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Theme: #failbetter

This event occurred on
November 17, 2012
1:20pm - 6:30pm AST
(UTC +3hrs)
Doha, DA

In a region where failure is looked down upon that success is the only concept that society wants to see, most success stories do have mounting failures preceding them but they are never shared nor discussed. Teaching the youth of Doha to accept the notion of failure as part of their growth is to help reinforce that their dreams shouldn't stop just because they fear that it'll never become reality.

Qatar National Convention Centre
Garafat Al Rayyan & Dukhan Hwy
Opposite Education City
Doha, DA, 34195
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Youth (What is this?)
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Muhammad Siyab Panhwar

A first-year student pursuing is M.D at Weill Cornell Medical College in Qatar. Someone who believes that in any situation, every person has the right to know basic life-support to help save a life. He's on a mission to make sure that people do not stand around idle.

Farrah Abu-Shaban

Young and artistic while also juggling the usual classroom studying at the American School of Doha. She has the flair to sketch whatever comes to her mind, even when starting from a young age and developing it over the years.

Sara Omran

A young girl studying at the Amna bint Wahab Independent Secondary School for Girls, she is continually making sure that youngsters from the Arab region do not forget their ability to converse in Arabic.

Shaher Al-Dhari

Yemeni origin and lives in Qatar while working for the Al Rayyan Media Company, he's is aiming to start his university education soon. For all Arabs, you may have seen him on Arabs Got Talent.

Abdulaziz Al-Hothi

A young Qatari high-school student from the Omar bin Al-Khattab Educational Complex for boys with a love for graphic novels and tinkering science. He's looking to put the amassing tyre rubber from a Qatar landfill for better use.

Tejas Kumar

You'd wish you were in his position, but you'll even be more surprised as to how a high-school student like him had overcome many odds. Confined to his home due to his medical condition, he still rose up to learn and pursue his interests

Arshee Ansari

You'd be thinking that this young girl from M.E.S Indian School would be a genius, but wait till you see the inquisitive mind hidden deep within. No science, no maths, and not even anything technical. It's an all out eye-opening discovery of a new perspective.

Ferras Mohssen

A student from the College of the North Atlantic - Qatar, he tends to ask one question: "Did your parents ever tell you that gaming is a waste of time?" Think again, cause he will demystify the underpinning of what youngsters can learn from the likes of some of the most popular ones you've ever played - whether for boys or girls.

Dana Al-Anzzy

In her last year as a student at Qatar Academy, you'd misinterpret her as one of those typical people from Qatar. This young girl gives you the reason of 'seeing is believing'.

Sammany Hajo Al Khalifa

You'd never think that a 16 year old from Tariq Bin Ziyad Independent School would do what he does best: mixing music to the beats. He lets the beats to the talking than putting the effort of speaking.

Yasmine Halwani

If you think geek, you'd imagine a guy. Guess what? She proves it wrong with the work she's done. No investment amounting to millions while also being a student at Qatar University. She's done what few have ever tried to do, and didn't even need state-of-the-art facilities to make it happen..

Mosab El Gamry

A love for football and being a student from the Abdulla Bin Ali Almisnad Independent Preparatory and Secondary School for Boys, he shows that our goals are limited to the simplest of things that youngsters ignore.

Bassel El-Deeb

Would you ever find someone who's obsessed about Quantum Physics, let alone the average physics class that many would hate in school? That's Bassel and he proves the possibility.

Hind Al-Thawadi

Don't underestimate this 'specially gifted' Qatari girl from Parkhouse English School, as she shows that there's more to every person when you look at them with a microscope.

Ramon Shitta

As a college student at Texas A&M University in Qatar, he's learned more about food than what a nutritionist would ever see. College students tend to munch out on the usual fast food, and he fights that battle to get others to stop.

Bilal Randaree

A South-African Journalist at Al Jazeera English, his daily work revolves around the constant flow of news reports worldwide on social media. He also tends to put up some laughs with his stand-up comedy routine in the evenings. With the path he has traveled combined with moonlighting between comedy and journalism, there's much to learn from his adventures.

Nada Arakji

Coming fresh out of the London 2012 Olympics after representing Qatar, she's already pursuing her future at Carnegie Mellon University in Qatar. You've seen her in the spotlight, but there's another story to her journey to the Olympics that people have yet to discover or dare to explore.

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