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Theme: A Glimpse into the Future

This event occurred on
December 11, 2021
Jakarta, Jakarta Raya

As a child, we wanted to grow up fast. To reach for the stars, to see the world and find our place in the universe. Like many questions, the questions relating to our purpose was not easy to find the answer. Some found it quickly, some outgrow their answer and change their answer.

Exploration and curiosity are the companies to keep on walking to see the world. Keep studying and keep playing. Keep trying our best to be the winner, but most importantly to learn from failures. Because if I got the answers wrong, it is still alright!

Jakarta, Jakarta Raya, 12920
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Youth (What is this?)
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Agus Nur Amal (PM Toh)

Agus Nur Amal, has been a storyteller for the past 30 years. Using technique from traditional travelling storyteller in Sigli, Aceh, he's work not only serve as a critic towards military regime and society alike but also serve as an education. In the late 90's his work talks about civic society amids the insurgency in Aceh. In 2004 after the Aceh Tsunami, his story helps to communicate natural disaster mitigation in Indonesia. Agus has been in the psyche of Indonesians throughout the the changes in in years. Now within the contemporary social landscape, he will tell stories about sacrifice.

Ananda Anugerah Hasibuan

Kids football player
Ananda Anugerah Hasibuan was only four years old when he first started playing football. Little did he know, it's the first step of his run towards being such a promising child athlete — nothing stops his dribble from a small town called Rantauprapat in North Sumatera, Indonesia, to his win in Danone Nations Cup Skill Contest held in 2020. He likes to play as a midfielder (same like Lionel Messi, his favourite Argentinian footballer) and make sure to assist his friends to score. Ananda might still be young, but he can share what sportsmanship means to him; that is true to the rounded form of a ball, football is all about fair play and the same shot for everyone.

Nekur Angelica Oktemka

Nekur Angelica Oktemka is a Papuan student from Sekolah Genius, Tangerang Banten Indonesia. On a daily basis, she's a firm believer that everything in the earth has the purpose to help us, human beings, to survive and to continue our journey. Hence, science and knowledge has become her main instrument to understand not only about the world, but also about people’s connection. She brings something from Papua that would probably be important for our humanity, after we collectively encountering COVID 19 for the last three years. She aims to be a psychologist after she graduates from high school.

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Jakarta, Indonesia
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