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Theme: Breaking Molds

This event occurred on
September 6, 2021
Gaza, Gaza

A platform of stories of breaking molds and smashing stereotypes, stories of overcoming struggles, hardships and fears, defying the odds, succeeding in the face of adversity, surviving tragedy and displaying strength and resilience.

Theatre hall of Theatre Day Productions
Gaza, Al Jalaa Street, next to the YMCA building
Gaza, Gaza, 00970
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Standard (What is this?)
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Alaa El-Daly

Palestiniant Parathlete
A former Palestinian national team player in biking. Grew up with a dream in my heart: Representing Palestine in all sporting bodies. In 2018, I participated in peaceful demonstrations that demanded rights as Palestinians and breaking the siege of Gaza. I was taught that being a sportsman means you should consider morals, so it was only a peaceful demonstration. They shot my foot and injured me directly. My foot was cut off and then I started being considered a person with motor disabilities. This deterred me from participating in a biking competition in Indonesia. But I had a dream; and dreams don't die. Now I represent Palestine in the Paralympics for biking. I'm very sure that one day I'll represent my country globally! I'm here at the TEDxAlJalaaSt event to deliver this message to those who had dreams but their conditions were at their worst. Open your eyes; wait for hope. Dreams will arise again and you will reach them.

Amjad Naeem

Civil engineer in Gaza Municipality, entrepreneurship and mentor
27 years old - civil engineer in Gaza Municipality, entrepreneurship and mentor, recipient of the Taawun Award 2018, and many awards in entrepreneurship. I participated in TEDxAlJalaaSt to give hope to everyone who has failed in his life and didn’t reach his goal. My story started when I came back from inevitable death to put my mark in every place I go to or work in. For that, my story should reach the whole world, to change the way youth think about life experiences. Life is a one time chance, and only you will benefit from it. Prepare yourself, eliminate the word impossible and get creative in your place, you will see the chances come to you.

Basma Al-Mashhrawi

Palestinian writer and novelist
I studied Arabic at the Islamic University in Gaza and graduated in 2019. I wrote five books, these are, “The Curse of Lost,” “Aylol Wine,” “A Delicious Poison,” “Half a Spirit,” and “It’s a Ticket.” In addition to writing, I work as a Technical support employee at Wasla electronic store, and I work in cartoon dubbing. I participated in TEDxAlJalaaSt because through this platform that has overcome the norms, and taken creativity as an edifice, inspiration as a title, and from breaking molds as a slogan, my voice can reach the world. As for my story, it is inspiring because I did not take failures as an excuse, nor my miserable reality as a drug that relaxes my mind to make me fail, instead I did the opposite. My story breaks the molds because I wanted to be a free girl, a woman of decision in a society that sees many women's rights as a crime. My story is creative because it is full of passion, rich in ambition, and determination to challenge and succeed.

Ghalia Abu Shaweesh

English Language Student and an Entrepreneur in the Business World
My participation in TEDxAlJalaaSt came from a desire to share my story which broke many molds in the path to reach the best version of me. The hard life conditions stood between me and my graduation from university in the planned date. But I quickly got back to myself and regained my strength and passion for life and knowledge. I also established a The Future Makers forum in the Gaza Strip. I am very interested in delivering my story to the youth and the rest of the world, because despite the loss, problems, and pain, we need to continue our journey in life.

Lama Matar

English Language Trainer
Originally from Majdal, but raised in Gaza. I’m 22 years old, 4 of which I spent battling diabetes, finally ending in my victory over all the medications related to diabetes T2. Worldly tests are inevitable in the life of every person, either you get tired of confrontation and surrender to your weakness, or you accept what has been written for you and resist to the last breath until victory. I have always believed that the first step to victory is to leave the environment that made you sick, and then spread the flag of strong will so that everyone can see it. At TEDxAlJalaaSt I will tell you my story and how I broke the mold of "The Secret" by confession, after years of weakness and shame of my illness; I was able to say out loud that I am diabetic, because there is nothing wrong with revealing our secrets if they burden us, and there is no need for the illness to be hidden as long as its presence in us is a divine will.

Maysaa Miqdad

Security Sciences Graduate
I believe everyone has the right to live equally regardless of gender. I grew up in a conventional household which holds the idea that some opportunities are only made for men. But for me, it was a dream. I did my best to become a policewoman and I made it to the end. And here I am at the TEDxAlJalaaSt, telling you that it's only you who can hold you back from doing what you want. No one can stop from doing what you want, it's only in your mind. You are the captain and you are responsible for how you want your life to be. Defy the difficulties and never give up. You will fall, your feet will bleed, and some days, you will collapse into the ground. But with every fall you will rise again and be stronger. Today, I'm stronger and with you, I get more strength. I want this voice to reach the whole world. I want the voice of freedom in my heart to touch young women, all youths, and victims. Together, we will break the molds... The free one.

Mohammad Jaradah

Civil Engineer
I now work as a mentor for freelancing skills, digital marketing, voice over, and dubbing. Founder of the Sanad Youth Team that works in helping students from high school to post-graduation through dedicated community initiatives with purpose and value. My participation in the TEDxAlJalaaSt event is to seek leaving a good impact for others, and help give them a wake-up call and start the journey of inner positive change without needing an outside influence to happen through raising self awareness. Hope, work, and certainty. Striving and working with what you have, then surrendering to God’s will, are the weapons I used to break the mold, and I used them to face obstacles and overcome fleeting moments of despair. And because souls may be the same, I decided to join the TEDxAlJalaaSt event so it could be a lighthouse for my voice to reach people around the world.

Mohammed Al-Barrawi

A Palestinian Singer
I read once about the phoenix, a canaanite legend that resurrects back to life after burning. I started from - the dreamers’ graveyard - as people call it: Gaza… the mother of all beginnings and endings. I believe that everyone has the right to pursue their dreams. There's no demise for dreamers going after their dreams. I hope to see you all chasing your dreams, going after them, the satisfaction of success is definitely unparalleled.

Rana Abu Zarifa

A student in the Faculties of Pharmacy and Business Administration
What's the use of life if we don't have the courage to experience everything. She volunteered as a member of the Baosala team, Jar Alqraa' Initiative, Ghaith Medical Team, the Public Relations Department of the Arab College of Applied Sciences, and the Gaza Hymns Team. I am also a graphic designer and reporter for educational broadcasts. I won first place in the Arab Reading Challenge two years east of Khan Younis, and I was the first inventor of plastic that turns into a plant from leftovers, and made healthy chocolate with half the calories. I want my story to become an inspiration to be emulated by everyone, and to leave a beautiful trail, because I am here and I will leave a trace, and a moon will shine out of my darkness.

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Khan Younis, Palestine