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Theme: This is the future

This event occurred on
April 17, 2022
Miami, Florida
United States

In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience. At a TEDx event, TEDTalks video and live speakers combine to spark deep discussion and connection in a small group. These local, self-organized events are branded TEDx, where x = independently organized TED event. The TED Conference provides general guidance for the TEDx program, but individual TEDx events are self-organized (subject to certain rules and regulations).

Tower Theater
1508 SW 8th St
Miami, Florida, 33135
United States
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April Mason

April Mason is President and Founder of April Mason Enterprises, LLC, which includes the All Things Feminine and Feminine CEO Brands. As a femininity lifestyle strategist, international speaker, television and social media personality, April's purpose and passion is to help women embrace their femininity and identify who they are at their core. April’s caring, down-to-earth, fun, energetic, and witty personality, coupled with her wisdom and ability to help others achieve extraordinary results, is what makes her infectious to her audience.

Benjamin Lundquist

Speaker/Podcast Host
Benjamin Lundquist is a top motivational speaker and one the leading voices for leadership development and empowerment. He is passionate about helping students and professionals see their worth and value, see themselves as a leader, and see their potential to change the world. The message he shares is motivating, relatable, and highly practical. Audiences are challenged to take extreme ownership of the unique gifts and opportunities they have. He is an international speaker and host of Rise and Lead Podcast which has been downloaded in over 110 countries providing aspiring and experienced leaders of all ages with world-class content and conversation. He frequently speaks at corporate and faith events, universities, and high schools.

Billy Carson

Billy Carson is the founder and CEO of 4BiddenKnowledge Inc, and the Best Selling Author of The Compendium Of The Emerald Tablets and Woke Doesn't Mean Broke. Mr. Carson is also the founder and CEO of 4BiddenKnowledge TV, a new conscious streaming TV network, the Co-Host of Bio-Hack Your Best Life, and is an expert host on Deep Space, a new original streaming series by Gaia. Mr. Carson appreciates the dedication and hard work it takes to accomplish great things. Recently, Mr. Carson earned the Certificate of Science (with an emphasis on Neuroscience) at M.I.T. and has a certificate in Ancient Civilization from Harvard University. Among his most notable achievements, Billy is the CEO of First Class Space Agency based in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Specifically, his space agency is involved in research and development of alternative propulsion systems and zero-point energy devices.

Chantelle “Tax Lien Queen” Owens

Real Estate Investor
Chantelle has been investing in real estate since 1998 and has been a full-time real estate investor since 2001. After being severely impacted by both the 2001 and 2008 real estate market crashes, Chantelle found her passion and financial freedom through Tax Lien Investing and has made this her primary niche. She coupled Tax Liens with the Buy & Hold strategy to create a healthy rental portfolio. After 14 years of investing in Tax Liens, Chantelle the premier Tax Lien Acquisitions Expert, and the go-to person amongst her fellow real estate investors in GA. She has completed over 1000+ tax lien transactions and created a healthy net worth via tax liens coupled with buy and hold strategies. She has also been a Licensed Real Estate Salesperson since 2006.

Chris Crumpler

Professional Coach/Consultant
After becoming a Big Brothers Big Sister mentor 20 years ago Coach Crump “The King Coach” was officially born. Knowing the value of mentoring in his own life that he describes in his book “How II Win” helped his personal growth and development. Coach Crump “The King Coach” took the opportunity seriously. That led him to becoming an educator for 13 years, Leader of 3 different organizations and a successful entrepreneur all while managing being married with children. He has coached and mentored thousands of students and professional men to help them grow and develop as a King. Coach Crump has been invited to speak and train at several schools, universities, organizations and business nationally and internationally. As a result of his successes over the years of mentoring and coaching boys to become their best self. Coach Crump “The King Coach” has been able to create a book and resources online and in person that helps Men and Young men become Kings.

Conor Delanbanque

Conor Delanbanque is the CEO and Founder of Strategio, host at the DevOps Diversity Podcast and Forbes 30 Under 30 honoree in the Education category. Conor, 29, has worked internationally from London, New York and currently resides in Miami where he’s building Strategio. His mission at Strategio is to improve diversity, equity and inclusion for underserved and underrepresented groups in Enterprise Technology. In August 2021, he raised $2 million seed funding to accelerate this mission. Strategio lowers the financial barrier to entry by paying Technologists to train and places them into early career Tech jobs with enterprise companies. Outside of work, Conor is an elite road cyclist. He represents Antigua & Barbuda internationally and has recently been the Antigua & Barbuda National Road Cycling Champion. Conor has spoken at many events including CloudExpo, DevOps Summit, DevOps Days and gives company keynotes for enterprise organizations.

Haziq Ali

Haziq Ali is a founding member and chief marketing officer for Novae, a fintech based credit and money company for consumers and small businesses. As a serial entrepreneur who’s ‘never had a job’- Haziq started his first business at age 12 and never looked back. After huge learning experiences that left him bankrupt, foreclosed, and sleeping in his car in his later years; he applied the life-changing lessons he teaches today and within 18 months fought his way from homeless to generating in excess of a half million dollars in revenue with 5 different businesses and most importantly - falling deeply in love with his life again. Featured in Forbes magazine, Yahoo Finance, Black Enterprise, Fox, Market Watch and more - this revenue acceleration specialist has been “helping to extend the life expectancy of the entrepreneur” for years and recently helped his own company reach the INC 5000 list of fastest growing private companies in America in just his first year as CMO.

