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Theme: 100 Climate Unicorns

This event occurred on
November 13, 2021
New Delhi, Delhi

ClimateTech will be the next big wealth creator for society, and this theme is our rallying call-to-action for 'conscious capitalism'. We can and should create massive societal wealth through 100 1Billion$+ climate companies, while enabling a safer, cleaner, fairer and better Future for all by 2030 🌴

New Delhi, Delhi, 110062
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Aakash Shah

Aakash is a Co-Founder at NeonVest and a Partner at Peak Sustainability Ventures, which is pioneering early-stage, sustainability investing in India across four core verticals: New Energy, Agriculture, Water and Climate.

Aalok A. Deshmukh

A man of numbers and facts, Aalok is the Co-founder of SuperHuman Race with extensive energy and sustainability implementation, consulting and research experience in corporate, government and non-profit sectors.

Anish Malpani

Anish believes that there is no place for poverty in the world we live in. He is currently building Ashaya (, a social enterprise focused on increasing the value of waste through deep tech and fairly redistributing that value to stakeholders in the supply chain, especially those that are the most poor: waste-pickers.

Anveshi Gutta

Anveshi is the Founder @ At-Quest Sustainable Solutions ( Unconventionally Practical. He looks forward to the day when At Quest becomes irrelevant, when sustainability becomes a people-owned and people-driven movement. Till that day comes, he is intent on driving behavioral change at an institutional and individual level.

Apoorv Garg

Apoorv wears many hats as a professional - Engineer, Collaborator, Contributor, Consultant, Advisor, Manager, Investor and Entrepreneur. He believes in the need to rethink engineering in terms of sustainability and climate change.

Arjun Gupta

Arjun is on a mission to eliminate India's need for fossil fuel-based energy. He started Smart Joules to drive substantial energy efficiency improvements across India's businesses and factories, based on the belief that efficiency is the quickest, cheapest and most scalable way to tackle energy inequity and climate change.

Arooshi Dahiya

An environmentalist at heart, Arooshi loves exploring how technology can solve the biggest problems in the world. She is the co-founder of Oren ( ).

Bhaktha Keshavachar

Bhaktha is the CEO and Founder of Chara Technologies ( ), a scalable, cloud-controlled, and rare earth mineral-free Hardware and Software Platform for the Switched Reluctance Motor and other magnet free motor technologies.

Cedrick Tandong

Cedrick is an impact Entrepreneur reducing poverty and pollution through green financing and intelligent use of technology. He is the co-founder of Three Wheels United, a Tech-enhanced finance company for electric mobility in emerging markets.

Chandrasekaran Jayaraman

A heritage enthusiast and conservator, Chandrashekaran is passionate about providing solutions for making the lives of people at the bottom of the pyramid better and easier sustainably. He is the founder of WATSAN Envirotech ( ) .

Chandrasekhar Nandigama

Chandrasekhar Nandigama is the founder and director of Jivoule Biofuels, A Biofuel Startup fertilizing the Planet with plant fuels.

Chandrashekar Bhat M

As Founder and CEO of Trashin, Chandrashekar focuses on reducing the risk of human catastrophe due to resource depletion and climate change by 'Reinventing Recycling and Sustainable Consumption.'

Chirag Gajjar

Chirag Gajjar Heads the Subnational Climate Action in Climate Program at WRI India, where he oversees Climate Mitigation Initiatives. He works on various topics on National, Sub-national and Corporate Climate strategy. Chirag leads a team that aims to catalyze and support climate action by states, cities and businesses for the coming years.

Cody Simms

Cody Simms is a Partner with My Climate Journey Collective - a climate community, media creator and publisher of the My Climate Journey podcast and climate tech venture fund. He is also co-founder of Climate Changemakers.

Deva P. Seetharam

As a Systems Researcher, Entrepreneur and Startup Advisor, Deva is an accomplished leader with great technical skills for designing innovative solutions and soft skills for commercialising those innovations.

Dhanpal Jhaveri

Dhanpal Jhaveri is Vice Chairman at Everstone Group, and CEO for EverSource Capital, India's leading climate fund focusing on investments in renewable energy, e-mobility, energy storage, waste management and water. He's passionate about investing and the environment and has more than 25 years of experience in investing, corporate finance and strategy.

Hari Dilip Kumar

An engineer by training, Hari is a generalist problem-solver at heart, with a decade of rich and varied experience in sustainability and social impact.

