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Theme: Creating tomorrows' solutions

February 12, 2022
9:00am - 4:00pm GMT
(UTC +0hrs)
Sheffield, Sheffield
United Kingdom
This event is open to the public.
Tickets are available.

TEDxSheffieldHallamUniversity conference follows TED spirit and ethnos: Celebrating the value of ideas and creativity in many areas of life. Where inspiring speakers share innovation, ideas, and stories from Sheffield as well as around the world, this event will explore ideas around future solutions to the world's problems. The event is themed: Creating tomorrows' solutions.

Registration begins at 9am, snacks and lunch refreshments will be provided.

For more details on the event and the speaker lineup, please visit our website:

Sheffield Hallam University
Howard st
Sheffield, Sheffield, S1 1WB
United Kingdom
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Speakers may not be confirmed. Check event website for more information.

Christine Mullaney

Vulnerable Confidence Curator
Christine Mullaney is a Presentation Skills and Neurolanguage Coach® who helps bilingual female professionals speak skilfully, clearly, and confidently. First on stage at 6, Christine spoke, sang, and performed competitively for 12 years, later qualifying as a Speech, Drama, Public Speaking and Storytelling Teacher. Before training in Neurolanguage Coaching® and starting her business, Christine completed her Business Master’s and spent 10 years in the EFL industry, co-founding ELT Ireland and working across 5 continents as a Sales Manager, University lecturer, English Teacher, Examiner, and Recruiter. Christine envisions a multi-lingually inclusive world. She enjoys applying learning, nature-bathing, sea swimming, strength training and healthy coffee.

Debrah Mowlem

International Best-Selling author
Debrah Mowlem is an accomplished author and speaker who helps people realize their true Identities. Having gone through her own journey of discovering her own Identity Debrah wrote a self-help book that gives a step-by-step process on finding your true identity and embracing your true self. She believes finding and living your true identity is the root to happiness, prosperity, and fulfilling your purpose and dreams.

Jakub Lenski

Tech Entrepreneur & Software Engineer
Jakub Lenski is a Software Engineer Degree Apprentice at Arm, University Student, and a founder of two start-ups, Ecom Pilot, a product search engine for online sellers, and Afiliatree, a social enterprise lowering carbon footprint when shopping online. From starting his first business at 18, multi-tasking a degree, software engineering, and a business, he aims to share his experience with the modern surge of toxic hustle culture and dissect its teachings, raising awareness and offering a more effective alternative to working towards Creating Tomorrow’s Solutions.

Mahara Haque

Ethical property investment specialist, Entrepreneur, Community development professional, Programme manager
Mahara has worked as a community development specialist for over a decade. From starting at grassroots level, she has quickly progressed to more senior roles. When she worked within local authorities, she became dismayed by the bureaucracy and lack of action. She decided to return to voluntary sector working where she could see the true impact of the work she was doing. She is values driven and set up My Landlord Cares LTD. Their slogan is to 'support tenants to settle and stay'. She is a landlord and property investor and wants to change the conversation around the private rented sector.

Mary Berkery

Best-Selling Author and Coach
Mary Berkery is an Accredited Coach and an Equine Assisted Learning Facilitator. She assists people access their courage, confidence, resilience and insight and has over thirty years’ experience with international training and group work. She is the founder and director of Lá Nua Learning: a whole person learning and education foundation for young adults and youth. Mary lives in the West of Ireland and works internationally with in-person and on-line programs. She is the author of “On Earth “(2016) – Poems as Presence in a Changing World and “Saved by a Horse” (2022) Human Transformation, Healing, and Insight through Horses.

Rona Anderson

Happiness Consultant
Happiness Consultant, Rona Anderson is dedicated to improving the happiness and wellbeing of all those in need; helping to increase performance and productivity. She is passionate about empowering people out of physical, emotional and spiritual poverty. She is the author of “Gratitude Journal: How to be Happy, no Matter What”, also a best-selling author in Navigating Life Anthology. Rona is also a Partnerships Manager for an International Development charity and Global Missions Director in her local church. As a Happiness Consultant she helps organisations transform employees from good to great with the Happiness framework for a better work-life balance.

Sadiq Bhanbhro

Senior Research Fellow
Sadiq Bhanbhro is an interdisciplinary researcher with a mission to collect historical and contemporary evidence and engage the social groups and communities to bring change from within to end honour crimes, including honour killings of women and girls. For over a decade, he has been working with diverse communities in the UK and Pakistan on the issue of honour killings. Sadiq has a PhD on the political economy of community notions of honour and honour killings of women and girls in the UK and Pakistan. He has published empirical research, including book chapters and peer-reviewed papers on honour crimes, particularly honour killings. Sadiq offers evidence-based approaches by which honour crimes such as duelling in England, foot binding in China and wife burning (sati) in India were outlawed to provide a sustainable solution for tomorrow to eradicate harmful practices in the name of honour or otherwise.

Shaun Flores

Podcaster, Influencer, and Model
Shaun Flores is an influencer, aiming to change the world with the right influence. An influencer who knows no boundaries. “Flower Hour” is a podcast that unravels the trajectories of individuals, seeking to comprehend why they are the person they are now, but also understanding the moments and times that defined them. Flowers are usually gifts for people, through Flower Hour, I hope to gift knowledge through conversation through podcasts. In turn, reminding individuals how essential conversations are. We have more in common than divides us.

Sheila Brooks

Spiritual Experiences and Sleep Paralysis Researcher
After secretly living with chronic sleep paralysis for over 30 years, Sheila has decided to break her silence about her struggle with the phenomenon and the impact that it had on her life. Having overcome sleep paralysis, the experience brought about a deeply personal spiritual transformation, leaving her with a spiritual connection and understanding of spiritual energy. A researcher and speaker, she expands the current thinking around sleep paralysis and other extraordinary spiritual experiences, bringing those who experiences spiritual phenomena to a path of understanding and enlightenment.

Victoria Tomlinson

Unretirement Expert
As the 100-year life becomes normal, Victoria founded Next-Up to help people use their skills in new ways in retirement, through corporate workshops and individual support. She interviews inspirational people for their podcast, Re-think Retirement, and is developing an online platform to support every employee at this challenging stage of life. A former director of EY on the London leadership team, Victoria ran an award-winning communications and digital business for 30 years. An Amazon bestseller and BBC expert woman, Victoria is chair of Women in Leeds Digital aiming to increase the diversity of digital teams in organisations.

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Sheffield, United Kingdom