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Theme: Limitless

This event occurred on
December 7, 2021
n/a, Appenzell Innerrhoden (de)

TED is all about spreading ideas, and the belief that one idea can change attitudes, lives and, ultimately, the world. And because we know that there’s no such thing as organizational change, only personal change, TEDx is the perfect platform to surface ideas from within Novartis that have the power to open our minds, spark action and positively impact our culture and the value we bring to the world around us. We launched TEDxNovartis in 2020, hosting two wildly successful and inspirational weeks of events. In 2021, we held one event series in the week of June 15 - 17, the second TEDxNovartis event series will take place December 7 to 9. The theme of this event is "Limitless"...through their ideas and stories our speakers will show us that anything is possible!

n/a, Appenzell Innerrhoden (de), n/a
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Adama Ibrahim

Director, Digital Solutions, Switzerland
Adama is inspired and passionate about learning and working on innovative technologies to deliver positive health and wellbeing outcomes for all as a result of the tenacity of her grandmother who had no formal education and led a successfully enterprising life. In her TEDxNovartis talk, she will share her learning journey of how to apply new innovations such as Blockchain to increase diversity of patient data in sickle cell disease, a personal medical condition that affects her and her daughter.

Anindita Chatterjee

Training and Learning Business Partner, India
Anindita (a.k.a. Annie) has a passion for coaching and shares this with the people she works with to help build strong and supportive teams. In her TEDxNovartis talk, she will share how a life-changing moment in time led her to redefine what a meaningful life means to her and why she now believes that chasing passion versus possessions is the key.

Gabriel Paschoal

CRM - PL Project & Innovation, Brazil
Gabriel is a young leader moved by curiosity. Since being a teenager, he was driven by his purpose to get to know cultures around the world and empower people to use their voice. In his TEDxNovartis talk, Gabriel will share his experience closely following the day-to-day of a homeless person in Brazil and how he learned a valuable lesson: we are all agents of transformation in our society.

LauraJ Smith

Director, Patient & Specialty Services Field Ops, US
LauraJ has lived her entire life in the USA, but is passionately devoted to advocacy for global malaria prevention, focusing on improving lives very far away from her home in suburban New Jersey. In her TEDxNovartis talk, LauraJ will take us on her personal "hope journey" as she advocates for solutions to the global health crisis of malaria, and she will challenge you to bring more hopeful thinking into your own life through four simple exercises.

Mary Sunderland

National Field Medical Lead, Canada
Mary loves the history of science because it opens up fresh perspectives about how to understand innovation and scientific change. In her TEDx talk, Mary will explore how unlikely collaborators drive scientific discovery by sharing stories that challenge our thinking about what collaboration is and how it works.

Olena Bayrak

Director of Strategy Biopharmaceuticals, Germany
Olena loves to discover new things, so it’s no wonder that her international career has already spanned over five different countries and three continents. But, whilst her professional roles have taught her make decisions based on data and facts, her personal journey showed her that there is more to decision-making than pure logic. In her TEDxNovartis talk, Olena will share how she explored new ways to make critical decisions and how the same formula can help you lead to a happier more balanced life.

Patrick Drees

Executive Protection Professional, Switzerland
Through wanderlust and crazy coincidences, Patrick went from being an art student to working as a graphic designer, then was deployed as a soldier overseas, fought in Mixed Martial Arts competitions and even became a helicopter pilot. Somewhere on the way he discovered that living a more dangerous life is good for your mental health and all the powers that your fear is able to set free.

Rama Haten

Brand manager Ophthalmology, UAE
Rama values knowledge as the most powerful tool and believes that it helps us to embark on an endless journey of self-discovery. In her pursue for meaning, she came across mindfulness and coaching which opened her up to new perspectives. In her spotlight talk, she will shed the light on self-coaching and the incredible impact it had on her.

Robert Guenter

Service Delivery Manager, Development IT, Switzerland
Growing up in various Asian countries, Robert is a passionate traveler and sailor with a strong desire to contribute to a sustainable, productive and harmonious society, both within and outside of the workplace. In his TEDxNovartis talk, Robert shines a light on his relationship with technologies that many perceive as a threat to the human workforce.

Robin Roberts

Global Head of Operations and Strategy, Novartis Biome, US
Robin carved a journey that is filled with unexpected twists and unrelenting turns, from collegiate athlete, to scientist, to Naval Special Warfare, to intra-entrepreneur. In his TEDxNovartis talk Robin will explore the power of "can't" and how we can turn that difficult word into the fuel needed to achieve your dreams.

Sabrina Lindsey

Oncology Care Consultant, Canada
From dabbling in graphic design, to working as a reporter, to improving healthcare efficiencies in medical clinics, to enhancing patient lives in pharma... Sabrina’s professional journey may be a little unusual! However, what she’s carried close to her heart along the way is a passion for creativity, and an ever-present desire to see the beauty in every day. In her spotlight talk, Sabrina will show you how making art can connect you with the world around you and make the ordinary, extraordinary.

Unnati Jariwala

MSL, Malignant Hematology, US
Unnati is an introverted MSL who loves her job connecting with customers and making an impact in the lives of cancer patients through her work. In her TEDxNovartis talk, Unnati would like to share what led her down her spiritual journey and explore how hardcore scientists can also be spiritual and share her lessons learned.

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