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Theme: Social Distancing

This event occurred on
December 11, 2021
Singapore, South East

Social Distancing A 360 Degree View -

At the TEDxNPSI Singapore 2021, we hope to dive into the theme: “Social Distancing: a 360- degree view”. Social Distancing has become the new normal now, but is it really a new concept? Watch as we break down this buzzword and share some unique ideas surrounding the term. With talks ranging from mental illness to building relationships over the internet, there is something for everyone. We hope you join us as we explore social distancing while socially distancing!

Secondary Auditorium, NPS International School
10 & 12, Chai Chee Lane, Singapore
Singapore, South East, 466106
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Youth (What is this?)
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Aanya Rao

Student & Entrepreneur
Aanya is extremely passionate about social entrepreneurship and founded her own youth organisation. Despite all the social distancing taking place over the last two years, Aanya believes that this pandemic has sparked a revolution in Singapore, with more young individuals stepping up to give back to the community. Aanya has always loved watching TED talks and is extremely excited to be a speaker!

Garladinne Aditya

Aspiring Lawyer
Aditya is a curious soul who has been involved in Debate and Public Speaking for the last 2 years. His speech revolves around strengthening relationships that have been damaged by the separation caused by the pandemic, through a deeper understanding of human relations. He also talks about the power of creativity and failure and how these are essentials in today's world.

Ishita Shukla

Student & Cricketer
Half on the cutting edge of technologies, while the other half is on the edge of survival. Ishita Shukla, a 16-year-old who is immersed in STEM, discovers the harsh truth of the digital divide during the pandemic. She stands in the middle ground of people struggling and people progressing.

Neel Agrawal

Aspiring Physics Student
Neel Agrawal, or VIBEY AGGSIE as he is affectionately referred to by himself in school corridors, is a strange individual with a tendency of swinging his cricket bat around the house much to the dismay of his mother. He wishes to reveal only detail of his talk: yes, recommendations are coming.

Prabhleen Kaur Swaitch

Student & Dancer
Prabhleen is an IB year 1 student who will dwell into the lack of inclusivity in society when it comes to special and disabled people. She will explore why there are barriers present between society and the disabled and how society can abolish these barriers and help these disabled people become the best versions of themselves!

Ritvik Dasrath

Ritvik is an IB Year 2 student who hopes to pursue engineering one day. Founding an organisation aiming to teach English to underprivileged people, Ritvik wishes to use this platform to address the issue of why many around the world struggle to speak English fluently. His talk will delve deeper into this problem, and suggest what can be done about it.

Shrey Iyer

Shrey is an avid space enthusiast, with a passion for public speaking, and hopes to use it to create a positive impact on society. This TED talk will delve into ‘Social Distancing’ from a perspective that is often ignored in society: individuals hiding their true selves behind a facade.

Shreya Khandelwal

Medical Student
Shreya is an aspiring medical student fascinated by the complexity of the human body. Outside of medicine, her interests include - basketball, music, and watching movies. Her passion for healthcare has inspired her to give a speech about the unwarranted stigma surrounding disability. She hopes to tackle this by exploring the representation of disability in media, the impact of our everyday language and the steps we can take to create a more inclusive society.

Suchir Gupta

Aspiring Economics Student & Cricketer
Suchir's love for economics is what encouraged him to speak at TEDx this year. He has explored the topics of food waste and food insecurity in-depth and through his talk, wants to spread awareness about these socio-economic issues. Specifically, he wants to address how food insecurity has led to a social gap between the rich and the poor.

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