Kaustubh Padakannaya

Driven by solving problems that matter, Kaustubh is a passionate and exuberant entrepreneur having a rhapsodic relationship with code. He is the co-founder of Pyse ( ), a platform for clean and green investing.

Lakshmi Santhanam

Lakshmi is the Co-founder at Renkube, a renewable energy-focused company building efficient solar panels With Motion Free Optical Tracking Technology.

Madhav Pai

Madhav Pai is the Executive Director of WRI India Ross Center. He spearheads a large urbanization policy research and prototyping support program that informs key areas of India's urban growth story. Madhav is a systems thinker and combines his academic training in engineering and transport planning with his acumen to find systemic solutions to complex and wicked urban problems.

Madhusudhan Rapole

Madhusudhan is an experienced entrepreneur with strong experience in building technology businesses focusing on innovations in renewables, energy efficiency and de-carbonisation technologies. He is the Managing Director at Oorja, a Cleantech Heating & Cooling company focused on providing sustainable solutions for industrial and commercial heating & cooling.

Mahak Agarwal

With a career in program management, sustainable development, international affairs, public policy, strategy, and operations, Mahak is a young and energetic Climate Warrior who loves to solve environmental, social, and policy problems with business-positive solutions that matter.

Manish Dabkara

An expert in Carbon Markets, Manish is the Managing Director and CEO of Enking International.

Pankaj Sindwani

Pankaj is an established Green Finance Leader with experience in Investments, Capital Raise, Revenue Management, and building scale. He is the Chief Business Officer at Tata Cleantech Capital Limited.

Pankaj Sindwani Sindwani

Pankaj is an established Green Finance Leader with experience in Investments, Capital Raise, Revenue Management, and building scale. He is the Chief Business Officer at Tata Cleantech Capital Limited.

Pavina Adunratanasee

Pavina Adunratanasee is passionate about accelerating the clean energy transition across global energy systems by leveraging technology to solve climate change.

Radhica Kanniganti

Radhica is a Senior Environmental Professional with Global expertise in Sustainability, Environmental Policies and Regulations, Air/Water Management, and Compliance Reporting both in developed and emerging countries. She is the founder of Kapokseed Innovation Platform and the Design and Development Head at Devic Earth.

Rhea Mazumdar Singhal Singhal

A global thought leader on climate change and inclusive growth, Rhea, is the Founder and CEO of Ecoware, India’s first and largest sustainable packaging company.

Ritu Kumar

Ritu is a sustainabilty expert and experienced Director with a demonstrated history of working in the environmental services industry, focusing on Sustainable Development, Corporate Social Responsibility, Environmental Awareness, Climate Change, and Policy Analysis.

Ryan Kushner

Ryan is an expert in climate technology innovation, commercialization and acceleration and is the Co-founder and Director of Startups at Third Derivative ( ), a global climate technology start-up accelerator to accelerate the rate of climate innovation globally.

Samit Jain

As MD at Pluss, Samit heads the overall strategy, marketing and finance portfolios. With the belief that Energy access is going to be the key to a sustainable world, he has led the growth of energy storage materials at Pluss.

Shashwat Gangwal

Young investment manager and passionate social entrepreneur, Shashwat is the founder of InfinityBox, a startup in the food-delivery industry that has partnered with Swiggy to do away with single-use plastic containers and replace them with reusable food-grade containers. He is also the host of India's first podcast with insight into the circular economy across industries.

Sidhanth Jayaram

Sidhanth is the co-founder of Climes. Previously he was part of the investment team at Kalaari Capital, looking closely at B2C startups (Alternate commerce, Health & Wellness, Education, Mobility & Digital Content). His role there gave him a deep understanding of how a VC firm works and a worm's eye view of how multiple entrepreneurs go through their journeys in building companies.

Sriram Kuchimanchi

Founder of Smarter Dharma, Sriram is also an Ashoka Fellow and evangelist for sustainability adoption. He loves engaging with leaders to demystify sustainability driven by empathy.

Utkarsh Agarwal

With vast experience in Carbon and Climate financing, Uti is currently the Vice President of Transactions at Emergent.

Vijay Prateik

Vijay is the founder of deMITasse Energies, a start-up building next-generation power plants that efficiently, reliably, and inexpensively generate zero-emission power.

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