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Theme: Ananta-infinity and beyond.

This event occurred on
December 26, 2021
Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh

Ananta aims at exploring limitless ideas, creating paradigm shift in the thought process and focusing on sustainable awareness in the community. This event shall comprise of ideas unrelated to political, pseudoscience, religious, commercial, or promotional talks. It is exclusively planned to engage, empower and educate the student, staff, and other representatives belonging to the community. It primarily proposes to inspire the school community at large thereby inculcating critical thinking skills. Student voices combined with diverse ideas will be exhibited on this stage.

Ambitus World School
Medchal highway ,Near Bachupally
Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, 500046
Event type:
Youth (What is this?)
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Aarav Kuksal

Student Speaker, Curious Conversationist
Aarav Kuksal, a 6th grader at Ambitus World School, Hyderabad is a curious mind who is intrigued about space science and his surroundings which never let him be at peace. Aarav hails from a small town in Uttarakhand and is comfortable conversing in languages-Hindi or English. He enjoys playing basketball, football, chess among games and adores researching about space science. He aspires to be physicist or a Youtube icon owing to his love of music and singing.

Akshara Viramallu

Student speaker, Enthusiastic teenager
Akshara Viramallu, a ninth grader at Ambitus World School, Hyderabad is defined by numerous traits like adventurous, enthusiastic, friendly, kind and honest. However, the one trait that constantly has her back when on stage. She is thankful for being a part of the TED ED club for helping her eliminate her anxiousness completely. She has socially contributed by educating a few children with her pocket money.

Avigna Reddy Aeluri

Student Speaker,Aspiring scientist
Aluri Avigna Reddy is presently a 3rd grader at Ambitus World School, Hyd. She is glad to have been a part of the TED Ed club which proved to be a great platform for her to showcase her oratory skills. Her leisure time is spent dancing to her favorite music and enjoying quality time with her sibling. She firmly believes in exploring the opportunities that come knocking her way and has the never give up attitude. She is of the opinion that “ Believe you can and you’re halfway there”. She's is ambitious about becoming a scientist and feels that this event is a beautiful platform to express her ideas.

Enaganti S.Shanvi

Student speaker, Ecological Conservationist and researcher
When someone delivers a speech on saving or conserving tress it’s more like a hear and sphere kind of tragedy that we accept then let out later. Ms. Enaganti. S. Shanvi being one of the active environmentalists strongly agrees the same, yet considers this a magnificent topic has a severed need. She talks about one of her occurrences and how it changed her, which might gear you up as well. She is a ‘research’ person, therefore whatever she says is backed up with true evidence. To discover more about the restoration of antique splendor, Shanvi appears to completely enlighten us.

Hasini Mende

Student speaker, Nature Lover
Hasini Mende is a grade 9 at Ambitus World School, Hyderabad.She is a responsible, confident and passionate person. She dedicates sometime to pursue her hobbies which are painting, learning new languages, dancing and designing paper jewelry. Above these, she is a nature lover and this pandemic has given her the opportunity to spend time with nature. Spending time with plants and gardening have imbibed qualities of responsibility, self-confidence , understanding and curiosity in her. Hasini is ambitious to become an influential speaker when she grows up

Mr Jagan Mohan

Artist par excellence,Senior creative designer, Dancer, Theater artist
Mr Jagan Mohan is a Senior Creative Designer holding over 25 years of experience. He has served in the Advertising, Multimedia, and IT industry and specializes in Traditional Art, Digital Art, and SandArt, He has performed Sand Art shows on television and holds a Certification in Kuchipudi - an Indian Classical dance. Mr Jagan Mohan has performed on stage, acted in Doordarshan Tele Serials (Telugu – regional language), directed Tele films and Short Films. He is passionate to learn different art forms..

Mr P Girish & Dr Devi Girish

Dancer par exellence
Mr Girish Chandra and Dr Devi Girish have an accentuating academic as well professional record. Dr Devi continues her research along with performances and teaching, whereas Mr Girish concentrates on choreography, performances, and teaching. Mr Girish is an innovator par excellence, with an innate interest in the technical aspects supporting the classical dance form and Dr Devi combines artistic presentation with an academic bend. With this combination, the duo together explore the intricacies of Kuchipudi, experiment with the body extensions, by relating them to the theoretical constructs and travel along the ascend as a learning journey. They have created their own niche in the field of Kuchipudi tracing, together, a performing career of more than 9 years and individually more than 15 years.

Mr Pawan Allena

Enterprising Entrepreneur, Tennis Champion & Young Achiever
Mr. Pavan is an Investor, Entrepreneur and Tech Enthusiast. He started his own venture and co-founded Knight Tracker - a school bus tracking system. His hobbies include tennis, story writing and teaching. Jack Ma and Roger Federer are his inspirations.Forbes awarded him as the “Best People Manager” and he was the recipient of the “Young Asian Entrepreneur by Asia One and Deloitte.' He was conferred with the Economic Times “Most Promising Entrepreneur of the year 2019” & awarded as young vibrant entrepreneur South India 40 Under 40 Best Entrepreneur. He was recognized by Hyderabad’s Top 30 influencers by Times & has represented India in Tennis - U14 Category

Mr Shubhankar Gaur

Engineer, Budding Entrepreneur
An engineer by profession, Mr Shubhankar ahs been awarded for a talk on Indian Democracy by the Election Commission of India. and been felicitated by Atomic Mineral Directorate for a speech on nuclear energy applications. He is currently engaged designing a startup named Quivicle that aims to democratize web development for MSMEs and Individual creators by providing an affordable platform alternative to their conventional journey to ‘Going digital’, thereby helping them eliminate costs on hosting, domain registration, development & maintenance fees. His scope of interest include Indian culture and socio-political history on which he loves to pen down his thoughts.

