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Theme: Dream Big Then Do It

This event occurred on
November 17, 2012
12:00pm - 6:00pm EET
(UTC +2hrs)

TEDxYouth@Tanta is the first Youth Event to happen in Delta .

Hall Of Conferences-Tanta University
211 B El Guiesh Street
Tanta, 31111
Event type:
Youth (What is this?)
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Haytham Yehia

Leads Google’s efforts for YouTube partnerships in the Middle East & North Africa. Haitham is responsible for driving and enriching Arabic content online through the power of video on YouTube. He consults with major media and news organisations on how to build their audiences and reach millions of users through YouTube to deliver a powerful brand experience. Prior to joining Google in 2009, Haitham worked as content creator in some major internet based news online portals. He's the owner of "jarelkamar" one of the first Arabic blogs ever and the winner of the best Arabic blog worldwide in 2006.

Omar Attia

1- Graduated with IG Degree from New English School in Kuwait in 2002. 2- Graduated with Bachelor’s Degree from The American University in Cairo (Business Administration Major - Finance and Marketing Concentrations; Psychology and Film Minors) in 2006. 3- Graduated with MBA Degree from Edinburgh Business School - Heriot Watt University in Scotland in 2010. 4- Enrolling his PhD in London’s Business School. 5- The founder and Owner of i- Nile Lily Floating Restaurants and ii- Royal Lily Banquets and Events' Catering 6- The author of Book "Road to Tahrir" which is done in English and Arabic and soon to be translated into French, Italian and German. 7- Founder of the initiative "Because We Do Not Walk This Earth Alone" 8- His current motto is "Aspiring to inspire others before I expire" This is mainly targeting himself and others every day of his life. he has a bucket list that supports that.

Mohamed Abdelfattah

He is 35 years old, graduated from Literature College, Theater department, Alexandria University He is a theatrical director, a narrator and an acting coach The founder and the manager of “Hala” troop, street’s theater since 2000 The founder and manager of Cairo festival of independent cinema The founder and manager of Cairo festival of mobile phone films The founder and manager of “Tale’s House” project and program Worked on many artistic events and workshops regarding cinema and theater One of the founders of “Rawabet” theater One of the founders of “Al-fan Midan” Directed many theatrical performs that exceeded 20 e.g. “Kastoor”, “The last days of Dina’s mother” and “Nashaz”

Ramez Youssef

Born in Cairo, in 1986, Ramez Youssef is the ultimate all-Egyptian Boy. An Architectural Engineering graduate with honors, from MSA University, Ramez has the gift to entrain us in so many ways with his natural sense of humor. Working as a Lighting Designer at Philips, this Architect also moonlights as a comedian and has over 2 years of comedy performance under his belt, which all started out when he joined the military service and decided to perform a stand-up comedy about it. Humble and down-to-earth, Ramez's positive energy, optimism and perpetual love for Egypt are a breath of fresh air in a world where everything is not always so bright and cheerful!

Nagham Saleh

The Spring's daughter.. An Egyptian artist & actress who performed many of the songs of the Egyptian heritage, Sheikh Emam's, Sayyed Darwish's & others'. She works for "Hala"(Case) troop. Nagham has participated in many different artistic works, and in many concerts and festivals of different types. She started her career with "Songs from the street & back to it", Sheikh Emam and Ahmed Fo'ad Negm's songs with lute and drums. Then she joined "Baraka" band that played a new kind of music, Oriental Rock, and it was a successful experience. She participitated with the band in El-Sawy Culturewheel's annual Rock Festival and they won the Jury's Special Award. Then, Nagham left the band to start on her own. She worked on an idea for 5 months before her first successful performance with her new band. After that Nagham band carried on the idea of freedom and enthusiastic songs. Nagham joined "Hala" theatrical band that presented the show "Dissonance" for the director, Mohamed Abd El-Fattah, with many independent artists on "El- Rawabet" theatre. Nagham did many successful musicals with the composer, Ayman Helmy, the first of them was "El-Fan Medan", a tribute for the martyrs in Beni Suef, and they worked together a lot afterwards. Nagham is an Egyptian singer and actress who performed in the streets and at many theatres till she got into people's hearts.

Cherine Amr

Members: CherineAmr(songwriter,lyricist,guitarist and vocalist) Ali Kalibugy (Guitarist,Back vocalist) Ahmed Elgohary(drummer) OmarSherif(bassist) Cherine amr is an active musician , started singing at the age of 6 the founder / lead guitarist and vocalist of the hardcore egyptain metal band " Massive scar era " known as "mascara" she started her solo pop rock project in 2011 after the sucuss of her song " abaad makan" that appeared in the movie "microphone" shown in cinema on Jan 2011

Abd El-Fattah Mahmoud

Co-Founder and CEO of Imprint Movement which was founded in the first of July 2012 and working effectively to create an integrated Egyptian society based on peace, harmony, productivity and respect for all.

