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Theme: Dark Stars

This event occurred on
November 28, 2021
New Burj Al Arab city, Al Iskandarīyah

stars don't shine without darkness, Where we all go through many difficult cases of failure and defeat, but the distinguished is the one who does not give in to these difficulties and returns to the challenge again to win and come up with a wonderful product that makes him distinct from the rest of the contestants

Egypt - Japan University of science and technology
New Burj Al Arab city, the third residential district in Egypt - Japan University of science and technology
the first floor
New Burj Al Arab city, Al Iskandarīyah, 21934
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University (What is this?)
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Alaa Hassaan

Successful influencer and professional Italian translator.
Alaa is considered the youngest Arab Youtuber to teach Italian. Although Alaa’s dream was to be a pharmacist, she faced many challenges that year and ended up studying the Italian Language and being extremely successful in it. Alaa managed to benefit from the challenges and change everything to her benefit and make a successful career path.

Amr ElTawil

The dean of the School of Innovative Design Engineering of E-JUST, Alexandria, Egypt.
Starting his career as a Teaching Assistant, and then moved to the University of Miami, Florida, the USA as a visiting scientist. After gaining his Ph.D. in 2003, he took the advantage to be a visiting Professor in Arab Academy for Science and Technology in the Industrial and Management Engineering Department. Also, as an Assistant Professor in the Production Engineering Department, Faculty of Engineering, Alexandria University. After that, he would be qualified to take charge of the establishment of the E-JUST temporary campus in fourteen buildings. Prof ElTawil has got 28 Years of experience between teaching experience and nearly 80 authorized papers published in international impacted journals. Prof ElTawil won many grants and awards like the Unilever Mashreq research support grant to fund the purchase of the Arena simulation package. Now, he is responsible for the position of the dean of the Innovative Design Engineering of E-JUST.

Hend Abdullah

book author
Hend Abdulla, also known as Noor Manga, her online persona that has a huge platform of fans that surpasses 150K followers. Hend has published many books that tell her stories in a comical way. After going through a very tough experience, she was able to achieve her dreams and work very hard to pursuit the writing career she has dreamt about all while being a single mother. Hend doesn't just pursuit her dreams but she also has been volunteering to help those in need for more than 14 years now.

Job Lazarus

diplomat, scholar, speaker, author, engineer & researcher
Born in a war-torn region of northern Uganda, he grew up in a dark tunnel, consumed by the conflict, with little hope of ever getting out. When Lazarus and his family were fighting for their life, they couldn't even consider going to school, just as we couldn't. Lazurus and his family slept in the bushes because their homes were rebel hunting grounds; all they could hope for was that we would live to see another day. They fought for survival with little food and relied on relief commodities given by the UN World Food Program. Job remained tough, hopeful, motivated, faithful, and focused despite everything that happened to him, including the deaths of many of his relatives. He traveled considerable miles to attend schools in remote locations. Because of his perseverance, he was able to emerge from the dark tunnel into the dazzling light and become a global figure.

Mahmoud Abd ElMageed

Founder of Have a Dream.
He is also a co-founder of the Africa We Dream organization which works on organizing developmental programs in African countries. After his first travel with UNESCO to china as a volunteer, he thought about providing chances like this to more Egyptian youth, so he founded Have A Dream which organizes culture exchanging and volunteering programs around the world and he is currently the CEO of it.

Maryam Mostafa

Maryam, a student at EJUST, has fought cancer and survived it while going through her thanaaweya amma exams. Not only did she have to go through the undeniable stress of her exams but also go through the medications and chemotherapy during that time. Maryam took the decision to not only make this a medication journey but also make this a learning experience for her and changed her whole lifestyle and personality as she went through this journey. Maryam tries her best to be an inspiration for everyone else going through the same experience, she's always spending her free time volunteering and visiting other cancer patients hoping to give them motivation.

Samah Hesham

inspiring author and enthusiastic storyteller.
Introducing herself as "Your Next Best Friend", Because you will always find her talking about what you're going through and relating to you! Pain has played a magnificent rule in her career and personal life, “they say no pain no gain but I believe that there are times when you feel pain without gaining anything from it. Life is messy, disturbing, and unfair sometimes, but from the darkest moments we could glow again.” This is her belief, you don't gain success because you deserve it or worked for it. You gain success because there's no other choice in this messy life except for getting what you want.

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