Mr Suraj Peddi

Engineer, Innovative Entrepreneur, Forbes 30u30 Asia
Mr Suraj Peddi is an engineer turned entrepreneur with a vision to drive technology for a better future. His venture Marut drones is the leading drone solution provider in India creating drone based innovative solutions to some of the most persisting global problems. Marut drones has been innovating with technology since inception solving from mosquito eradication to rapid afforestation, from medical deliveries to precision agriculture. For the work done, Suraj along with his partners have been recognized under various forums including Forbes 30 under 30 Asia, NASSCOM emerging technology award and have also been featured in Tech50 by YourStory.

Mr V V Lakshmi Narayana

CBI- Ex-JD, Retired Additional Director General of Police, Maharashtra
Mr V. V. Lakshmi Narayana has served in the Indian Police Service at distinguished positions for 25+ years. He has been awarded the Presidents Police Medal for Distinguished Services in 2017 and Mahatma Gandhi Peace award for outstanding work done for the maintenance of Peace and Communal harmony among the many accolades. His sustainable actions towards adoption of rural areas has led to significant development in the same areas. Recently he initiated the Join for Development Foundation which focuses on upliftment of farmers, youth and Rural India.

Mr.Harshal Shinde

Architectural Conservationist, Interior Designer and a Green Environmentalist
Mr. Harshal Shinde is passionate interior designer, architect who uses adaptive reuse techniques, an architectural conservationist who adapts to sustainable measures for rapid housing. In 2001, he became the youngest architect ever to present a refereed paper at the prestigious International Conference hosted by the Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture, USA. In 2020, he designed a 35-acre Campus known as "Shanti Sarovar", which won the IGBC Green Champion Award (2020) for making a "Pioneering Institution in Sensitizing the Masses by Going Green". He is currently working on developing a concept of “Inclusive Conservation of Built-Environments for Achieving Wholistic Socio-Economic Regional Development”.

Naveen Kolli

Yogasana- Living Healthy
Aerial yoga followers offers world-class yoga in a safe, inclusive environment. The focus is on establishing a deeper connection with individuals and their environment. Practicing yoga is beneficial to stay fit and release stress. Aerial yoga, or anti-gravity yoga, postures, can be performed more easily and with less strain on the body in mid-air. It has a particular benefit for strengthening and stretching the whole body, decompressing the spine, improving circulation, boosting digestion and lifting one's mood. In particular,

Srilakshami Anshika Somaraju

Student Speaker. Music connoisseur and Poet
Anshika, studying in VIII grade , terms herself as a silent person to the unknown but the naughtiest to those who know her the best . She successfully completed Senior Diploma level two ( SD-II ) in Kuchipudi dance from Pracheena Kala Kendra Chandigarh University and currently gearing up for the third level. She has also completed Junior Diploma degree in Classical Music ( PP-II) and a completed level – 1 of junior diploma in Violin ( PP-I) from Pracheena Kala Kendra , Chandigarh University . She is currently pursuing Senior Diploma , level 1 ( SD-I ) in Painting . Being passionate about cricket, she is also excited about baking and writing poems. She enjoys the time she gets to spend with her near and dear ones.

Srinilya Bijjala

Student speaker, Adventurous orator
Srinilaya Bijjala considers herself the queen of her life, a girl who hates morning alarms. She adores illustration, cooking, and vlogging. She is an outdoor person and loves going on adventures that she feels are the paths to fascinating discoveries. Her hobbies are include playing basketball, blogging, drawing, writing stories and poems, making scrapbooks, pottery and skating. Her aim is to become a successful entrepreneur and a thriving speaker. She wishes to be the cause of a happy bloom that can help her make the world better.

Srithan Adipuram

Student speaker, Chess champion
Shrithan Adipuram is a 13 year old studying in Ambitus World School Hyderabad. He takes keen interest in Programming, Chess and Art. He enjoys playing video games in his leisure time. His attributes of kindness, confidence and patience makes him the person he is today. He is a keen learner and he is ambitious to become a game developer and digital artist.

Student Choir

Musicians and singers are the main element of any music show that creates echoes to everyone's ears after their performances. Listening to the any music live is a rarest opportunity especially by student choir. The lead musician of the Opus-Gandharva team curate an astonishing piece of live music which comprises of instrumental music, song, and a combination of both. The team orchestrated a few songs in part by a singer vocalizing and by a musician playing a musical instrument on the same premises as the sound source. Music composed by the Opus-Ghandarva team is at its best always .The music that remains unpredictable, energetic and ecstatic.

Organizing team

N Veena

hyderabad, India


Mumbai, India
  • Headmistress Ambitus