Yasmine madkour

CEO of “Wa7a” workspace at Mohammad Mahmoud St, Tahrir Square (under construction) Freelance Marketer, content editor, translator and copywriter Project Coordinator & Social Media Manager at IMIDOS – from home Executive Manager (Voluntary) at Dawayr Magazine ( ) Published over 100 internet articles and an internet book.

Mohamed Gaber

Mohamed Gaber a 26-year-old visual artist that works in the field of design, painting, type design and street art. He believes that experimentation is the best route to learning. Some of his work has been selected for exhibition at Left in Vision in 2009 and 2010 in London & TYPO Berlin 2011. By the year of 2007 he started a project to produce visual agitation called Graphics Against System aka (G.A.S.) to produce artworks that agitates and do social and political awareness, one of these artwork was the "كن مع الثورة" or "Be with the revolution" which was made for the general strike of 2008 and was reproduced by the time of the 25 Jan 2011 revolution to be spread by the revolutionaries in the square and be sold by anonymous on t-shirts and that’s not only in Egypt, it made an appearance in Beirut streets as graffiti, Syria & Libya to be called by some revolutionaries as the icon of the Arab revolutions. Website:

Eman Amer

born in 1995, Mansoura, she is a Third-year secondary school student She is an announcer and reporter at “Hayah” Radio Presented “Hakawi” show, which is based on interviewing productive characters although they are not famous Now she works on a show about Alternative Music She loves books, music and hate the TV She thought that it was best to think outside the box, then she realized that there was no box

Tarek Mahmoud Sayed Ali

Educational level: School of Engineering at Canadian International Collage (full scholarship from CBU in Canada) Number of inventions: 7 inventions The number of scientific research: 2 Number of patents: 2 Names of inventions: 1- Fire Alarm 2- Anti-microbial 3- Cleaning Robot 4- Robot wars 5- Robot detection mummy 6- Cheaper bacterial reactor 7- Resolve the problem of global warming and take advantage of its adverse effects Inventions patented: 1- Fire Alarm no. (2010/1702) 2- Resolve the problem of global warming and take advantage of its adverse effects no. (2011/342) Scientific activity of the researcher: 1- Key member of The Egyptian inventor Union 2- Member of Age of Science Association 3- Member of The Egyptian Society of Inventors 4- Member of The Arab Inventors Club 5- Member of Scientific Research Site team 6- Member of The Truth Behind a Lie Disaster team 7- Member of Lunar Eclipse Monitoring team from the observatory, Dr. Mustafa Mahmoud 8- Member of Wikipedia team 9- Member of The Talented Team site 10- President of committee of the under-age inventors in The Egyptian Inventor Union 11- President of the system of The Global Warming Real Solutions by The Egyptian Inventors.

Maha Hafez

Maha M. Hafez, 23 years old, graduated from the British University in Egypt' 2010 - Computer Science Faculty. Currently, she is working at Module Designers as an administrator and the Professional Development Director at Rotaract Cairo Royal. Her emotions and feelings are almost exclusively expressed through music and singing, and it is one of her favorite things to do. She is currently a professional singer at the Cairo Opera House since 2011. When she sings, she always aims to share her emotions and connect with the audience. She started singing and writing her own lyrics when she was 8 years old, and her mother encouraged her ultimately along with her grandmother (may she rest in Peace). She believes that everyone has a unique fingerprint... So how about speaking your fingerprint out to the world and aloud?!! She believes that people are created to be more than just their physical existence, they are primarily refined souls. A person inflects and reflects to the people around them exactly who they are and instead of helping each other, people point to one another; there comes the spiral of life and only you can reach its focal point.

Hossam Samy

- Student at the American University in Cairo. - He's interested in Computer Programming and problem solving techniques. - The first among all egyptian highschoolers in programming in 2012. - Won Gold medal in the Egyptian Olympiad in Informatics 2009 & 2010. - Represented Egypt in the International Olympiad in Informatics in 2010 Canada & 2012 Italy. - Won bronze medal in the International Olympiad in Informatics 2012 Italy. - Now, He's representing the AUC at the college competition -He thinks that the most important moment in one's life is when he discover his talent.

Esmail Habib

Global Technical Support Engineer at Microsoft formerly a Partner Technical Consultant, holding a Master in Computer Science - Quantum Cryptography - and a Master in Business Administration who is most passionate about learning and knowledge gaining, in different fields I think the most I am proud of are my lifetime goals that I am progressing in right now! I started my plan to educate, motivate, inspire, develop a new generation and letting them realize their full potential, by a group of young college students "Microsoft Student Partners." These young people who are going through, in my opinion an obsolete educational system and a depressing and degrading environment need to know how powerful they stand and as I believed they are the true power of this nation. I managed to be always beside them giving them guidance and the support they needed till they reached the first steps for their dreams, as entrepreneurs and very successful individuals whether as multinational company's employees or excellent freelancers, I like changing people's lives and see the impact of my effort in their future .

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