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This event occurred on
October 30, 2021
Macau, Macao

In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience. At a TEDx event, TEDTalks video and live speakers combine to spark deep discussion and connection in a small group. These local, self-organized events are branded TEDx, where x = independently organized TED event. The TED Conference provides general guidance for the TEDx program, but individual TEDx events are self-organized (subject to certain rules and regulations).

Teatro Dom Pedro V
Largo de Santo Agostinho
Macau, Macao, 00000
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Alice Kok

Born in Macau in 1978, Alice Kok left to France in 1998. She has graduated with the National Master Degree of Fine Arts (DNSEP) in Ecole Supérieure des Beaux Arts de Toulouse in France in 2004. After her graduation she has lived and worked in Paris. Her works are based on the idea of Multiculturalism at the post-colonial époque. In recent years, after her travel in India and Tibet, she started to incorporate Buddhist Philosophy and meditation practices into her artistic expressions. She uses media such as video, photography, writings, drawings and installations. Alice的作品理念圍繞多元文化主義,以及與後殖民地時代的影響與重要性有關。於2004年取得法國國立藝術碩士學位的Alice,在巴黎生活及工作一段時間,及後回澳定居;在印度與西藏之行的深受啟發,作品開始展現出佛學的思想元素,並將冥想修行融會到作品中。她的創作媒體有錄像、攝影、寫作和裝置等。

Chak Keong Lui

Architect & Artist
Lui is an Architect in Macao, Architecte du Patrimoine in France, and an Artist. Lui is born in Macao and graduated from the Faculty of Architecture, Universidade Tecnica, in Lisbon, Portugal. He has worked in the Manuel Vicente Architect firm in Portugal and the Architecture Studio architectural design office in Paris, France, and he also participated in the design of the Sino Portuguese Friendship Monument designed by the Portuguese sculptor Domingos soares Branco for Macao. With a doctorate in design (major in cultural heritage protection), he is the first Chinese architect to obtain the French diploma and professional qualification. Besides architecture, Lui is interested in a lot of visual art activities, such as painting, installation, photography, and video, and he participated in many collective and individual exhibitions. 呂澤強, 澳門註冊建築師‧法國文化遺產建築師‧藝術家. 畢業於葡萄牙里斯本建築學院。擁有設計學博士(文化遺產保護專業)學位的他,是首位獲得該法國文憑及專業資格的華人建築師。此外,呂博士對繪畫、裝置、攝影及錄像藝術同樣有濃厚興趣,曾多次參與個人及集體藝術展覽。

Christy Un

Co-founder of Genervision House
Christy is graduated from the London School of Economics and Political Science with a Bachelor of Science in Politics and International Relations. Aspiring to realize the Sustainable Development Goals in Macau, she has co-founded a NGO called Genervision House, which provides various content and activities touching on developments worldwide. Passionate to empower underserved communities, she has previously produced researched publications on enhancing cyber resilience of civil society organizations with the United Nations University Institute in Macau. She also interned at United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) in the world’s largest Syrian refugee camp. 畢業於倫敦政治與經濟學院,主修政治與國際關係。為了在澳門推動實踐可持續發展目標,她共同創立了非政府組織「世望屋」,提供關於不同國際發展的知識和活動。熱衷於通過知識與寫作來賦予社區及弱勢社群能力,她曾在聯合國大學澳門研究所發佈了關於增強民間社會機構網路防衛的研究刊物。Christy 亦曾在位於全球最大的敘利亞難民營裏的聯合國難民署實習。

Danny Leong

Biodiversity scientist
Danny Chi-Man Leong, who discovered Macao tiny ant, is a Macao-based biologist and environmental educator. With an aim to connect people with nature, he dedicates himself to public education, scientific research and discovery. His studies focus on the biodiversity that exists alongside human being and the impact of urbanization on wildlife and the ecosystem. Through these endeavors, he hopes to inspire understanding and appreciation of the important roles of each animal species in the eco-system, and promote an eco-friendly lifestyle that can help achieve a sustainable world for the future generations. 發現了「澳門細蟻」的梁志文,致力於公共教育、科學研究及地理發現,將人與自然聯繫起來,研究重點在於與人類息息相關的生物多樣性,以及城市化對野生動物和生態系統的影響。並透過各種教育活動、公開演講和採訪培養人們的動保意識,相信推廣生態友好的生活方式,有助於為後代實現可持續的環境理念。

Elvo Sou

Psychotherapist & Career Coach
Dr. Elvo SOU is a psychotherapist and career coach, with over 20 years of experience in the field. He is currently the Head of Student Counselling Section, overseeing the Psychological Counselling Centre and the Career Development Centre at the University of Macau. He maintains an active engagement in professional associations and the community. He is the President of Macau Psychology Association, Vice Director General of Macau Student Affairs Association, Former Macau Director of the Asia Pacific Career Development Association, and Past President of Rotary Club of Macau. He is an active speaker on mental health and career development, and has provided training to numerous organizations in Macau. He also appears in the press and media often to promote psychological wellbeing to the public. 蘇桂龍博士是一名擁有20多年經驗的心理治療師和生涯教練,現擔任澳門大學學生輔導處處長,負責心理輔導中心和生涯發展中心的工作。積極參與不同專業協會和社區服務的他,同時也是澳門心理學會會員大會主席、澳門學生事務協會副理事長、前亞太生涯發展協會澳門地區代表、以及澳門扶輪社前社長。他經常以心理健康和生涯發展為主題做演講,亦為澳門的許多機構提供培訓,並積極向公眾宣傳心理健康。

Kim Chen

Creative Director of Papelaria Veng Lei
Kim Chen, who is from Kaohsiung, Taiwan, graduated from Beijing Film Academy with a master's degree in film marketing. She has been engaged in the film and television industry in Taiwan, mainland, Hong Kong and Macau, mainly providing service of brand building, marketing strategy and market-oriented suggestions for well-known brands; and she also served as the project manager of advertising production and brand marketing. In 2020, she joined hands with "Papelaria Veng Lei", an old store in Macao, to establish "VengLei.Lab " and serve as the creative director. She is committed to innovating traditional culture and activating the industry with new thinking and technology, hoping to bring more traditional industries back to the mainstream market and inherit the culture. 台灣高雄人,畢業於北京電影學院電影營銷碩士,曾在兩岸三地從事影視產業,為知名品牌提供品牌打造、營銷策略及市場化建議,擔任廣告製片、品牌營銷項目經理等。2020年聯承澳門老店「永利紙料」,成立「永利紙料實驗室」並擔任創意總監,致力於創新傳統文化,以新的思維和技術進行產業活化,希望將更多傳統產業帶回主流市場,使文化得以傳承。

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