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This event occurred on
December 11, 2021
Baghdad, Baghdād

In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience. At a TEDx event, TEDTalks video and live speakers combine to spark deep discussion and connection in a small group. These local, self-organized events are branded TEDx, where x = independently organized TED event. The TED Conference provides general guidance for the TEDx program, but individual TEDx events are self-organized (subject to certain rules and regulations).

Babylon Hotel
Baghdad, Baghdād, 10013
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Ahmed Haitham

Digital Content Creator
Ahmed Haitham Iraqi, born in 1992 Passionate about creating digital entertainment content on social networks I graduated from the University of Baghdad / Business Administration / 2015. Worked in the media field for more than 10 years as director, video editor and writer. The maker of the program (Jekmja) that publishes on social networking sites.

Ahmed Hasan

Dentist / B.D.S
I'm a dentist, graphics designer. Merging both of them to work in digital dentistry and in the same time, I work on personal projects and cultural projects to overfill the world with great imagery about Iraq instead of what toxic media is showing.

Anwar AlFallojah

Sherif Farhan Abd is the founder of the Anwar Alfallojah Association for the Care of the Deaf. Sharif established this association in 2007 and his goal was to teach the deaf to read and write, as he started with only 30 people in Fallujah district and its suburbs. In 2014, with the entry of ISIS, a large number of deaf people moved to the neighboring governorates, the most prominent of which was the governorate of Erbil within the Kurdistan region of Iraq. Then, in 2016 it was decided to open a site for the association in Erbil, in order to preserve the life of the deaf, their education and care, In 2017, after the liberation of Anbar from ISIS control, the Deaf Association was no longer premature due to the destruction that had befallen it, but it was decided to reopen it for what it meant for the lives of deaf people in it.

Aya Al-Ibraheemi

Embryologist and healthcare specialist
Aya Al-Ibraheemi, born in 1997 AMBITIOUS EMBRYOLOGIST and healthcare specialist Graduated from Nottingham university 2020, in MMedSci in assisted reproductive technology. A multi-talented and results-driven with experience in contributing to clinical research, lab-based experimental studies and quantitative data analysis. Possesses a good background of working in health information system, digital health, and artificial intelligence diagnosing. Excellent track record in the high-level presentation of research findings. Goal-oriented with a commitment to the delivery of value to teams and business objectives. Expert in clinical and laboratory operations, data analysis, project management, and digital health. Interested in developing new health policies, health awareness programs in communities, and creating and distributing healthcare awareness in different regions.

Azher Kuba

Santur Player
azher Kuba His name was associated with the Iraqi santoor, which dates back more than 3000 years - to the time of King Nebuchadnezzar. This immortal instrument is known today as one of the main instruments in the Iraqi Maqam sect, or the so-called Chalghi al-Baghdadi. he witnesses the greatest of Iraqi art and music, artists, composers, and academics such as Munir Bashir, Saad Mahmoud Hekmat, and Rawhi Al-Khamash. Participated on the stage with many artists, such as the great artist Farida and the artist Muhammad Hussein Game. Not only that, but he was one of the first pioneers who transferred the dulcimer to new musical spaces - such as the orchestra of classical music or Western instruments such as piano, guitar, and others. Achievements added to his collection of works, creations, and his journey to be one of the most important ambassadors of Iraqi music to the world.

Aziz Nasser

Director of relations and media in the Baghdad Police
He served as a war journalist and officer, and has numerous military and social television shows, including (first call responder, War Mission), and the documentary (Baghdad cop) was inspired by his character which was shown on the BBC. Aziz Nasser, who has held several roles in the Ministry of Interior, has a BA in Psychology and numerous diplomas in security development, and he is the official spokesman for Iraq's Child Welfare Authority, as well as the director of relations and media in the Baghdad Police

Baghjati .

Playing in a different way is the method that represents me as a player. This is the idea that the Baghdadi musician “Baghjati” wanted to convey to us, who taught himself to play with passion, using the lob technique through which he plays on more than one instrument at the same time! And because all this is being run on the stage, that's why he called himself Bagjati, as it is said in the dialect of Baghdadi people.

Hayder Jaafar

President of Iraq Esports Federation
Bring Thirteen years of experience are working in private business, and international NGO's in operation and technical guides, to assistance to government, civil society organizations, founder for the Iraqi Esports federation, working on many I.T projects, youth entrepreneur projects, I have PMP course certified from PMI, MBA degree, I have a lot of I.T certificates like CISCO and windows server and others, I designed Mathematical progression to safe overclock and enhanced the performance for the computer graphic cards, I also I designed closed water cooling for Nvidia TitanX graphic cards, I have other experiences in coordination, Management-Analysis-reporting-negotiation in peacebuilding, politics, outreach- an oversight, advocacy-monitoring the performance in service delivery, monitoring and evaluation for projects activities, Camp Management and Camp Coordination, TOT and some other experiences.

Lina M. Yahya

Founder & CEO of Awareness of Medication Errors
"She dreams of a healthy, cultured society free of deadly therapeutic customs and traditions, a society that respects science and does not replace it with imposter or ignorance. Iraqi pharmacist Lina Yahya, Founder of a non-profit organization created to raise awareness of medication errors and reduce disabilities and deaths that can be caused by medication misuse and treatment myths Lina provides workshops for community pharmacists, she also provides awareness to the community through radio broadcasts and television channels, from 2017 to the present day. Lina has charitable pharmaceutical initiatives, In addition to its previous achievements, she has created the first pharmaceutical board game And she devised an electronic program to calculate children's medication doses without error Lina obtained two books, preserving the rights of innovations, from the Jordanian National Library She was honored by the Jordan Pharmacists Syndicate and by many Jordanian universities."

