Sofía is a 7th grade student at Colegio Americano de Xalapa. During the last two years, she has been part of the TED Community participating in different events and programs. She has completed the TED Student Club once and gave a talk about happiness and motivation. When she heard that the school was ready to organize a TEDx Countdown, she was one of the first speakers to join the program!

Andrea Ceballos

12th Grade Student
Andrea Ceballos Anguiano es una jóven de 17 años a la que le encanta pasar tiempo con su familia y amigos. Una de sus mayores pasiones es el fútbol y su equipo favorito es el Barcelona. También le gusta ver películas y programas de televisión, especialmente Harry Potter y Friends ya que es muy fan de ambas. En sus tiempos libres le gusta pintar cuadros, sobre todo si son paisajes. Le gusta mucho la naturaleza y uno de los temas que más le apasiona es el cuidado del medio ambiente. También le gusta mucho la ciencia y hacer experimentos, de hecho gracias a un proyecto de cáncer de mama logró ir a Abu Dhabi Emiratos Árabes Unidos junto con su mejor amiga. Inicialmente quería estudiar arquitectura pero debido a su gran interés por el ambiente y la ciencia, decidió que va a estudiar ingeniería en desarrollo sustentable y algún día le gustaría trabajar en organizaciones encargadas de ayudar al medio ambient

Andrea Sánchez

9th Grade Student
Andrea has played a key role in the Colegio Americano de Xalapa community. She is always taking part in every major event in the school, and the way she prepares herself for the action goes beyond common understanding. During Model of the United Nations events, she had the role of "Honorable Moderator of the FAO", and she is also part of the MUN Experts Club at our school. She likes sports and spending quality time with her family and friends. Of course, something that she loves is to face new challenges constantly, and TEDx Countdown is a very good example of this!

Arantza Cruz

11th Grade Student
Arantza Cruz Guerrero, estudiante del colegio americano de Xalapa. Ella ya ha participado en eventos externos al colegio como lo son DI y Genius, en el cual logró obtener un tercer lugar a nivel internacional. Ella es creativa, le gustan las artes y la tecnología, sus pasatiempos son dibujar, pintar, escribir y programar. Le gusta probar cosas nuevas.

Hee Jin Jang

8th Grade Student
8th Grade is quite an adventure. One needs knowledge, skills, and most of all, courage... Hee-Jin is one of those students who are ready to succeed in every new obstacle that is right in front of her. She cares for the environment and has been working on developing basic actions to be taken by all of the community to protect and ensure that nature recovers its balance. She strongly believes that TEDx Countdown is the best way to make small ideas go bigger.

Jessica García

8th Grade Student
Jessica is an example of going from little to everything! She is tireless and looking for getting things done all the time. Jessica is part of the TED community in our school, and also takes part in different projects and challenges. She participated in the Maple-Shine International Public Speaking Competition, was part of the honorable secretariat during the last Model of the United Nations event, and she is invited to "Euro Summit 2022" at Monterrey City. At the school, she may look shy, but it is only an illusion as she is one of the most friendly people one will find in the community.

Jorge Larios

7th Grade Student
Jorge has been part of the TED community since he was in 6th grade. He cares for the environment and has a clear sense of sustainability and how it must work around us to ensure a positive future. He is an example of a person who believes that the key to solving every problem is to make a change within each person before trying to move forward by making others change first.

Jose Naredo

12th Grade Student
I’m José Naredo, I was born on February 19th in the year 2004 to a lovely family of six. From a young age, I always felt a connection with the earth. As time went by and I grew older, on the internet, I found life-changing information, the earth was dying, we were taking it for granted, and millions of things could be done but no action was being taken, so I began doing small changes to help nature, like reducing my usage of plastic, reinforcing the three Rs and more. Currently, I’m passionate about the 2030 agenda, which I’m looking forward to talking about during my TED Talk at my school, hoping I can spark young minds like mine into changing their ways for the better of the planet earth, which has given us so much and who we’ve given too little to.

Lorena Paola Ortiz Medina

8th Grade Student
She loves sports for example fencing,soccer,archery and run.She likes the video games and she dislikes when they lie or shout to her.She is speaker of TEDx Countdown because she wants to try something new and challenging.

Lorna Jiménez

7th Grade Student
If you want someone always ready to get the job done, you are looking for Lorna! She is in charge of our TED Circles community in Colegio Americano de Xalapa. She was also part of our first "TED Student Club" two years ago. Not to mention that Lorna is updating our platforms every time something new comes from! She gave a talk two years ago, "Doing New Things as a Lifestyle", where she encourage people to go away from their comfort zone and try challenges as much as they can. When talking about the environment, Lorna has something very clear, the solution rests in our hearts and willingness to make a change.

