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Theme: Aki lép, aki nem

This event occurred on
December 2, 2021
Budapest, Budapest

A TEDxLibertyBridgeWomen eseménye idén, 2021-ben is a jelenre reflektál. Előadóink olyan művészek, tudósok, ismert emberek, civilek, gondolkodók, példaképek, akik ugyanabban a kiszámíthatatlanságban élnek, mint mi mindannyian. A kérdés nem is az, hogy mennyire ingoványos most a talaj a lábunk alatt, hanem hogy ki-ki milyen megoldást választ, hogyan éli meg ezt a változékony és sokszor tétova időszakot.

December 2-án csatlakozz hozzánk személyesen vagy online, és derítsük ki együtt, hogyan tovább!

Katona Józse Szinház
Petőfi Sándor u. 6.
Budapest, Budapest, 1052
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TEDxWomen (What is this?)
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Angéla Eke

actress, puppet artist, performer
Angéla Eke, actress, performer and puppeteer, is an opinion leader in Hungary who actively helps animals and the environment, yet dislikes the title 'activist'. She believes that living with outstanding empathy in a community is not an extraordinary feature but a fundamental human responsibility. As a freelancer, she plays in theatres as well as independent theatre companies and television shows. In 2016 she was granted the Junior Prima Award.

Anna Sevcsik M.

communication expert, social empathy advocate
Anna Sevcsik M. has had eight pregnancies, but she could give birth to five. She knows exactly what a miscarriage is like, and she is also familiar with the feeling of not having enough support, information or empathy from the people around you as a parent. Based on her experiences, she has established the Association for Prenatal Genetics (Babagenetika Egyesület) to help future parents to get the proper empathy and information everyone deserves.

Barnabás Turai

digital content producer, political advocate
Barnabás Turai worked as a television reporter and journalist in Hungary for a long time, then as a reporter based in Israel. Currently he represents an international NGO in Hungary that fights for the equality of Jewish people both on a political and social level. During his lonely lockdown days, he launched his social media page called 'Síkidegvagyok' that has quickly become popular in the online community of Hungarian humour. Since then, he has also launched a podcast and an online satirical talk show, both very popular nationwide. Barnabás is a man of extremes and bridges at the same time. He uses the tools of humour and diplomacy on these platforms to show us how diverse we are.

Boglárka Csemer

singer, songwriter, performer
Boglárka Csemer 'BOGGIE' is a renowned singer who became famous around the world with her song “Perfume” and its amazing video. She represented Hungary at the 60th Eurovision Song Contest by singing her own Peace Anthem. Recently she has released her 4th album. She is a mother of two. Boggie is a conscious and ambitious artist who follows a long-term strategy.

Bori Bánfalvi

university student
Bori Bánfalvi is a Genetics student at University College London. In addition to her studies, she has joined several projects and initiatives. She takes on active roles in various organizations: she is an external relations representative for the UCL Hungarian Society, an ambassador for 'Future: Hungary' as well as for 'Women in Science Society', and 'Brain Bar'. Despite all the challenges of the past two years, she believes that she has had the opportunity to develop the most and gather experiences.

Csenge Lantos

artist, curator, gallerist
Csenge Lantos is an artist, gallerist, curator and creator – she is truly multipotential. She says she could never pick only one from the above activities. She is most enthusiastic about interdisciplinarity and combining distant ideas and domains. Csenge is driven by her diverse mindset and problem solving attitude when she manages Faur Zsófi Art Gallery, teaches at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics (Budapesti Műszaki és Gazdaságtudományi Egyetem) or when she paints or writes a piece.

Csenge Virág Zalka, PhD.

International storyteller, writer
Csenge Virág Zalka has been traveling around the world for fifteen years, collecting folktales and telling them in three languages. She spreads the magic of the spoken word at festivals, schools and museums. She received her master's degree and PhD in the USA under a Fulbright scholarship. She lives in Budapest, Hungary. She trains voluntary storytellers and visits children’s shelters to tell stories with her students. She is the author and editor of several books both in Hungarian and English, featuring unique and rare folktales.

Eszter Gselmann, Ph.D.

Eszter Gselmann is a mathematician and associate professor. She believes that there is an answer to most questions and people are born to solve problems. In her opinion, mathematics has an essential role in this. Eszter is happy when she finds answers to problems or when she can share the joy of finding solutions to problems with her students or her daughter. Beside teaching at a university and pursuing research, Eszter publishes articles in international journals, speaks at conferences and actively volunteers in numerous scientific programs.

