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Theme: Climate Change

This event occurred on
November 28, 2021
Anjo, Aiti

TEDxAnjo Countdown2021 is an event to consider our actions by watching together and conversations the latest TED Talk from the Countdown Summit held in Edinburgh, Scotland, from October 12 to 15 this year, and a live talk by two speakers who are involved in environmental activities in Aichi Prefecture.

TEDxAnjo Countdown2021 は、今年10月12日~15日スコットランドのエジンバラで開催された「The Countdown Summit」の最新のTEDトークや、愛知で環境活動をしている2名のスピーカーの生トークをみんなで視聴し、語り合い、私たちの行動を考えていくイベントです。

Akamatsucho, Kaji−1
Anjo, Aiti, 446-0046
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Countdown (What is this?)
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Kumiko Miwa

University student
Born in Mie Prefecture in 1999 and raised in Taketoyo, Aichi Prefecture. Studying law at Meijo University as a senior. After visiting an elementary scholl in Cambodia and trash heaps in the Philippines, she began questioning the economic system of “mass production, mass consumption, and mass disposal”. Then Kumiko launched an environmental organization called CleanGreen with the concept of “making the earth-friendly as a matter of course” and developed a product kit to start composting food waste easily. She is currently working as the student secretary of the Green Innovator Academy, which aims to produce innovators in the environmental field.

Takashi Imura

Born in 1978 in Hokkaido, Japan to a family that used to run a lumber and sawmill business. Currently, he is engaged in the development of motor inverters at DENSO Corporation. When his parents’ house was damaged by a typhoon in 2016, he became aware of the relationship between the manufacturing industry and climate change, and started the “Treasure Mountain Project,” an in-house business creation activity on the theme of forest management using automobile technology. He also started a company for satellite measurement of forests with his colleagues. Currently, he continues to take on the challenge of creating a safe and secure society through forest management in both his main business and his second job.

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Anjo, Japan
  • K Carrie
  • 寛聡 加藤