Luis Alfaro

Science and Social Studies Middle School Teacher
Luis Alfaro has been teaching Science and Social Studies for six years at Colegio Americano de Xalapa. He has worked along with different TED programs such as TED-Ed Student Talks and TED Clubs. In 2021, he was given the chance to be in charge of the school’s MUN program, which will happen on April 7th, 2022. He strongly believes in independent learning, creative and critical thinking, and socio-cultural personal development as the main aspects of every teaching-learning methods and theories. By the way, he is a vegetarian...

Manuel Ferro

12th Grade Student
My name is Manuel Ferro Sánchez, I was born in 2003 and have lived in Xalapa, Veracruz-México since the day I was born on December 21st. I started studying at a very young, and then in 2010 I went to elementary school, Colegio Renacimiento, which only had nursery and elementary school, but later would change its name to Colegio Americano de Xalapa and add both middle and high school, so I’ve studied there pretty much my whole life, but that also means that I have pretty strong bonds with my friends there. I really enjoy drawing with graphites; watching sci-fi, fantasy, and horror movies; and playing video games, but my biggest passion has to be science. Since my very first days, I’ve been a very curious boy. I’ve always been interested in knowing why and how things happen; I really enjoy doing research and investigations on new topics in many fields such as biology, physics, etc.

Mary Carmen Martínez

8th Grade Student
Mary Carmen studies at Colegio Americano de Xalapa. She loves to be part of projects, programs, or even major events that demand the use of skills and abilities from the participants. She was part of the Maple Shine International Talk Award 2022 and went into the finals. At the school, she is part of the MUN Experts Clubs and plays the role of Honorable Moderator of the UNEP committee. Once she got the chance to share her ideas and thoughts about Climate Change in a form of a TED Talk, she immediately joined the team and started her preparation for the event!

Pablo Didier Aguirre

12th Grade Student
Pablo Didier Aguirre Luna, nací el 31 de marzo de 2004 en Xalapa, México; Soy el primer hijo de dos. Me gustan los deportes, los videojuegos y la escuela, mi materia favorita son las matemáticas y mis deportes favoritos son el fútbol y el ajedrez. Recién cumplí 17 años y ahora mismo estoy cursando el último año de bachillerato por lo que el año que viene comenzaré la universidad. Me gustaría estudiar arquitectura porque creo que es una carrera muy completa y tiene sentido para muchas otras ciencias. A lo largo he tenido la dicha de conocer distintos contextos sociales por diferentes razones, por ende me considero una persona lo suficientemente empática, social y versátil de gustos. Desde pequeño siempre experimenté un gran gusto por la naturaleza, recuerdo recorrer los parques y sitios naturales de mi ciudad de extremo a extremo en compañía de mis padres, desafortunadamente hoy día varios de esos lugares se han visto críticamente afectados por el crecimiento urbano de la ciudad.

Paul García

Biology Teacher
Mr. Paul, as he is called by his dear students, is deeply interested in everything related to sustainability and nature protection. His lessons are a vivid reflection of independent thinking and empathy for our environment. He was very happy when he got the opportunity to be part of TEDx Countdown this year!

Sebastián Pérez

8th Grade Student
Sebastian likes sports, video games, and spending time with his friends and family. At the school, he is glad every time a new challenge comes to his life. When he heard that the Colegio Americano de Xalapa was having a TEDx Countdown event, he was the first person on board!

Sofia Sigala Ocampo

8th Grade Student
She loves sports, reading, painting, and playing video games. She likes Nutella and she hates pizza. She wants to be a speaker at TEDx Countdown 2021 because she worries about the planet at this moment and she wants to give her opinion to solve the and improve as citizens of this world.

Victor Manuel Oliva Aguilar

9th Grade Student
Victor is a student in ninth grade he is tennis obsessed, he plays in tournaments and has win a lot of them, he likes spending times with friends and meeting new people, he likes watching movies, he hates mustard and can’t stand onions. He wanted to get involved in this because he wants to make people aware of what is happening due to global warming and wants them to know that there’s no thing as a little help everything counts even if its little.

Victoria Garfias

8th Grade Student
"Vicko", one of those students of a kind, is aware of all the opportunities that can be used to bring a better future to our community. She was the first of joining TEDx Countdown 2021, and she had a clear idea about what needed to be said from the very beginning. In action, she faces everyday challenges with a success rate of 100%. She likes to be part of extra school projects and programs, and is always there, where her friends need her.

Yoseline Murrieta Sanders

8th Grade Student
Yoseline Murrieta Sanders has been a normal student with an incredible desire to continue learning every day she likes to play tennis and basketball she does not like people to lie to her and that she gives up, they is why she wants to help in some aspect so that global warming is reduced or disappear, believe that between us we can achieve it!!

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