Muntadher Hussein Mahdi

Senior machine learning engineer at AI Dojo
Muntadher Hussein Mahdi is a machine learning engineer with 6 years of experience in the field. Create multiple projects and algorithms that using deep learning to help people in life for example eye-net it's advice using computer vision to help blind people in their daily lives. In addition to building the first EHR system that uses artificial intelligence in Iraq to help in diagnosis prognosis, treatment and reduce medical errors in Iraq. Know he's a co-founder and the lead machine learning engineer of ai dojo the first ai company in Iraq.

Murtadha Al-Tameemi

Software Engineer
Murtadha Al-Tameemi was born and raised in Baghdad, Iraq and has been working as a software engineer at Meta (formerly known as Facebook) for the last 9 years. He is also a passionate traveller and have been to more than 120 countries with his humble Iraqi passport, officially recognized as the worst passport in the world during 2020. Besides travel, Murtadha is passionate about technology and education, especially the intersection of them all. He founded several initiatives to offer educational experiences and exchange programs to fellow Iraqis who have great potential but have been lacking the right opportunities.

Najela Emad

High School Student
Najela Emad is a triumphant tale among Iraq's many. A champion of the Tokyo Paralympic Games 2020-2021, holder of more than one international medal, and a student in the fifth literary grade, her aim is to be a sports writer and one of Iraq's sports champions

Nour Altaie

The loss of insight is worse than the loss of sight, the insight and ambition of Nour remained presented in her personality, Nour is a student at the University of Mosul, College of Arts / Department of Media, she challenged the disease and worked in the media field as a program presenter on Radio One FM, the responsibility of preparing and presenting on her shoulders and the goal of the program is to spread hope to People by telling inspiring stories. Nour is currently working as a morning program presenter for Hala FM Radio.

Sabah Abdulrahman

Acting Director at "Azhee" Action Against Suicide
Four years ago, if you had asked me about the possibility of losing my child to suicide, I would have dismissed it for sure arguing that my kids were smart and had everything they needed; a loving family environment, top-notch private education and all the financial luxury the parents could provide from two high paying jobs! But it happened on November 4th, 2017 and I lost my youngest child to suicide. Later I learnt to gather my shattered pieces, stand up high, and I became suicide prevention advocates through establishing Azhee as a non-profit NGO. I have co-organized conferences to urge bringing suicide prevention into governmental and societal spotlight, and conducted a series of training courses for NGOs and CSOs activists on suicide awareness and referrals and on creation of suicide-sensitive media contents. I appeared on a number of TV shows raising awareness for suicide prevention and the stigmatisation that undermines the inner peace that suicide survivors direly need.

Sheyaab .

Three young people from Kuwait formed a dazzling musical, known as the Sheyaab Band. Their first step was on the Arab's Got Talent Show, they lightly presented a painting in which they dazzled the audience and created an innovative creative atmosphere on the stage of TEDxBaghdad.

Venus Suleiman Akef

Ph.D. Architecture: architect, academic and scholar (architecture- preservation- peace studies)
Dr. Venus is an award-winning architect and scholar. She received her PhD in Architecture in 2019 from the University of Cincinnati, USA. Her BSc and MSc in Architecture are from the University of Technology in Baghdad, Iraq, where she works and teaches. She is the first Iraqi architect and scholar to speak at the General Assembly of the United Nations, introducing her PhD dissertation, Architecture for Positive Peace. She is the first female winner of the Architect Prize of the Arab World, organized by the Arab League, 2009. She is the first winner of Tamayouz, the Excellence Award - Rising Star Category of Women in Architecture and Construction, 2014. She is the winner of Many Languages One World (MLOW) international competition, organized by ELS Educational Services and the United Nations Academic Impact (UNAI) 2016. Dr. Venus Suleiman Akef is the winner of Weinberg Fellow in Architectural History and Preservation, the Italian Academy, Columbia University, NY, USA, 2021.

Yarub Alazzawi

Doctor at College of Engineering at University of Baghdad
"-دكتوراه في الهندسة الكهربائية/هندسة الميكاترونيكس من Washington University in Saint Louis /USA2020 -ماجستير ميكاترونيكس/جامعة بغداد 2005 -بكلوريوس هندسة ميكاترونيكس/جامعة بغداد 2003 -تدريسي حاليا في هندسة الميكاترونيكس/كلية الهندسة الخوارزمي/جامعة بغداد -الخبرة: Microelectronics Systems-on-the-chip SOC, Ultra-low hybrid energy harvesting, mixed CMOS based cct design using Cadence, AI and machine learning, MATLAB, Microsoft office, biomechatronics and IOT "

Zaid Fadel

CEO Iraqi cinema
"Zeid Fadel is the founder and CEO of the Iraqi Cinema Company. At the beginning, he spoke about the history of cinema in Iraq and the world, where it was the first movie theater in 1911. Movies are not just mimicking the society and the political situation. He also talked about the difference with the arrival and understanding of the message from the movie. The appearance of some films like the Message Film has become important on every religious occasion. In 2010 Zeid started this venture in his project, lost everything, faced many difficulties and completed his project. The Trahmua Initiative has made a portion of the ticket for the film goes to help orphans and distribute food beans. He ended by saying, "Cinema is a cultural experience that contributes to the making of society"

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Baghdad-Al Jadriya, Iraq