x = independently organized TED event

Theme: The Hidden Wonders

This event occurred on
April 27, 2012
3:00pm - 9:00pm BST
(UTC +1hr)
Brighton, Brighton and Hove
United Kingdom

The first TEDx event at the University of Sussex was held on the 27th of April.

The theme of the event was "The Hidden Wonders".

A hidden wonder… A world of complexity behind something seemingly simple, or the pure, basic essence within what appears to be convoluted. Generating new ideas or taking an innovative angle on an everyday issue or question, revealing a surprising connection between what at first look, seemed unrelated.

A thought, a perception, a twist, an unexpected connection that inspires awe, astonishment, admiration; the marvels that provoke surprise and accentuate curiosity. See the world through new lenses and discover the hidden wonders.

Jubilee LRG Lecture Theatre
University of Sussex
Sussex House, Falmer
Brighton, Brighton and Hove, BN1 9RH
United Kingdom
Event type:
University (What is this?)
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Organizing team


London / Warsaw, United Kingdom


  • Jozef Stremen
  • Aleema Shivji
    Co-organizer / host
  • Luc Higgins
    TEDx student's society
  • David Kilkelly
    Co-organizer / AV