Flóra Borsi

Photographer, visual creator
Flóra Borsi is a Hungarian photographer and visual creator. She uses exquisite photo manipulation to create surreal images that are thematically focused on identity, relationships, emotions and dreams. Her immaculate technique and subtle conceptual ideas create beautiful evocations of universal emotions. Flora has exhibited internationally with solo exhibitions in Europe and the USA and she has been featured in the Forbes 30 under 30 list (US).

Izabella Zwack

business owner, social entrepreneur
Izabella Zwack is a businesswoman and social entrepreneur with international experience. As a sixth-generation leader of the long-standing Zwack Unicum Company as well as a manager of several other businesses, she strives to create a positive impact on the world. She urges a value change towards sustainable and ethical corporate leadership culture and advocates "stakeholder capitalism". Izabella is also an impact officer of the Young Presidents Organization.

János Hrutka

national football player, sports journalist
János Hrutka, a national football (soccer) player and sports journalist spent most of his youth following strict rules. His childhood years were determined by competitive sport and studies. He was a member of the national football (soccer) team of Hungary and achieved outstanding results in various Hungarian and foreign football (soccer) clubs. Beside his degree in sports management and sports journalism he has several other professional certifications. He was an ambassador of the Hungarian Special Olympics Association. Hrutka is a sports journalist at the news portal and works as a sports commentator for several television networks such as AMC and RTL. He is an advocate for important social issues as well as a fan and supporter of contemporary artists and culture. He has two daughters.

Kamilla Marjai

addiction expert
Kamilla Marjai is an addiction expert, lecturer and author of numerous articles about addictionology. She is the co-author of the book “Ladybug from Water?” ('Vízből katicát?'). Her doctoral thesis studied the boundaries between special needs education and addictionology. She was featured in the '50 Talented Hungarian Young People' program in 2017 and received an 'Anti-Stigma Award' as a journalist. She is ready to raise her voice to break the taboos of addiction. At the same time, she strives to remain humble in her work with patients with addiction disorder.

Krisztina Tóth

writer, poet, translator
Krisztina Tóth has been a prominent figure in contemporary Hungarian literature for the last thirty years. She has been granted numerous literary awards for her works. She publishes articles in various journals and magazines frequently. Krisztina Tóth writes in all genres, from poetry to prose, and has published more than thirty books, which have been translated into eighteen foreign languages. She often translates English and French literature into Hungarian as well.

Márton Simon

Márton Simon is a poet, literary translator and slammer, a prominent figure in contemporary poetry in Hungary. He has earned a graduate degree in Japanese. He has published four volumes of poetry and edited an anthology of Hungarian poems. He keeps an interactive relationship with his audience and uses social media in an artistic way to bring literature closer to the readers. Márton plays skillfully with language and shows evidence in a unique way, using the words available to anyone.

Mila Taraczky

filmmaker, student
Mila Taraczky made her first short film four years ago and won the national film competition for high school students in Hungary. At that point she knew that filmmaking was her calling. She switched to homeschooling and graduated one year earlier from high school. Currently, she is working on a database that can help cooperation between young filmmakers. Mila studies filmmaking and is an active creator in numerous projects.

Naima Al Ghaoui

international humanitarian expert
Naima Al Ghaoui is an international humanitarian expert who has worked in the field of humanitarian law in many countries including conflict zones. Born in Hungary as a half Hungarian and half Syrian woman, Naima earned a doctoral degree in law and since then she has been working with the International Committee of the Red Cross. In her work, she often experiences what a dramatic effect social division can have on people’s lives, and she believes that individuals should take responsibility and step out of the often artificially created groups to be able to communicate with each other.

Rita Perintfalvi, Ph.D.

theologian, writer
Dr. Rita Perintfalvi is a progressive feminist Catholic theologian and writer, editor in chief and publicist, and also a postdoctoral lecturer of the Karl Franzens University of Graz. Rita has been working on unveiling the sexual abuse cases within the Hungarian catholic church. So far 40 victims have shared their stories with her. She wrote her book “Amire nincs bocsánat – Szexuális ragadozók az egyházban” ("For which there is no excuse – sexual predators in church") based on this experience. The book caused an uproar way before its publication and it has quickly become successful.

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Budapest, Hungary
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