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Theme: Embracing the power of lebanese people

This event occurred on
May 7, 2022
Beirut, Beyrouth

During this event, our speakers showed us new perspectives and shared with us new ideas, to give the audience a feeling of hope for our dearest country, Lebanon. All the speakers and performers were lebanese that's what made the authenticity of the event.
The attendees had the chance to listen to sucess stories, understand new concepts, adapt different mindsets...
We personnaly believe this experience helped the youth of our country to stay hopeful and to believe in their power and impact on the lebanese comunity.

Collège Saint Grégoire affiliated to CNDJ
Collège Saint Grégoire
floor number: -1
Beirut, Beyrouth, 0000
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Youth (What is this?)
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Anthony Sokhn

High School Student
"Hi! I'm Anthony Sokhn, a senior in high school. Some know me for my love for music, some for my interest in math, others even as that energetic person. Growing up, I wanted to show more. I became the kind to get involved in whatever projects around me scout, model united nations summer program, ... were all activities in which I got able to express myself. Now that I'm done with high school, I anticipate my new journey as a future doctor, involved and active in the community around me."

Elias Khalil

There are times where you feel challenged and intimidated, put in situations no-one thought will ever happen. Situations that are so unique without a system in place, no procedures or framework. Elias Khalil C.O.O at a Lebanese non-profit organisation speaks about what can make it or break it in times of crisis and uncertainties?

Ghassan Abboud

High School Student
Ghassan is a senior high school student at Collège Notre Dame de Jamhour, in Lebanon. Fascinated by the life sciences since a young age, he learnt about Biomimicry through a competition held by the Beirut Biomimics that challenged him to find bio-inspired solutions to Lebanon’s crises. After winning first place, he attended an internship with the Born Global Institute and is now the leader of his school’s biomimicry club. Ghassan plans to study biomedical engineering and hopes to work in R&D, at the intersection of biology and technology.

Luc Sabbagh

High School Student
Luc Sabbagh is a 17 y/o passionate about social relationships, sports, healthiness and public speaking. At the age of 16, he realized that to become successful in the future, he should build a mindset that would stay persistent and would create what we call « discipline »that he will surely benefit from in the long term. He wanna share with you this mindset that he is building since January 2021 and really hopes that his message will be delivered as smoothly as possible.

Malek Nacouzi

Malek is an undergraduate architecture student from the Académie Libanaise des Beaux-Arts whose passion for arts and music brought to seek information around him. Today, he sees architecture as a way to understand identity, social interactions and reflect on what it means to belong.

Maria Bechara

Undergraduated Student/intern
Maria Bechara is an 18 year-old undergraduate student at the American University of Beirut. As someone who has always dreamed of leaving Lebanon and starting her own journey somewhere new, her mission is to share with you her experience of living in her country as a college student after being rejected from multiple American universities. This year her mindset has changed completely and today she approaches living in Lebanon in a completely different way. She hopes her talk will inspire other teenagers out there to believe in Lebanon and the opportunities it has to offer, to spread hope and to work towards rebuilding her country.

Muriel AboulRouss

Teacher/Film maker
A multiple award-winning cinematographer from Beirut-Lebanon, considered to be the first female cinematographer in the Arab world. Her cinematography includes footage for a great deal of non fiction , such as the award winning « Mercedes » and “Ya Omri” by Hady Zaccak , and award winning fiction films such as Michel Kammoun’s “Falafel” and George Hashem’s “Stray Bullet”. As a teacher & lecturer she created & led “Cine-Jam” the intuitive film lab since 2012. In 2014, she debuted as a director with the documentary series Zyara , produced by her own Humanitarian Arts association “Home of Cine-Jam”, which she set up together with Denise Jabbour. Zyara has won 45 international awards so far and a new season will be produced every year. For Muriel, learning & teaching are the ultimate destination and the greatest act of resistance.

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