Jason White

Meet Jason White: a man who uses passion, charisma, and people skills to succeed at business and in his personal life. He is someone who struggled through his youth and turned it around with little more than motivation. Keeping his persona intact, he found being real in the world to be the key to success. Most importantly, he knows how to help others achieve their highest goals. Today, Jason shares that knowledge with anyone looking to learn. From humble roots with nothing more than a public high school diploma (his Ph.D.), Jason’s initial direction was lacking. He made his way into the Coast Guard, serving for a decade, only leaving to find himself in “menial” jobs. When a good friend brought him in on a federal government contract, Jason’s interest piqued. In 2008, he began The Federal Code with only one experience working for a contractor and hours invested in YouTube and internet studies about the contracting arena.

Jeremy Anderson

Entrepreneur/Professional Speaker
As a youngster, Jeremy experienced many academic and social challenges that led to failing classes and the abuse of alcohol and drugs. During his motivational speeches he shares what changed his world view, who embraced him and what altered his life choices. Incorporating many of the same “Next Level” strategies for change, he not only received a high school diploma but also obtained a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree. Today, Jeremy owns several very successful businesses, has authored 7 books, partnered with top curriculum experts to develop online and print SEL character building curriculum for students, teachers and parents, and has become a premiere education motivational speaker! Jeremy’s passion and life's work is to help students and teachers become the best version of themselves.

Maddison Gaffney

Maddison Gaffney obtained her MBA from Arizona State University with an emphasis in accounting and finance. Business mentor for growth focused aspiring and established entrepreneurs with big dreams. The wealth strategist helping entrepreneurs' brand, scale, and pivot into unparalleled profit margins.

Myron Golden

Myron Golden is a Business Consultant For Guaranteed Growth in the Tampa Bay area. Myron Golden is also a best selling author in the arena of personal finance and financial literacy. His best selling book "From The Trash Man To The Cash Man" has helped many people turn their lives around.

Nekeshia Hammond

Dr. Nekeshia Hammond is the host of Mental Health Moment with Dr. Hammond, psychologist, author and international speaker. She is the founder of Hammond Psychology & Associates, a mental health private practice in the Tampa Bay area. Dr. Hammond serves as the Chair of the Board for the Ryan Nece Foundation and the former President of the Florida Psychological Association. Dr. Hammond has enjoyed traveling to speak to various groups about mental health and wellness. She is the author of The Practical Guide to Raising Emotionally Healthy Children and the Amazon International Best Seller: ADHD Explained: What Every Parent Needs to Know. Dr. Hammond has been featured on NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX, and a variety of media outlets around the world. To learn more, please visit: DrNekeshiaHammond.com.

Nicole Purvy

Entrepreneur, author, real estate investor, YouTuber and podcaster, Nicole Purvy is the founder of the Better Than Success Real Estate League, the premier real estate club that focuses on education, networking, providing investing opportunities and valuable resources to leaders and key members of real estate teams in the area. Under Nicole’s leadership, Nicole and the company has also founded and runs Philly Real Estate Week Inc, a non-profit organization that produces an annual week-long celebration of real estate investing and home buying in Philadelphia and the Women In Real Estate Summit, an annual one-day intensive real estate investing summit featuring a line-up of all star women real estate investors. Her podcast, the Better Than Success Podcast, was named #11 of the top 48 podcasts for entrepreneurs by Entrepreneur Magazine and 1 of 5 top podcasts for Entrepreneurs by Kontrol magazine.

Saint Patrick Jean

Brand Strategist
A Haitian immigrant that grew up in the city of Little Haiti , Miami Florida. I went on to College on a football scholarship in Kansas and graduated with a dual major in sociology and marketing. After only one year of professional football and never playing again . I was still eager to become financially wealthy and the common denominator of most millionaires were real estate. So in 2015 I devoted my life to become a real estate mogul and inspire inner-city kids and immigrants to understand and capitalize off real estate.

Storm Leroy

Storm Leroy became a multi-millionaire while working a 9 to 5, and he teaches others to do the same. He started his real estate journey in 1999, while working for the telephone company, and found himself at his renovations more than his job. He had to choose between quitting his job, which was paying for his investments, or real estate. So, he picked his job. Then in 2015, he started to invest in out-of-state real estate, and amassed over 30 properties, in 6 states, while never seeing any of them. He built a multi-million dollar portfolio that afforded him the luxury of early retirement. Now he teaches others how to leverage their job, time, and relationships to build multi-generation wealth. His motto is “Think like a CEO, not like a landlord”

Storm Monroe

Social Media Personality & Celebrity Entertainment reporter Storm Monroe has over 200k subscribers on Youtube and pulls in millions of views per month on his Youtube channel. He also helps others monetize their social media through his weekly mentoring program on Patreon. Currently, Storm uses his platform not only entertain but to help his followers maximize their genetics & improve their health through Uforia Science, a revolutionary DNA based multivitamin/supplement program that customizes the consumers nutritional needs based on their own DNA. Storm has seen great improvements in his own health and physical appearance since using the products and has made it his mission to spread the message of Uforia Science and help others improve their health so they can look, feel and perform at their best.

Trina Hill

Trina L. Hill speaks and councils many women across the country regarding work-life balance and career progression.

Ty Gibson

Ty has authored six books that explore the intersection between psychology, biology, and spirituality. He is a frequent keynote speaker at leadership training conferences, universities, and faith events. As the founder and president of Light Bearers, an international publishing and media nonprofit, he has produced multiple educational television programs and put into circulation free of charge well over a half billion educational publications in developing countries in more than forty languages. A passionate communicator with a message that opens minds and moves hearts, Ty teaches on a variety of topics, emphasizing the healing power of love as the universal remedy for all human ills.

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